Up to my ears in lounge pants

OK, so they’re actually pajama bottoms, but “lounge pants” sounds fancier (and you all know how fancy we are). Fancy. Capital F. I let each of the kids pick his or her own fabric…and I kept my mouth shut. These two belong to Campbell. Wait ’til you see what Keller picked out. Did I mention that I kept my mouth shut? Did I mention it probably took Keller 2 hours to make his selections? BC and the two littlest dudes went back to the car and fell asleep. THAT is how long it took. The list of things that are less painful than going to the fabric store with children includes “dipping a paper cut in lemon juice” and “donating a kidney”.

Pattern is this. I love their stuff. My favorite part is that you just print out whatever sizes you need on 3 or 4 pieces of regular paper. You can junk (and/or recycle) the paper when you’re done and not clutter up your sewing room.

Edited to add: This is what was going on while I typed up this post.

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The Bunker

Les’s post today inspired me. She was challenged by her friend Becky (whom I’m not actually familiar with but pretty much everyone Les knows is amazing). So, here it is….in all it’s chaos and glory….our under the porch food storage room.

We’ve still got a ways to go, but I think we could survive for a while. I’ve got 900 lbs of wheat, but not enough toilet paper stored to deal with the effects it would have on our bodies. I also ordered a few of these on Monday. I don’t think they’ll be delicious by any means, but I do think they could get us by for a bit in a real emergency. And they don’t take up much space. And they last for quite a while. So, that’s the bunker.

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Looky looky!

I got this in my mailbox today and I LOVE it. I got it from Rosie at RHBDesigns. You can visit her blog or her Etsy shop if you need your own. Rosie and I met years ago at a kiddie music class, back when I only had 2 kids. Man, those were the days! She’s a sweetheart. Her service was amazing. I paid for this necklace YESTERDAY MORNING. It was on my chubby neck this afternoon!

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Ain’t too proud to beg

I entered Macy in a thing. Vote for her, will ya?
(I promise I won’t have her wear those size 24 months pants.)

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Q: Can an 8 year old wear a size 24 months?


Yes, but they’ll look like skin tight Bermuda shorts instead of khaki church pants.

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Happy Birthday

Kenny Rogers, though I’m not sure if it’s the old Kenny or the new Kenny.
(For some unexplained reason, there are few things in life I find funnier than Kenny Rogers. And, his chicken was delicious.)
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When I posted the pencil case I made for my sister, Lindsey commented that I should make some sort of sanitary item holder. So, I got a little bored yesterday afternoon and decided to whip one up. Here’s the part where you imagine me laying 4 tampons on my cutting mat and trying to decide what size case to make. Then, you imagine Keller walking in and saying “What the crap are you doing?” So anyway…the finished case measures about 8″ X 4″. I think it might be a little long, though. It holds 4 tampons comfortably (ha!). And I think it needs a name. Suggestions?

Fabric: Amy Butler’s Nigella. I might have licked some of it once. Alissa dared me.

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Let’s say you sent your husband to the store and asked him to get a pencil sharpener. Would he come home with this?

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Perhaps we should have FHE more regularly?

Campbell was looking at a book this morning and suddenly exclaimed “THAT JESUS RIGHT THERE!” This is what he was looking at:

Apparently Jesus wore Nikes and ran in some sort of Olympic race with the dinosaurs?
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Pencil bag

My sister came over today for help making a couple of laundry bags. We got that done and she mentioned she also needed something to keep track of her pencils in her purse. We found the fabric in my stash and loosely based the bag on this tutorial.

I made a second bag for Macy and put the zipper in so it zips the other direction, which feels better to me.

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