Valentines ’09

We found these in Family Fun, aka pretty much my favorite magazine ever. Here is their tutorial, including a link to print the scroll wheel and play list. Making one isn’t bad…it’s making SEVENTY FREAKING TWO that’s driving me to drink. And then boys can’t have pink! Heaven forbid! We must also make them in red and blue! And then how do you transport them without the headphones becoming a tangled mess?

We used a sticky glue roller thing to cover the boxes with paper. I printed out a few pages of the scroll wheels and playlists and got 8 to a page. I bought entire sheets of sticker paper and copied the 8 per page onto that. Then we just cut them out and stuck them directly to the boxes. I found some clear cellophane treat bags at Michael’s. We bagged them individually to deal with the tangling/transporting issue. And lastly, we tied them with a tag that said “YOU ROCK!”

While we were finishing them up tonight, Macy told me she always has the best Valentines in her entire class. Guess I’ll be “making” again next year…

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  1. sucker!

    actually, you’re my hero. they turned out awesome!

  2. QueenMeadow says:

    I was going to say that you are an awesome mom. But now I’m thinking you are just a glutton for punishment ;).

    (seriously, you rock ;) )

  3. I envy you. I want to make them really bad. I will be heading to the store tomorrow…. Mabey??? I kind of waited until the last minute…

  4. Those are the cutest things ever! The kids are going to totally love them!~

  5. I heart Family Fun! Those turned out great! Ryan wanted to do Fun Dips this year, and who am I to argue? :)

  6. Sweet. Definitely my favorite magazine too. Did you see the super cool car valentines on page 38? We’re attempting those this year. I’m making a heck of a lot less than you, though! As previously stated, you really do rock!

  7. Rosie and Derek says:

    Those turned out SO cute!! I am totally impressed.
    I have never made my kids’ valentines, buying them is just too easy.

  8. porter family says:


    i make valentines for my kids but (usually) draw the line at their class. only because all my projects make david insane!

  9. This is why I will never make valentines… just when I thought I was creative you’d come along and blow my creation out of the water.

  10. Shut up! Those are so cute. Love Family Fun. But I won’t open it (until life settles down…) because I’ll get SUCKED in like you did. Rofl.

  11. Those are the coolest looking valentines! Your kids definitely have a cool mom!!! I may have to attempt this one day.

  12. Kristine Robinson says:

    Okay, you win the coolest mom of the year award! Those are the most amazing, awesome things I have ever seen. Next time, call me. I would have loved to help you with those – you totally rock!!!

  13. Rochelleht says:

    That is INSANE! But so seriously totally cute. I feel like a loser. I did make 25 bags of treats for grown up friends, but the kids just got lame pre-made Valentines with McD coupons. Yea, there’s always next year.

  14. Those are ADORABLE!! My cousin found that tutorial and made them. Great find! Maybe next year I'll get more creative. :-)

  15. Wow… you are super Mom. I am in awe.

  16. Cassandra Laine says:

    I just became reader/follower $1045 Whoo hoo good job on these!

    I heard of you from here:

  17. Cassandra Laine says:

    whoops meant to say #1045 not $ lol whoops

  18. Victoria Lake says:

    Hello! I'm trying to make these this year, but I'm getting frustrated trying to figure out how to put more than one of the "ipod" pictures on one sheet of paper… so how did you do the following: "I printed out a few pages of the scroll wheels and playlists and got 8 to a page." ?!? I would love any help! Thanks so much,


  19. Char @ Crap I've Made says:

    Victoria, I just copied them and then cut them manually and Scotch taped them to a sheet of paper before I started printing them onto the sticker paper. Does that make sense?

  20. Victoria Lake says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for replying!

    So, ok! You made 8 copies, taped them onto a sheet, and then made a copy of that? This makes sense to me. I just COULD NOT get the little suckers to copy and paste :-)

    Thanks again!

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