Bennett’s a rolling < insert my last name here for the joke >

See that smirk?

It’s all fun and games ’til somebody in cowboy boots shows up with a light saber and announces he pooped.
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Sometimes I wonder…

if I’m ordering shoes from Piper Lime because we actually need them or if it’s really because the inside of the box makes me so dang happy.

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Sailing……takes me away!

So what if I went to a Christopher Cross concert once? It was $5. And, I liked it. So there.
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Slipcover for IKEA chair

My mom and I ripped apart a plain white slipcover and used it as a pattern for this one. It took us most of 2 days on account of serious OCD tendencies and a need to have the checks lined up perfectly. Would I do it again? Maybe. And don’t look too closely….it still needs to be hemmed.

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Scripture bag…and I *almost* got it done before the baptism

Pattern made up by me, fabric picked by Macy. I’d change a few things next time (and at the rate Macy changes her mind, I’m certain there will be a next time).
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So I only made the 2 little ones…

but I think they’re some of my best work.

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