Giveaway: Shabby Apple Dress


I’m WAY WAY WAY excited about this giveaway (and I can’t even win)!

In case you aren’t already familiar with Shabby Apple, they make FABULOUS women’s dresses. Shabby Apple is giving away a Daisy dress to one seriously lucky Crap I’ve Made reader.


To enter, click on over to Shabby Apple and have a look around at the women’s dresses. Then, come back here and leave a comment on THIS POST stating what your favorite Shabby Apple dress is.

The giveaway will run though midnight MST on Sunday, 3/14/10. The winner of the Shabby Apple dress will be selected randomly on Monday morning. Open to US residents only.

Not feeling especially lucky?

Want a different dress?

Good news! Shabby Apple is offering a 10% discount to ALL of you Crap I’ve Made readers. Use coupon code crapivemade10off at checkout. It’s good for 30 days!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    The Carnival dress is GORGEOUS!!

  2. I LOVE Shabby Apple. I really like the Fifth Ave dress.

  3. Tiffany says:

    LOVE the bugle boy!!!!!

  4. Sew Fun! says:

    The shakespear garden dress is super cute! i could see myself wearing that one alot.

  5. The Williamson Family says:

    Love the carousel dress!

  6. Lorin and Heather says:

    The Upper East Side!!!

  7. Antiquated…my FAV!

  8. City Grace says:

    I love the Nantucket and the Bugle Boy!

  9. DeAndra says:

    LOVE the trapeze dress! I love so many of them, it's hard to pick!

  10. The Busy Blaine's says:

    LOVE the Nantucket!!!

  11. I love the broadway dress! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. thanks for a great giveaway. fifth ave is my favorite. love the giraffe skirt!

    wendiwinn at wendiwinn dot com.

  13. The Gunter Family says:

    I love the Nine to Five and the Shakespeare Garden! Hope I win!

  14. Dean, Andrea, and Tanner says:

    Buttoned-up and Nine to Five are SO cute, but then again they all are! Also love that they have a maternity line!

  15. Love the Fifth Ave and Ingrid dresses.

  16. Love the Daisy and the Tiery-Eyed!

  17. Kristine Robinson says:

    thinking I need the blue azure dress. If it were free, even better!

  18. The Daisy!!
    They are all really cute though.

  19. So cruel making us chose our favorite – they are all so wonderful. I do love the Martha Vineyard though. So beautiful.

  20. Claudia says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I love the Martha's Vineyard dress…and the Buttoned Up…and Five to Nine….and….

  21. Andromache says:

    I love the 24k dress!
    its such a great cut :)

  22. damagsmonkey says:

    Daisy is my fav!! Oh please, please let me win. I do think Bugle Boy is really cute, too, though!

  23. Shayna Mills says:

    Oh I like so many of them, the carnival and daisy are favs.

  24. Angela C. says:

    I would love the daisy dress. My other fav is the beauty mark. Thanks for the giveaway.

    accoupons at gmail dot com

  25. Hanna Long says:

    I really love the Slate dress (the dot to dot is great too).

  26. The monkey bunch says:

    So cute! I love the red delicious and the buttoned up and the 5th avenue! Trying to find a nice dress anymore seems so hard, but their site is great!

  27. I love the 24K and the Slate dress!!

  28. Natalie Buchkovich says:

    I like the Bon Voyage!!

  29. Natalie Buchkovich says:

    I like the Bon Voyage!!

  30. what great dresses! i love that they have a selection based on body type. i'm digging the beauty mark and rosie the riveter dresses :D

  31. Lundholm Fam says:

    such cute dresses. I love the ballerina dress.

  32. My favorite is the Sheep Meadow. So cute!

  33. OUR FOREVER..... says:

    Wow, they are all great! But I am really loving the Nine to Five dress.

    laciek22 at yahoo dot com

  34. Kimallsup says:

    OH la la I would love to win!
    Storm or some like it hot

    [email protected]

  35. Veronica says:

    I love the Sheep Meadow dress!

    vbbradford at gmail dot com

  36. Liz Gibson says:

    Wow, there are so many beautiful designs. I love the Washington Square Park.

    [email protected]

  37. I can't choose just one! My favorites are: Broadway, G. Cooper, Some Like It Hot

  38. so i would love to win this adorable, sweet dress. one of my favorite dresses is the "bugle boy" dress. i love their stuff. thanks for the fun giveaway!

  39. Porche' says:

    I really love the Bette D.

  40. Kimmie @ live fancy. says:

    I would like one of each, please. :)

    My favorite is Beauty Mark and close second is Daisy. LOVE their style at Shabby Apple!

  41. Wow what beautiful dresses. I do love the daisy but I also love the ballerina. I like that I could be dressy and also perfect for a summer day.

  42. peckette says:

    I am completely loving all the dresses! I especially likes shakespear garden and the Ingrid dresses! I hope I win!

  43. Natalya says:

    They have so many cute dresses. I love so many of them but if I must choose one it would be 24K!

  44. I love the Bette D.! I have a wedding coming up and it would be perfect!

  45. Ben and Angela says:

    I am super exctied about this giveaway. I really really like "some like it hot" how could you not?

  46. Ben and Angela says:

    I am super exctied about this giveaway. I really really like "some like it hot" how could you not?

  47. Kristin says:

    I think I would choose the Jitterbug. Hard decision though.

  48. Reagan and Patty Boone says:

    Love Sheep Meadow.

  49. T. Navis says:

    LOVE the Jody Maxman! I am feeling lucky – hopefully :)

  50. Jessica says:

    Oh, the 5th Avenue dress is fabulous!

  51. rainylakechick says:

    Love the Truman" dress!

  52. I absolutely love Shabby Apple. I am really liking the Ingrid dress (but it's hard to say just one!)

  53. SewSweetStitches says:

    Eeek! I am SO excited to find this shop! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find modest yet stylish dresses? I am so thrilled, and I seriously could never choose a favorite. So I'll just say Anchors Away, because of that darling peter pan collar.
    Thank you so much!

    [email protected]

  54. Mama Thompson says:

    I love the dot to dot and yorkshire….so cute!

  55. RyanSarahN says:

    these are all so pretty it's hard to choose! I love the 16 candles, Atlantic fog, ballerina, and red delicious!

  56. Gale Family says:

    Super Cute Dresses. Love so many of them.

  57. Kristen says:

    Oh I have wanted the Daisy dress for so long. I also love nine to five, azure and ballerina. Oh they are all so beautiful!

  58. Some Like It Hot. Sooo sassy!

  59. I like so many of them but the Aspen is breathtaking!

  60. I'm lovin' the Daisy and Buttoned-up! And I'm lovin' your blog!!!

  61. Nick and Kandi says:

    KANDI ROESELER: I love the atlantic fog dress. adorable!

    [email protected]

  62. The Fergy Bunch says:

    I really love the west cost swing dress.

  63. Knapp Time says:

    Am I too late?? I love the Ferris Wheel. Oh! I hope I win :)

  64. Love them all…but i've been coveting the bugle boy dress for a while!

  65. Hi I'm Amy, says:

    i loved the entire 1943 collection. I have always said I was born into the wrong era. My Grandmother was a new bride in the 40's and I always love that style. I remember playing dress up in her attic.
    I love the G. COOPER. It is beautiful and besides I have never won anything…. : )

  66. Tom, Brittany, & Girls says:

    I love all the sophisticated dresses. They are my exact style!! It is hard to pick just one. {So I will say two!} I love the Ingrid and the G. Cooper. So beautiful!!

  67. Tom, Brittany, & Girls says:

    I love all the sophisticated dresses. They are my exact style!! It is hard to pick just one. {So I will say two!} I love the Ingrid and the G. Cooper. So beautiful!!

  68. So many pretty ones! I love the "Jitterbug" dress.

  69. annabelle82 says:

    VERY difficult decision, but I'd have to go with "Buttoned Up". Very cute and flattering. My runners up were, "Dot to Dot", "Jackio O", and "Midtown"

    Thanks for the link!

  70. My sister and I have been dying for their ANTIQUATED dress for a couple of years now. If I only had an extra $100 floating around…

    [email protected]

  71. The Wright Crew says:

    Oooo I love them all. I think my fav is Carnival

    [email protected]

  72. jenpetersen says:

    I like the Martha's Vineyard, or Beauty Mark, or Dot to Dot or Jade. I like them all.

  73. I love the Keyna. Classic! Thanks, kaiserwinston(at)

  74. I like the Rockefeller, but there are so many cute dresses that it's hard to pick just one!
    meggieloulou at gmail dot com

  75. Ashley @ Ashley's Craft Corner says:

    I'm really drawn to the Fifth Ave dress…although I don't think I have enough self confidence to actually wear something like that!

  76. um just about any would be nice!

  77. itybty frog says:

    How can you possibly decide on ONE favorite Shabby Apple dress????? I love the daisy, but I also love the amethyst, yorkshire, buttoned-up, and the tuxedo IV. They are all so cute!

  78. Sangeetha says:

    I love the yorkshire dress

  79. I have two favorites! I love the yorkshire and the Nancy Drew! All of the dresses are wonderful though!

  80. I love the Beauty Mark dress! So cute!

  81. ShellyLynn says:

    What gorgeous dresses! I can't pick just one! Storm is really pretty, as is Sheep Meadow. But I am hugely pregnant right now, so I also like Aphrodite and Odyssey. So pretty.

  82. Love, love, love Sheep Meadow!

  83. Penny Malley says:

    I own a couple of Shabby Apple dresses already, but I love the Daisy dress!

  84. Stark Raving Shannon says:

    Honestly, there are too many great dresses to have to pick just one. But, if I'm forced to I choose the Yorkshire dress. I'm going back to shop now.

  85. I like the colors in the Carnival dress

  86. The Coney Island and Jacky O are both beautiful dress.

  87. 2Ksmommy says:

    love the shakespeare garden!

  88. The Broadway and the Daisy are the cutest!

  89. THANK you for introducing me to this brand! I'm obsessed with the shakespeare garden dress. and only 76 bucks? step back, jcrew!

  90. THE DWIGGINS says:

    I love all of them but my favorite is the Sheep Meadow dress

  91. Tiery-eyed! With spanx, of course.

  92. I love the Atlantic Fog dress! Casual and pretty all rolled into one.

  93. Always April says:

    I really like the carousel dress. Green has become my new obsession.

  94. Cute dresses! I like Bette D or Atlantic Fog.

  95. Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE Shabby Apple dresses! I usually go to their website just to look at all their awesome designs! My favorite dress is the Beauty Mark dress!!!

  96. Faith J. says:

    Wow, love the giveaway dress! ALL of Shabby Apple's dresses are fab, but I love the menswear look of the "G. Cooper" dress. Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. Oh goodness, how to you choose?? I absolutely LOVE the carousel dress, the Shakespeare Garden dress is adorable, and the G. Cooper dress is super elegant.

  98. Craft Tea Lady says:

    OHHH so pretty, I think I like Amethyst the best!

    Thanks for the chance!

    CraftTeaLady AT yahoo DOT com

  99. If I had to pick a favorite this very second it would be Bette D or Slate.

  100. Amazing dresses! I love dot-to-dot the best!

  101. LOVE the ballerina dress, so flattering.

  102. The Fear Fam says:

    I have always coveted everything in the Manhatten line … the Fifth Ave, the Midtown, the Broadway …

  103. Christina says:

    LOVE shabby apple dresses! So hard to choose a favorite but I have had my eye on the Ingrid.

  104. I absolutely love Buttoned Up. I'd feel like a million bucks in that dress!

  105. Erika Jean says:

    I love the "l'Ete" dress!

  106. I love the Carnival dress!!!!!!!!

  107. I love G. Cooper and Sheep Meadow. Beautiful clothes!

  108. I love the Bon Voyage dress and Antiqued. But you really can't go wrong with any Shabby Apple dress.

  109. I love Carousel. So casual, cute and I love the colors. Spring is almost here!!!! and I love the daisy. Just love it all!!!!

  110. Way cute dresses! I love the Yorkshire or Ingrid dress.

  111. Oh, I have always loved their dresses.
    I like the Cooper, shakespear garden and the daisy!

  112. Steve and Nikki says:

    Shakespeare Garden dress is fab!

  113. I adore the Sheep Meadow dress – so springy!

  114. Rachel White says:

    I love the ballerina!

  115. i love the Bette D.!

  116. I've had my eye on the polo dress for months! I'd love to win! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  117. sunflowerlin says:

    There are so many that I love! But I am going to go with Buttoned-Up :)

  118. Callin and Kristen says:

    I love the all wrapped up! Beautiful!

  119. Jennifer says:

    I love the Cleopatra dress!!

  120. LOVE the Atlantic Fog dress, can you make me look like the model wearing it? ;)
    [email protected]

  121. i think the "five to nine" would be PERFECT for my first LBD!

  122. I've been eying the "bugle boy" for a while now!
    makingitmyown at gmail dot com

  123. Wish I could have a ton of them! I really like "Jade" and Nine to Five."

  124. Hmmm, love them all but perhaps the Ballerina?

  125. Donna @ Mudpies and Memories says:

    The Trapeze dress is goregous!! I am so glad you featured this site. They have some incredible dresses.

  126. I love the Daisy and Jackie O! Beautiful dresses!

  127. I love the 5th Avenue dress and the Ingrid, but the Carnival dress would probably look better on my body type, or any of their wrap type dresses… love them all. Having said that, I would love to win a Daisy dress!! Love Shabby Apple!

  128. Love the Atlantic Fog dress! So many different ways to wear it!

  129. I love the Storm or the Yorkshire dress!! Love their style!

  130. Dot to dot dress! I've got a thing for polka dots.

  131. Kiersten says:

    That's a really hard decision. I love the Azure Coast and the Ingrid. Beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. I've got my eye on the carnival dress!

  133. Elliott Mom says:

    I like the Rosie the Riveter dress

  134. I am in love with the G cooper Dress.

  135. Bugle Boy is definitely my favorite.

  136. Michelley! says:

    love the shakespeare garden and pretty in pink dresses. super cute stuff!

  137. Chad and Amy says:

    It's a toss up between the Fifth Avenue and the Ramble. SO CUTE!

  138. Shakespeare Garden. Just lovely.

  139. Homemade Diva says:

    i LOVE the "Storm" dress. so classic and pretty :o)

  140. The Mathis Family says:

    Anya Mathis

  141. Debra Joy says:

    I love these dresses! I think ingrid is my favorite!

  142. wendymoondesigns says:

    Gorgeous stuff! I really like Jade! :-)

  143. I love the coney island dress

  144. How have I never heard of Shabby Apple before? The Jade dress is so pretty!

  145. Celeste says:

    I love the dresses.

  146. frugalmom says:

    So hard to pick! But I think I like Gypsy the best.

  147. Hoagland's says:

    So many cute ones. I like the Jackie O and I love the Daisy.

  148. One crafty Mama says:

    I love the Some like it hot dress, although, all the dresses are fantastic!

  149. Chellie says:

    I'm just DYING over the DAISY dress. Oh, what I would do for that… Hoping I'm especially lucky, I'm enlisting my birthday luck… [email protected]
    Thanks for such a fantastic giveaway!

  150. I had never heard of them nefore, but the dresses are amazing. My fave is definatey Trapeze! Love the colors :)

  151. Antiquated is MOST FABULOUS!

  152. carolyn says:

    I adore the Yorkshire!

  153. The Daisy dress is cute and perfect for Spring.

    I like the Trapeze dress. The full skirt would suit my body well and I love the color palette & fabric design.

    Email: acd.sarah[at]gmail[dot]com

  154. I LOVE Shabby Apple but have never had the funds to splurge on one! I just stare at them and then wipe the droop off my screen!
    My favorite would have to be the Ingrid dress!

  155. My favorite is actually the one in the giveaway! I LOVE the Daisy! I'm so ready for spring!

  156. Shabby apple is just so adorable!

    My favorite is the Tuxedo III brown dress. LOVE IT!

  157. Tam @ Sew Dang Cute says:

    I hope I win!!! I love the Nine to Five or the Polo!

  158. The Hoths says:

    It was so hard to choose but I think I like the carousel dress the best.
    [email protected]

  159. Real Life Reslers says:

    barefoot in the park is my fav!

  160. For Our Family says:

    I can't believe the selection there! My favorite is the Coney Island dress.

  161. melanie says:

    Sheep Meadow or Antiquated!

  162. I love the 5th Avenue dress. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    spackattak7 at hotmail dot com

  163. Oooh, the Upper Eastside dress. It was one the first I looked at and I loved it immediately (especially for my hippy figure)!

  164. Mom of Two says:

    Love, love, love G. Cooper!

  165. kendragreensides says:

    I love the Ferris Wheel dress, so cute and fun! I desperately need a new dress…crossing my fingers!

  166. Chelsea says:

    It's all about the Jackie O' for me!

  167. Amelia and Justin says:

    I love Shabby Apple! (And I love your blog, too! :) I would love the Bon Voyage dress – so classy!

  168. My Many Coloured Days says:

    Just found this company – love their dresses. My faves are actually the Yorkshire and Daisy, so I would be thrilled to win your Daisy dress!!!

  169. I've always wanted a Shabby Apple dress, and I Love the Daisy one, I'm also loving nine to five!

  170. I love the daisy that you posted but I also love the tuxedo IV….such cute stuff. Great lines….I am crossing my fingers ;o)

  171. sex, laura, rock & roll says:

    Azure Coast is my favorite- that is MY COLOR!!!

  172. sex, laura, rock & roll says:

    Azure Coast is my favorite- that is MY COLOR!!!

  173. Meg the Grand says:

    Omygoodness – the Upper East Side is gorgeous! The color, the style – its fantastic!

  174. Yorkshire

  175. The Daisy is too cute. I also like the Yorkshire. They have a great selection.

  176. Modestfy says:

    Obviously, I'd be happy to have any of their dresses! That being said, I really adore "Kenya."

  177. The six of us! says:

    The Yorkshire is so gorgeous! Great dresses! I love their stuff! I'm loving the accessories too!

  178. The Nanney Family says:

    TOO many to choose just one! My favorites are Ingrid and Bette D.

  179. Crystal says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. The Ingrid would be my choice.

  180. Jeppson Clan says:

    G Cooper and Sheep Meadow caught my eye. The Daisy is darling too! I've always wanted a dress from Shabby Apple but they haven't fit into my budget yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  181. Linda Hill says:

    SO many pretty dresses. If FORCED to choose one, I love the Ferris Wheel!! Hope I am lucky!!

  182. I am in need of a new black dress. I would love Beauty Mark

  183. Cyrus and Annie says:

    Pretty in Pink!!!

  184. happy axolotl says:

    I really like the Odyssey dress in the maternity collection. I'm 7 months pregnant and it's been tough finding cute dresses.

  185. Ken and Jen says:

    I love them all, but if I had to choose, i would choose the Beauty Mark dress! So cute!

  186. Staci J says:

    Wow!!! I love them all! I hope I win! I love the Ingrid style dress the best, but it's so hard to choose one:)

  187. Oh, so hard to choose! I really like ballernia. hilary[dot]gresham[at]gmail[dot]com

  188. I have had "Antiquated" on my wish list for a long time.

  189. Love the Jody Maxman dress!

  190. Cute dresses! I promise I looked at all of the dresses but I still think my favorite is the Daisy. Something about how "fresh" it looks . . . I don't know. I also like Azure Coast, but the Daisy is my favorite!

    I hope I win!

    Email me HERE if I win!

  191. Quiggle says:

    I am in love with the Carousel dress! The colors are beautiful.

  192. Amanda B. says:

    I have been eyeing that G. Cooper dress from the 1943 collection for a while now! Pick me!!

  193. Fifth Avenue dress is amazing! I totally need a dress to wear for all my sister's upcoming wedding festivities!

  194. Angie Migliori says:

    so cute! I like a lot of them. The carousel and Daisey are my favorite!

  195. How does one choose!! I would have to say that Daisy is my fav!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    [email protected]

  196. I love the Ingrid dress!!

  197. Niki McDowell says:

    Well I guess I can't enter, because i already own the Daisy Dress and obsolutely love it! I get comments all the time on it. I'll comment anyways, I love the Yorkshire and my goal is to get that one next. I also love the black lace dress, I can't remember what it is called. I love Shabby Apple, they have the cutest dresses ever!

  198. I love the Ingrid dress and 24K. Love this shabbyAppleness! Such great style!

  199. I LOVE the Ingrid dress! It's fantastic!

  200. I love the G Cooper!!!

  201. Meghan, Carson and the Kiddos says:

    I love this white dress but I also like the G. Cooper. Love vintage style!

  202. amber_0501 says:

    Sheep Meadow is so cute! They have a lot of pretty chic dresses!

  203. sheep meadow

  204. Oh I'm so glad you introduced me to Shabby Apple! I love that they make the dresses sophisticated AND modest! Loving 90 Words Per Minute! :)

  205. Blake & Anya Young says:

    I like so many of them! Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are adorable.

  206. Blake & Anya Young says:

    I like so many of them! Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are adorable.

  207. I really like the Daisy dress, but the Jitterbug is my favorite. It looks like it would be a great dress to take on a trip because it would pack beautifully.

  208. bugle boy. totally. i'm so in love with black/white and i love the circular embellishment!

  209. although it's not very springy, i really like the yorkshire dress

  210. Conservatory Garden…so cute.

  211. I love buttoned up!!! Shabby Apple is fantastic I just wish they weren't so expensive, 80)

  212. Bart and Kellie says:

    Just love these dresses! In particular the fifth ave dress! So cute!

  213. I LOVE this site…how have I gone all my life not knowing about this??! I love the bon voyage dress!!!

  214. roach.amber says:

    definitely the "ingrid" dress from the 1943 collection. thanks!
    [email protected]

  215. Katherine says:

    I love the Conservatory Garden Dress :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  216. Jess // CLineCreations says:

    Oh I really really like the Gypsy Dress. But all of them are so gorgeous.

  217. Michelle and Adam says:

    Carousel is so fun. Nobody would miss me in this dress!

  218. What gorgeous dresses! Hard to pick a fave but I love Shakespeares Garden! The little girls dresses are just too precious!

  219. They are all gorgeous, but I fell in love with the Ingrid dress!

  220. rachelanna says:

    i love them all! sheep meadow, bethesda, washington square park…

  221. I love the white dress you pictured, but I also really like the Shakespeare Garden; there is just something about yellow!

  222. Upper east side for me!!!!!

  223. That Lois Lane is to.die.for!

    [email protected]

  224. They are all so pretty. I am really liking the SHEEP MEADOW dress.

  225. I love the beauty mark!

  226. The Bish Fam says:

    I am loving the red delicious and the tiery-eyed…but there are definitely so many cute ones! How fun!

  227. Either the Daisy or the Tuxedo II. Both classic but fun.

  228. Jake and Nicole says:

    I love how fun the Carousel dress looks. But I Love a whole bunch and I'm so glad that my credit card isn't sitting next to me right now as I'm drooling over these cute dresses

  229. Treasured Pearl says:

    i love the slate dress! sooo lovely!

  230. I love the Washington Square Post dress, the color is amazing!


  231. jennifer says:

    Oh my… where do I start? I love the Kenya, G.Cooper, Midnight Garden…. really? There wasn't one I didn't love! Thanks for the giveaway!

  232. jennifer says:

    Oh my… where do I start? I love the Kenya, G.Cooper, Midnight Garden…. really? There wasn't one I didn't love! Thanks for the giveaway!

  233. I tell ya, my favorite changes everytime I look at their site! right now it's the daisy or the tiered one!

  234. I love the slate, among many others,
    [email protected]

  235. James and Cami says:

    I love Shabby Apple. Can't decide which one i love more…Ingrid or Fifth Avenue??

  236. Becca Jo says:

    I WANT the Rosie the Riverteer dress but since they haven't had in my size for EVER my second choice is the Rockefeller. All their dresses are so fun!

  237. I love the Broadway dress. So beautiful!!

  238. I really like the ramble…!

  239. Thanks for introducing me to Shabby Apple! My favorite is the Fifth Avenue Dress…so cute!!!!

  240. Heather says:

    Oh, I think the Daisy dress is beautiful!

  241. Peggy of Plush Nest says:

    this stuff is like crack to me!
    I'm in LOVE with Upper East Side, Washington Square Park, the shape of Shakespeare Garden (but not the color)
    I could really live in dresses & I'd love to add some of these to my closet

  242. Peggy of Plush Nest says:

    this stuff is like crack to me!
    I'm in LOVE with Upper East Side, Washington Square Park, the shape of Shakespeare Garden (but not the color)
    I could really live in dresses & I'd love to add some of these to my closet

  243. The Blakes says:

    Martha's vineyard is fun, thanks!

  244. I really like the Nantucket. Oh, and the Aristocrat.

  245. Melissa says:

    Buttoned Up!

  246. Andréa Morrow says:

    I like the jackie O, west coast swing and the white one pictured on your blog for sure :)

  247. I have been coveting their dresses for a while now! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Trapeze dress, but in all honesty, there isn't one dress on there I don't like!

  248. Heather says:

    Fifth Ave… so totally me! But kind of not at the same time. At little wild. LOVE it.

  249. Courtney says:

    I like the antiquated dress, and the workout shorts, soo cute!

  250. My obsession with the Carousel line is pretty legendary, especially the Carnival dress (although the Carousel and Cotton Candy dresses are on my desperately need list, too).

  251. i love the gypsy dress!

  252. I absolutely love the Antiquated dress. Sometimes I go to Shabby Apple just to look at it. Some day!


  254. bluestocking mama says:

    5th avenue!

  255. I love the Prairie!!!

  256. The Lindsey's says:

    WOW!! What beautiful dresses!! I think my fav. would have to be Daisy. Simple but gorgeous!

  257. I love the gypsy dress!

  258. Well I hate to copy other posters & I was going to say the Carnival dress is my fav, but as I scrolled down I saw the G. Cooper and that was it! lol. So I will have to agree with the prev. comments.
    Thanks for a cool giveaway!

  259. G. Cooper is one of my favorites for sure!

  260. thereadingmother0708 says:

    I've been oogling the Yorkshire for like 2 years now, it's definitely my favorite!!

  261. Patience says:

    Those are some amazing dresses. I like so many…but especially antiquated, daisy, g.cooper, and beauty mark. I can't pick a favorite.

  262. I really like the Shakespeare Garden!

  263. Adventures in Petersonland says:

    i LOVE this site! im so mad that i haven't heard of it until now! my husband is in the air force and we are always going to functions that require me to dress pretty and i have the HARDEST time finding something that i like.
    im in LOVE with so many styles on their site! BUT, the coney island is definitely on the top of the list!

  264. Breanne says:

    My favorite is the Bette D. black dress! So cute!

  265. The Upper Eastside is the dress for me, I have been wanting it for some time.

  266. I really like the gypsy style. wow i should never have gone to that site. i think i'm hooked!

  267. I love the carnival dress. It is so simple, yet so sophisticated. rneorr at yahoo dot come ([email protected])

  268. A. Simpson says:

    Bugle Boy is too cute! Look how fashionable!!~
    lyn170 at yahoo dot com

  269. A. Simpson says:

    Bugle Boy dress!
    lyn170 at yahoo dot com

  270. okay, so there are lots of comments, but I do love the daisy dress. What luck it would be if I won!!

  271. i like the Ingrid!

  272. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    Golly. The Coney Island, the trapese, the Washington Square, the Madison Ave. How do you choose?

  273. There are so many I like its hard to choose! I love the Beauty Mark and Atlantic Fog dresses, but I really do like the one thats on the giveaway, the Daisy dress! Please internet genie wizards pick me!

  274. brown paper packages says:

    How can I choose?

    I love the Nantucket, Bugle Boy, and Daisy.

  275. I'm going to have to say Trapeze. I believe it would be able to hide my after baby belly well:)

  276. Must have the Yorkshire!! I adore it!

  277. Meredith says:

    My favorite is the Antiquated dress. I love all the lace.

  278. The Coney Island dress fo sho!!!!

  279. Love, love the Beauty Mark Dress!

  280. what a great website. I loved them all but especially liked the ballerina and the bon voyage. Hope I win!!!

  281. I love, Love the Bon Voyage Dress!

  282. well since I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant, I really like the green with envy maternity dress! :)

  283. court seal says:

    I would love any of the maternity dresses!

  284. I love the recital dress for girls im debating whether i should get one for my daughter

  285. Kristine says:

    I love the Jackie O!

  286. I like the west coast swing.
    [email protected]

  287. This dress is so pretty! Shabby Apple just has the best dresses.

  288. Coney Island is my favorite! Super cute!

  289. Coney Island is my favorite! Super cute!

  290. StubbsFamily says:

    Yorkshire is amazing!

  291. Tiffany says:

    none to five looks like it could make my dreams come true! thanks for the giveaway.

    [email protected]

  292. so many cute ones but I have to say I love the daisy one you put on the blog the best. Must be the sunshine that makes me feel so springy.

  293. Simply Be Photo/Melissa says:

    love the Gypsy dress, and the bugle boy. So hard to choose. there all super cute!

  294. I love the Fifth Avenue. Great site!

  295. Kristin says:

    I love the West Coast Swing!

  296. This is a tough choice. I liked the ramble (awesome pleats) best in terms of design but also loved the colors in Ferris Wheel. It's hard to beat Kaffe Fassett.

  297. Sophia & Cameron says:

    I like the 5 to 9 dress cute and modest, you can't beat that

  298. Sophia & Cameron says:

    I like the 5 to 9 dress cute and modest, you can't beat that

  299. Lovely Lizzy says:

    I love two dresses! I love the Fifth Ave Dress a ton, and I love the Antiquated. This is the first time I've been to the site, and it's love at first site. Thanks.
    [email protected]

  300. the daisy is adorable and i'm really loving the dot to dot and the tuxedo II . and i love their little girl dress they are so cute. Love the Canary one.

  301. Why aren't there more companies like this? I'm in love with the Buttoned-up dress, but that Daisy dress is FIERCE! Thanks for the intro to Shabby Apple!

  302. Love the Yorkshire!

  303. Jeff and Lori says:


  304. Chase and Ashley Winegar says:

    LOVE Shabby Apple! Especially San Gabriel.

  305. The Dummers says:

    Love the G. Cooper. I'm pretty sure I loved it more because the description started with "suit up."
    What up.

  306. andrea.roche says:

    Hard to pick a favorite!

    I like fifth ave a lot!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    acp389 at

  307. Jan and Jillanne Ulep says:

    I love them all, but if I have to choose one I'm going to have to go with Ballerina. I'm a sucker for purple!

  308. Steve and Katrina says:

    I love the Ingrid dress and the Slate.

  309. Bugle Boy!!!

  310. I wish the Trapeze dress came in my size, I also love the Mary Jane Weston, and Fifth Avenue dresses. Sleek and fun, out of the ordinary, that's what I like:)

  311. I really love the Antiquated dress! Super cute!

  312. the reilly's says:

    I love the daisy dress ……my other fav is the beauty mark


  313. Jerry and Adrienne says:

    I love the midtown dress! So so cute!!!

  314. I LOVE Shabby Apple. It is hard to choose a favorite but I'd go with Fifth Avenue.

  315. Heather, TJ, Brock, and Jillian says:

    Loving the Atlantic Fog!

  316. Bugle boy! But I'd love to win any.

  317. mksuffolk says:

    I like the tuxedo IV, i think it is very figure flattering and versatile.

  318. Sunderlands says:

    I like the "Beauty Mark" dress!

    pbs (at) canby (dot) com

  319. So many cute options! Amethyst is one of my favorites.

  320. Leigh Ann says:

    I love the Yorkshire dress – especially with those boots! I really love this new find!

  321. Infertility Goddess says:

    I have never heard of this company and I am loving it! My fave L'ete.

  322. Molly P Mormon says:

    A nice spring time dress, l'ete.

  323. I am not especially lucky but, you never know! I love all of their dresses….but, I would have to choose Some like it Hot!

  324. I love the Yorkshire dress!

  325. Emily Lewis says:

    I love the upper eastside dress…but i would be thrilled with ANY! love them all!

  326. Blog Boutique says:

    Wow. So many dresses to look at. I like the Amethyst and Azure Coast.

  327. My long time favorite is the Marseille dress.

  328. Sarah Smith says:

    Of all of them, I love the G. Cooper dress. Beautiful.

  329. I LOVE the Upper East Side dress!!

  330. I fell in love with the Tuxedo IV. So cute. Totally the new look I'm going for!

  331. Mama Lusco says:

    G. Cooper Dress is my favorite.
    [email protected]

  332. Sarah or someone like her says:

    Oh man! I'd have to say it's a toss up between G Cooper and Moss and Ivy – I love them both!

  333. Jill McQuade says:

    I LOVE the Ballerina dress.

  334. Together We Can says:

    I love the Daisy dress. I had to look around to find it. After searching all the dresses, I found it. Love it!

  335. I'm all about the west coast swing and the nine to five. Love em.

  336. I love "Antiquated."

  337. I have been dying for a Shabby Apple Dress!!
    My favorite right now is
    Bow Baby.
    I'm not pregnant, but I just LOoooove that one! :)

  338. Right now I like the Sicily dress, because I'm expecting. But I think the Daisy dress is very, very nice!

  339. holy cow.. look at all the comments!

    i'm 34 weeks pregnant so I naturally gravitate towards maternity. I like the "not so sweet" dress.

  340. The upper east side is adorable. Great now I really want a dress.

  341. S. and A. Millar says:

    I like the bon voyage dress, its so cute!!! Thanks for the chance to win!
    [email protected]

  342. I love the 24k dress.

  343. I love the 24k dress.

  344. Jacque Butterfield says:

    I LOVE the Martha's Vineyard!!

  345. The Stitcherbee says:

    I love the Tuxedo IV. Such a fun dress for a night out.

  346. Nate, Marie & Lilly says:

    I really love the carnival dress. so cute.

  347. Nate, Marie & Lilly says:

    I really love the carnival dress. so cute.

  348. I like SO many of them – the 5th Ave is sooo cute!

  349. I love the Gypsy dress!

  350. Megan and Sean says:

    Antiquated is so me, I love it!

  351. I love The Traveler dress! So cute!

  352. I love The Traveler dress! So cute!

  353. love the fifth avenue dress!

    johnson.dreyer at gmail dot com

  354. I heard about your giveaway over on BBC. Fun stuff! I'm loving the Storm dress.

  355. I love the Fifth Ave and Upper East Side

  356. I'm in love with the Lindy Hop dress! I would love to win!

  357. My faves are Nantucket and Ingrid.

  358. Merrilyn Dyches Harris says:

    5th avenue

  359. Jamielyn says:

    cute!! I love the bow baby dress! I want to win this cute dress!

  360. Marielle says:

    I like the Ramble

  361. kelgeeinaz says:

    Desert Blossom is my absolute favorite — it's the perfect twist on a classic LBD. The purple gives it that little bit of oomph!

  362. I love Gypsy!

  363. Natalie K says:

    So hard to choose…I'd have to go with the Cat's Cradle dress!

  364. Love these dresses. Fifth Ave. would be my choice.

  365. 3 bOys and a giRL says:

    BugLe boY is my fav! Love. Love. Love 'em all.

  366. I love the madison avenue! it is sooo cute and retro!

  367. I love the dress you are giving away, it's gorgeous! If I had to pick another I really love Barefoot in the Park.

  368. Shakespeare garden is one of my favorites!!

  369. The Gomes Family says:

    I love this dress and I love all of your blogs as well.

  370. Can't get enough of the Martha's Vinyard dress… so sophisticated!
    Thanks to both of you guys for the giveaways!!

  371. The "Ferris Wheel" dress is perfection! How I wish it were mine…..thanks
    [email protected]

  372. The Heggies! says:

    I love the G.Cooper and the Bugle Boy! I have to have a cute dress for my husbands graduation and Shabby Apple is amazing. The hard part is going to be narrowing down to one!

  373. Nearing delivery day with my 2nd baby, I am loving something tight like Tiery-Eyed. I also love the white dress too, so springy.

  374. I LOVE the bugle boy. I have been eyeing it for months, actually!

  375. I Absolutely love tiery-eyed!

  376. I really like the ingrid and I like the Helena-looks sooo comfy!

  377. Haas & Co. says:

    I'm loving the Bow Baby & Chocolate Craving dresses!

  378. Haas & Co. says:

    I'm loving the Bow Baby & Chocolate Craving dresses!

  379. i think the tiery-eyed one is cute.

  380. Too hard to choose! I love so much of their stuff. The daisy one will do. It just feels so spring like and I am very ready for spring!

  381. Krafty Like A Fox says:

    I'm so digging Buttoned Up and Marseille.

  382. Heather W. Torrance says:

    They are all so pretty! But the Beauty Mark is my favorite.

    - Heather

  383. Heather W. Torrance says:

    They are all so pretty! But the Beauty Mark is my favorite.

    - Heather

  384. i love the 5th ave. dress! PICK ME PICK ME!!!

  385. i love the 5th ave. dress! PICK ME PICK ME!!!

  386. I love the Desert Blossom and Sundance Kid! They're beautiful!

  387. krista lucas photography says:

    l'ete is ADORABLE. adorable. i love it.

  388. Baja dress, hands down

  389. Andersen Family says:

    I like the Lois Lane.
    [email protected]

  390. ificould says:

    Hard to choose just one, but I really love the West Coast Swing!

  391. This Daisy dress is my favorite, at least for summer. I hope I win!

  392. Tuexedo IV! Crossing my fingers!

  393. I think the the barefoot in the park looks so cute and comfy!

  394. My favorite is the Bugle Boy- but the Daisy is very cute, too!

  395. Ch4ttyC4thy says:

    I LOVE the Cotton Candy dress! I've never even heard of this site- super cute, cute, cute dresses!

  396. Mrs. Bennett says:

    I love Shabby apple! My favorites are Fifth Ave and Yorkshire.

  397. The Yorkshire is one of my favorite! I must say that all of the dresses are amazing! [email protected]

  398. Andrea Renfro says:

    I love the SLATE dress!!

  399. Natural Violet says:

    I love the La Noche Negra. Love the dresses.

  400. Jennifer says:

    Love the Bon Voyage!

  401. Mindy Hales says:

    I love Bon Voyage and G. Cooper!!

  402. I love them all, but the SHEEP MEADOW is the exactly what I've been looking for.

  403. i am thinking the lindy hop or the ingrid. LOVE these!

  404. Erin Marie says:

    Love the Lindy Hop!

  405. I LOVE Shabby Apple! My favorite: red delicious. I am drooling over all these dresses, dreaming of the day when I can afford one.

  406. a007pengwynn says:

    I love the "Tuxedo IV" dress, so classic looking!

  407. Calamity Anne says:

    I ♥ the Midnight Garden dress!!! Looks so comfy!

  408. Brittany and Matt says:

    How is one to choose?!!? But I do love Lois Lane!

  409. how do I choose only one? I LOVE shabby apple! I guess if I have to I like the carousel and daisy the best. but honestly they are all stinkin' adorable!!!

  410. Being in the maternal mode, the maternity dress Chocolate Craving is on my wish list… but there are lots of other dresses to add in a few months when (hopefully), this baby bump won't be here anymore.

  411. I love the Daisy!

  412. Kyle and Amanda says:

    Oh my! How I need the Lois Lane dress! I love the high collar, the color and the STYLE!
    and Madison Ave! I just can't stop looking at these dresses!

  413. My favorite is the Yorkshire dress.

  414. the chicas in costa rica says:

    I love the Bugle Boy dress and all of the vintage looks!

  415. I love the upper east side dress! So beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  416. decisions, decisions!
    i can't decide between ballerina and roserita!
    i love the names of the dresses almost as much as the dresses themselves.

  417. indywriter says:

    I love Shakespeare Garden and Ingrid.

  418. breakin' the Sabbath to enter. I love the Tux II.

  419. The Gomes Family says:

    I love love this dress all of their dresses rock!

  420. LOve these dresses! My favorite would hafta be the Cortez!

  421. Sheep Meadow is my absolute fave!!!! All of these dresses are fabulous though. It was difficult to pick only one!

  422. Steph and Brady says:

    I love the Bugle Boy dress. Wow they really have some cute stuff! stephfrbs at gmail dot com.

  423. Taylor Aplanalp says:

    Love the Ingrid and the tiery eyed:)

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