The lowdown on twirl skirts

***Campbell doesn’t usually wear skirts around the house. He just happens to be about the same size as Sheri’s kid, who I often sew for.***

If you can sew even a little, you can make a twirl skirt. And, skirts for girls don’t take very much fabric so even if you screw up big time, you’re not out much. Ha! Here’s my experience plus some patterns and links if you feel like making one.
If you’re afraid of gathering, try this skirt from House on Hill Road. All the gathering happens when you thread the elastic through the waistband. Yay! I’ve found that cheap elastic works better than the nice no-roll stuff. If you shop sales/clearance, you can make this skirt for under $5. And, you only need 2 different fabrics and all the pieces are rectangles. Super easy, but addicting. I think Macy has 5 of these in her closet right now. And her American Girl dolls have some, too.

The very first twirl skirt I ever made came from an ebook. This seller used to be on Ebay and I bought it from her there. I only bought the skirt pattern (middle left in that big mess of misguided photoshop) and it was way less than $20. The ebook was good, but I probably could have figured it all out myself in an hour or two. If you like step by step directions and pictures, buy an ebook. Here are a bunch.

I’ve also used this ebook. The only thing I didn’t like is that when made exactly according to the directions, the underskirt hangs out a bit far or weird or something. Here’s the first one I made:
And here are a couple of others I made where I decided to shorten the underskirt by about half an inch so that the top skirt hits right at the ruffle instead of a ways above it:

Really…they’re easy. It’s all straight lines and a little gathering. And I SWEAR Campbell didn’t keep any of these.

Try it. You know you want to.

Other tutorials:

Grand Revival Design

The Long Thread

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Kuky Ideas

Dangit Ange!

The Merry Church Mouse

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Who does snow angels on the deck anyway?

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In the mail

on its way to Becky.

I really need to work on Halloween. Maybe next week?

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The other one(sie)

Alissa has up more pictures of the one she made for Lucas, too.

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I saw this shirt that Alissa made for Lucas and decided Bennett needed one (or two) too.

Fabric is Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt

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The #1 reason I will never be the General YW President

She has a plaque in her home that says “I can do hard things”.

I have this:

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Random cell phone message that I’m pretty sure wasn’t for me

Hi, this is ________. You work at the prison with my nephew. He said you wanted to know about the chihuahua puppies. Call me back.

1) I hate dogs and will never own one (unless I go blind and need a seeing eye dog and I think I’d ask for a monkey first).
2) Although it feels like it from time to time, I don’t think this is a prison.

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The downside to dressing your kids alike

I love to dress my kids all matchy matchy. It’s mean, I know, but I can’t stop doing it (already ordered my Holiday Hannas).

(I swear Keller’s shirt was the right size…it’s the pouting that makes it look too small.)

I even match the jammies:

So what’s the problem (other than the need for therapy later in life)? BC’s been “helping” with the kid laundry lately. He often puts things in the wrong person’s closet. Macy’s missing capris? In Keller’s closet in the pants section. One time Keller wore girl shorts for a whole day before anyone noticed. So, when packing hastily for Bear Lake last week, I thought I packed this for Campbell for church:

Wrong. I packed this:

That’s right. I packed a 9 month sized romper for my freakishly large 2 year old. At least I didn’t pack the 3 month size? (Yes, I own that outfit in 2 sizes…don’t judge. Campbell was so ginormous that the 3 month one only fit him for like a week so I had to get another one for maximum matching nerdiness.) So, what’s a mom to do? Go shopping. In Montpelier, Idaho. Population smaller than my high school. We checked every store in town. Both of them. Apparently there are no toddlers in the greater Montpelier metropolitan area, because there were exactly zero items of clothing in any style in 2T, 3T, or 4T. Want to see what we ended up with?

You didn’t know I forgot his pants, too? I didn’t. It’s a set. At least it was only $10.97?
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