Are promposals a thing where you live?

Is this just a Utah phenomenon?

In any case, I decided to put all the ways my kids have asked and and answered over the last 4 years all in one place (primarily for my own selfish purposes). Will I add to this post over the next 7 years of kids in high school? We’ll see. ;)

Asking a girl who loves to eat?



Do you like puns?


The small lizards were purchased in the party favor section at Zurchers.  The live lizard is optional and probably not a good idea unless you know your audience and their heat lamp situation.

Is gross more your style?


Dollar store skeleton hands and mask plus clothes from the donate bag stuffed with newspaper are wrapped around a disposable roasting pan (dollar store) full of disgusting. We used every expired thing we could find in the pantry and fridge plus a can of pumpkin and a jar of pigs feet for ultimate disgusting.



Asking an Adam Levine lover?


Found a bunch of inflatable flamingos on clearance?


I’m still using the crap out of my Silhouette. Old habits die hard.


Free and funny?


You’ll need a couple of strapping young men to get the 200lb rock out of a field and into your car and then onto the porch, though. The bottom of the poster says “Bring your answer to school tomorrow!”

Need something cute and easy?


Leftover wrapping paper?


And then you have to answer the promposal, which you never remember until an awkward amount of time has passed. Just me?

Are you the proud owner of a hotdog costume?


IMG_8749Definitely getting our money’s worth out of that sucker.

Need something super easy and quick you can grab at the grocery store?



Answering a football player?

Answering a golfer?


That’s more Silhouette usage on the poster and their tattoo paper on the golf balls. The turf came from Lowe’s and the club was in the garage collecting dust. I’m sure you could find one at a thrift store as well.

Answering someone whose warped sense of humor you know well?

IMG_0227All the balls came from Amazon. I don’t even remember if we included the YES in there somewhere or not.  Oops.

IMG_4623There was some Ramen included with this one.

IMG_4851The crown came from Zurchers. The couch came from my bedroom and was headed for DI.

IMG_3856The pinata came from Zurchers and was full of rice and the letters YES.  You could do candy if you were not trying to make an enormous mess.

3 Years Later

Is this thing still on?

And has it really been 3 years?

No, I’m not making a come back…turns out I don’t miss blogging even a little bit.

Macy is almost 16.


(Basketball, shopping, driving, straight A’s)

Keller is 13.


(Football, wrestling, computers, straight A’s)

Campbell is 10.


(Football, wrestling, rugby, straight A’s)

And Bennett will be 8 this month.


(Football, wrestling, ladies, straight A’s except for handwriting)

That time when I stopped posting for a month…

I’ll be honest…it wasn’t intentional, but it WAS fantastic.

Am I done for good?

I don’t know, but I suspect I am.

In the mean time, I’ll be busy doing this:


and supervising this:


and fighting my guts out for this:


I’d say to email me if you need me, but I don’t think I’ve checked that in a month either. Embarrassed smile

Thank you for reading over the years.

Thank you for your supportive comments and emails.

Thank you for making me laugh.

Thank you for making me cry.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this community.


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