Piggy’s and Petals: Pettiskirt!

This giveaway is for a pettiskirt in your choice of size (0-12) and color. Click here to check out the options Piggy’s and Petals offers and then come back and leave a comment saying what you’d choose when (gotta think positive) you win!
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  1. Pink and white for sure!!

  2. Turtles In North Dakota says:

    ooooooh the chocolate and pink. My youngest is ALL about the pink.

  3. Miss Madison's Mommy says:

    ohhhhh chocolate and PINK!!

  4. Blake & Anya Young says:

    Chocolate and pink are adorable!

  5. Blake & Anya Young says:

    Chocolate and pink are adorable!

  6. Chocolate and pink! Adorable!

  7. Pink and white!! Pink and white!!

  8. When I win, I'd like the pink and white please!

  9. Sisters' Stuff says:

    I think I can. I think I can. I would LOVE the pink and chocolate. So cute on my little girl!

  10. Chocolate and pink for sure cant go wrong with that!

  11. Mihills Family Blog says:

    The pink and white one for sure. It would be precious on my 10 month old granddaughter!

    [email protected]

  12. as unoriginal as it is, I'm a total sucker for chocolate and pink.

  13. Black & Turquoise

  14. redheadtina says:

    Chocolate and pink. I didn't realize it was such a popular choice until Val pointed out how unoriginal it is. :p

  15. Pink and White! So cute!!!

  16. Fancy Frosting Team says:

    I think I would go for the white and pink! They are all so tempting…


  17. Oh I would love the pink and white!

  18. Chocolate and pink of course! Way cute!!

  19. The chocolate and pink, too stinkin' cute.

  20. pink and white! what a dream for a photo shoot.

  21. I dont know what color i would get but would know i would have to buy one as well for my other daughter, and for a friend.

  22. When I win I'd like the chocolate and pink please…and thank you :)

  23. So cute my daughter would love one.

  24. she wears flowers says:

    Yep, chocolate and pink! These are SO pretty!

  25. Caspers, but not the Ghost says:

    ooo chocolate and pink! love it

  26. Wow, I would love the black and white, but I know my daughter would love the pink and white more! ;-) Guess I'll have to go with what she wants, huh?

  27. Oh My Gosh! I've been looking for a cute/cheap pettiskirt for awhile. I would want the black/turquoise.

  28. Chocolate & Pink

  29. chocolate & pink for us :)

  30. RyanSarahN says:

    i would love the purple and lavender.

  31. The Mommy Teacher says:

    The chocolate and pink is soo cute… Great website and items for sale!

  32. I don't know if I can just pick one! I love all those colors. Probably either the Chocolate and pink or the black and turquoise. Love those color combos!

  33. I want to red and white! I think it would make for perfect newborn pictures!!!

  34. Pink and White for me!

  35. Red and white – I can see the Christmas photos now!

  36. ohh the chocolate and pink is waaayyy tooo cute!

  37. Alicia, The Constant Gardener says:

    That's too hard! I love the turqoise and black, though!!

  38. Alicia, The Constant Gardener says:

    That's too hard! I love the turqoise and black, though!!

  39. Sarah@VintageChic says:

    I think the red & white… though they are all beautiful!

  40. The chocolate and pink!!!! Love it!

    [email protected]

  41. Chocolate and pink, please!!

  42. jenmomtofour says:

    Oh, I NEED the chocolate and pink! NEED!!!

  43. Absolutely chocolate and pink!

  44. chocolate and pink sounds nice!

  45. ooolala! Black & Turquose for me! Love them–and I'd need TWO more of the same color, different sizes if you pick me!

  46. Fun! My little princess would LOVE that! I think she'd like the purple and lavender the best.

  47. I love chocolate and pink, but again, my daughter would only wear all pink, so maybe pink and white.

  48. My daughter would heart the pink and white. Perfect for a pinkalicious girl;)

  49. LOVE THESE! Black and turquoise please. Oh I hope I win, I hope I win.

  50. Hmm. I might need two – chocolate and pink, and pink and white. Sooo cute!

  51. Chocolate and pink. So cute!!!

  52. Lorin and Heather says:

    Black & Turquoise… love that color combo!!

  53. Black & Turquoise with the turquoise beanie to match! :)

  54. Pink and white would make my daughter happy to no end.

  55. My little one would LOVE this for her 4th birthday next week! I'd pick the chocolate and pink!

  56. Jerilee E. says:

    Pink and white, or brown and pink!

  57. I like the black! Or maybe red for Christmas and Valentine's!! Thanks for the giveaway, and I love that these go up to "big girl" sizes for my 7 year old!

  58. Love the Pink and White.

  59. dixiemango says:

    Oooo, chocolate and pink… me thinks.

  60. gosh how do you choose?! probably chocolate & pink!!

  61. PINK AND WHITE ALL THE WAY! It's so cute, and would be adorable for pictures!

  62. When I win, I'd like the red and white Size 2. Red is sassy! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  63. Steve and Katrina says:

    Chocolate and pink or maybe pink and white. I just want to win!

  64. chocolate and pink please!!! Love it, so cute!

  65. Ooh, chocolate and pink for sure! SO, so cute!

  66. The Scow's says:

    Black and white FOR SURE!!! SO pretty!

  67. jenpetersen says:

    Chocolate and pink I think.

  68. Lucy and Co. says:

    I'd love one in red and white; the perfect Christmas gift! :o)

  69. chocolate and pink. Soooo CUte!

  70. I think I'll go with purple and lavender. The husband is complaining about the amount of pink in my daughter's closet.

  71. Definition: The Mellyn says:

    You can send me the pink and white!

  72. Black and turquoise first, chocolate and pink second

  73. Debra Joy says:

    The pink and white is gorgeous!

  74. Chocolate and pink please, Ady would love it. I imagine she wouldn't ever let me take it off.

  75. I choose the chocolate and pink!

  76. Those are soo cute! Pink and white!

  77. oooohhh! black & turquoise please ;)

  78. Pink and white. ('cause if your going to go Girly enough for a petty skirt, you have to go WAY girly) lol

  79. I've only got one girl (plus 3 boys) so I have to go with pink and white!

  80. chocolate and pink! chocolate and pink!!

  81. This is so much fun!
    Black & Turquoise is my favorite!

  82. The Keith Family says:

    Love love love the chocolate and pink…in size 5 please!

  83. I still can't make up my mind!! I think either chocolate and pink or white and pink! Sooo cute!

  84. JF and Anna McDaniel says:

    Red and white! so fun!

  85. Purple and Lavendar… oh or should I make that Chocolate and Pink… gah.. it's too hard, they are so lush! Probably the purple and lavendar after that moment of indecision.

  86. The Bronson Bunch says:

    I love the chocolate and pink in a size 7! How fun are they!?!

  87. Definitely chocolate and pink, how fun!!

  88. I would love the chocolate and pink! These are adorable!

  89. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    I think Lil would like the purple/lavender.

  90. dean monson says:

    I have 2 girls so I would choose one chocolate/pink…and one black and turqu

  91. Lynette Pyne says:

    I would like the pink and brown please!

  92. Purple & Lavender!

  93. The Incredible Bulks says:

    The black and turquoise!!

  94. Loving the Chocolate & Pink!!!!

  95. Can't see the pics for some reason-but the black and turqoise sounds pretty!

  96. Stephanie says:

    Chocolate and pink….absolutely!

  97. Chocolate and pink!!!! Thanks!! :)

  98. bluestocking mama says:

    chocolate and pink!

  99. Those are lovely! I think I would choose black and white because we'd have more to wear with it!

  100. $20?!?!?! That is such an amazing price!. I would have to go with the black and white. I AM IN LOVE!

  101. Penny Malley says:

    You can never go wrong with chocolate, so I'd like the chocolate and pink one!

  102. trinacoyle says:

    definitely chocolate and pink

  103. Elizabeth :) says:

    I can't wait to see my little girl in the purple and lavender!!! :)

  104. There are an amazing amount of people out there who love chocolate…and so do I, but I think my four year old would go gaga over the Red and White!

  105. Black & Turquoise!!

  106. Purple and lavender, no question! My daughter is only a month old, but until she's old enough to wear the bigger one I pick out for her, I'll just look at it every day and wish I could wear it.

  107. Chocolate and pink! So cute!

  108. I would get the red and black and send it to my little niece. They are true blue Oklahoma fans!

  109. Lasiter Family says:

    Chocolate and pink would be my first pick!

  110. Pink and White would be my first pick! Thanks for the giveaway!

  111. court seal says:

    pink for sure!

  112. Brown and Pink…just the thing for grandmas little princess!

  113. michelle@somedaycrafts says:

    Anything but white!!! So pretty! My daughter would be in heaven!

  114. We would ADORE pink and chocolate!

  115. Purple and lavender sound loverly….and on Friday the 13th ;)

  116. love the chocolate and pink!

  117. Curtis and Whitney Giles says:

    Pink and chocolate!! I want to win. I would love this for my daughter!

  118. Pilkington Family says:

    I definitely couldn't pick just ONE. Although chocolate and pink is really cute!!

  119. Maybe chocolate and pink? I don't know – so hard to pick…

  120. Chocolate and Pink, that is beautiful!

  121. evry1luvsjules says:

    I love the pink and white…so cute!

  122. Pink and white please! :)

  123. Too cute. Can't pick! If I win – SURPRISE ME! SO cute!

  124. Brown and Pink sounds heavenly! :)

    msbluerasp at gmail dot com.

  125. The McGraths says:

    black and torquoise. do I still win If I spell it wrong???

  126. pink & white…and I know my 3 year old would live in it!

  127. Ed and Bel says:

    MMmmmhhh, the Chocolate & Pink


  128. I'll have a chocolate and pink one please. These are so adorable. My 5 year old would love one.

  129. PBāˆ§Janelle-e says:

    Chocolate and Pink!! Sooo cute!

  130. Black and turquoise! Can't believe I didn't go for the Purple and Lavender since I always pick anything purple!

  131. Chocolate and Pink!

  132. brett and stacey says:

    chocolate and pink for my girls too!! i LOVE these. i don't think my girls would ever take them off.

  133. This and That says:

    How freaking cute are these!! We'd get the choc/pink combo. Too cute!!

  134. eenie-meenie-minie-moe…….chocolate & pink!!!

  135. chocolate and pink

  136. Merrilyn Dyches Harris says:

    pink and white all the way baby!

  137. so hard to choose! chocolate and pink to pick just one.

  138. Steve and Tina says:

    Jenna would flip over the Lavender and Purple!

  139. The McCarty Family says:

    Oh we would love one! Choc and pink would be first, but they are all sooo cute!

  140. Pink and chocolate…SO adorable!

  141. black and pink. oh la la!

  142. Infertility Goddess says:

    chocolate and pink!

  143. i would have to say either chocolate and pink or black and turquoise. gotta love them!

  144. I would choose chocolate and pink! Those colors go so well together! :)

  145. The Phillips Family says:

    yummm…..chocolate and pink!

  146. My daughter would look gorgous in the red and white!

  147. The Gardner's says:

    ooooooh chocolate and pink for sure….or maybe the purple and lavender.

  148. Rachel White says:

    I can't decide – pink and white or chocolate and pink. So cute!!!!

  149. Black and white is always a classic!

  150. Hard to choose one, bu I think I'd go for the chocolate and pink. CUE!!

  151. Chocolate and pink, oh pretty, pretty please!

  152. easy, chocolate and pink!

  153. Pink please!

  154. Typhoid Ashley says:

    Just about anything with black would do for my niece. She takes after her mother and EVERYTHING looks better with black in their minds.

  155. Any and all but turquoise and black first!!

  156. Chocolate and pink!

  157. Oh, it would have to be the chocolate and pink. I just love that combination.

  158. Angie Andersen says:

    Hmm! With 3 little girlies we love all the colors. But my mom vote is for pink or turquoise with chocolate. Beautiful! Size 8, 6 or 4! Wish me luck!

  159. the lavender and purple. My daughter loves purple!

  160. Doty Family says:

    Chocolat and Pink in a 3T/4T ish size. Thanks!! Crossing my fingers!

  161. oh yes, iv wanted to make one for my little girl but it just seems way to hard, thanks for doing the job for me, i would love the pink and brown

  162. Caleb & Marci says:

    I pick the chocolate and pink one. I love that color combination.

  163. Caleb & Marci says:

    I pick the chocolate and pink one. I love that color combination.

  164. Red and white for sure!! Love these!

  165. Chocolate and Pink…so cute!

  166. Jenny and the Princess Peonies says:

    I can't pick between the black and turquoise or the chocolate and pink! Too cute!!

  167. I would love the chocolate and pink. I wish I could win two. both my girls would just love them:)

  168. Chocolate and pink or maybe black and turquoise. Both sound adorable!

  169. I am number 167. Which is GREAT for this blog and what you have to offer, but not great for a person that doesn't win when there are 10 entries and 9 prizes. But a girl can dream and think positive. I think any of my four girls would think that brown and pink ROCK! Thank you for this and your site!! ~Laura

  170. Oh oh pick me pick me!! Please! :) Chocolate and pink for when **thinking postitive here!!!** I win! Thanks!

  171. I love the black and turquoise. These are so cute!

  172. littlemistermanpants says:

    Black and Turqouise all the way for the little girl we'll be adopting in the future. Always good to stow away stuff now right?

  173. Hendersons says:

    Black and white all the way! My 8 year old is dying for a pettiskirt!

  174. desroche85 says:

    I love the pink and white!

  175. I would pick the chocolate and pink!

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