Rosie’s having another giveaway

Remember my necklace? Go win your own (or something else) from RHBDesigns here. Hurry! Contest ends tomorrow night at 7pm Mountain time.

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Take that, Ballard Designs

I saw this in the Ballard Designs catalog:

Cute, right? $62 cute? Not. Even. Close.

So, I went to the Army Navy Surplus and bought this for $6.99.

I spray painted it with some paint I already had and then I ordered some vinyl letters from here. Finished product?

And for less than 1/6 the cost.

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I used this tutorial. I just printed the originals on my printer, so the glueing with a gluestick didn’t work out so well. I’d recommend double stick tape. I bought the 8 X 10 frames and printed my kids 5 X 7. The frames came from Michael’s. They were 55% off this week, down to $9 each. Woo! And, Bennett’s lack of a neck is killing me!

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One of these kids…

is weird like their mother.

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How/When did that happen? It’s never weird to me when Macy gets older. Maybe it’s because she’s always seemed older anyway. Keller? Totally different story. How did my sweet little 9lb 11oz bundle of fatty fat get to be 6?

Puffy eyes, totally not a morning person

Random things about Keller:

Some of us had a really hard time figuring out what to name him. We called him “Little Buddy” for the first 2-3 days of life. Keller means “little companion”, so we went with it.

That kid is ALWAYS singing or humming. In fact, you’ll frequently hear the Darth Vader theme coming from the bathroom whilst Keller’s in there using it.

He has A LOT of girlfriends. Most of them are over the age of 25.

He loves to cuddle and knows that saying “I was thinking maybe we should snuggle” will get him out of bed EVERY time.

Sometimes we take him out for Chinese food just to hear him order “Goo Goo Gai Pan”.

When considering future career options, he always wants to know if you can do that AND be a dad.

He really, really, really wants an American Girl doll. We told him maybe when he’s seven. We’re hoping he’ll be over it by then.

And one of my favorite pictures of him ever, from this summer:

Happy birthday, buddy!
Pssst! Petunia is having another outlet sale.
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Wannabe hacker

Are you familiar with IKEA hacker? If not, go have a look around. We decided to attempt a minor hack of our own. BC loves his electronics crap. The unit we bought for the theater room 3 years ago? This:

I swear it used to look nice. Somebody got a new receiver and then had to cut a hole in the back. He’s not really known for his attention to detail. Yes he left all that sawdust in there…for probably a year or more. The glass doors were always open and it just was not working.

Enter this little beauty, the IKEA Stockholm TV unit:

One problem…it’s not even close to big enough for all BC’s crap. So, we bought 2 of them. Then we cut the legs off and stacked them and bracketed (probably not a word) them together on the back for stability. We left the back panels off completely so as to not have a repeat of the sawdust incident I mentioned before.

Yes, all his crap is really in there. Now I just need to come up with something for the Rock Band paraphernalia….

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Back to making crap

Apparently I took a bit of a hiatus. These are for a friend.

The dishtowel bibs were made using this tutorial. I serged instead of folding and sewing and they were WAY fast.

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Obsessed with

Making my own chalkboard paint. However, I don’t actually have any projects in mind that would require the use of chalkboard paint. Suggestions?

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So, I realized we’re almost half way through January already, but I’m putting my resolutions here for all to see/mock/hold me accountable.

1) Cook and eat at home at least 5 nights/week. It’s not so much about the money or the health of it (though those are nice too) as it is about the fact that I want my kids to have memories of us sitting down together as a family at our own table for dinner.

2) Curb my cursing. I know it’s possible for me to stop completely…I did for a few years in the mid 90′s, but at this point I just want to eliminate 3 or 4 of the worst words and curb the others. Campbell calling his siblings j@ck@$$e$ and yelling other assorted profanities when he gets hauled out of church is probably what pushed me over the edge on this one.

3) Have FHE. We rock at family scriptures and prayers. FHE? Not so much…like once/year, if that. Again, it’s about the kids having memories of us doing stuff as a family.

Wish me luck and harass me about it from time to time, will ya?

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2 words I’ve never used in the same sentence

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