Zippered Laptop Sleeve Tutorial

In case you missed it during the Holiday Bake, Craft, & Sew Along, here’s my tutorial for a zippered laptop sleeve. Since it’s measurement based, you could adapt it to fit an iPad or other electronic gadget, too.


Outer fabric
Lining fabric
Fusible fleece
Zipper (approximately 4” longer than your laptop)

Measure your laptop, wrapping your tape measure all the way around.

DSC_0148 DSC_0149

Mine measures 18.5” X 24.5”. (Yes, it’s tiny.)

Split both of those measurements in half. In my example, that would be 9.25” X 12.25”. Add 1.25” to both of those measurements. In my example that’s 10.5” X 13.5”. We’re finished with the math. Cut 2 pieces from your outer fabric this size. Cut 2 pieces from your lining fabric this size. Cut 2 pieces of fusible fleece this size. I then trimmed 1/2” off all around my fusible fleece because I didn’t want the bulk in my seams.


Embellish one of your exterior pieces as desired now. I’m including directions for exactly how I made mine, but feel free to change that up to personalize your laptop sleeve.

Cut a strip of fabric 3.5” wide and then press under 1/4” on the top and bottom edges.


Position on the front of your laptop sleeve and stitch in place along both edges.


Cut a strip of fabric 3” high by at least twice the width of your laptop case. Fold under 1/2” on both long edges and press.


Run a long gathering stitch (do not backstitch) about 1/4” in along both long edges. Pull your bobbin threads to gather evenly. Position in the middle of the larger strip and stitch in place.


(I made the decorative flower using these directions on WiseCraft. It’s attached to a pin and is removable so you won’t see it until the final pictures.)

Iron your fusible fleece to the wrong sides of both pieces of outer fabric, following the manufacturer’s instructions.


Take your zipper and place it face down and centered along the top edge of your front piece. You should have excess zipper on both ends.


Pin the zipper in place in the center. In order to get the zipper to go around the corners nicely, you’re going to make a few shallow snips along the part you need to bend.


Keep on pinning around both corners. I like to use A LOT of pins.


Baste the zipper in place. I used white thread so it would show up better for photographic purposes.


Position your lining fabric directly on top of your front piece, right sides facing.


Sew just inside of your basting line. Turn your pieces right side out. Press your exterior and lining fabrics away from the zipper.


Close the zipper. Position your other exterior piece on top, so the sides are even. Slide it up until it’s even with the zipper and pin. Unzip and repeat the zipper installation steps for the back half of the case.

Here’s what you’ve got now…nice neat zipper and ugly unfinished seams everywhere else.


Pull your exterior fabrics over so the right sides are facing, like this:


Keep turning until you’ve got both exterior pieces facing and both lining pieces facing.


Don’t be alarmed by the hot mess it appears to be right now. You’re *almost* there!

Reach up between the exterior layers and undo the zipper a few inches (big enough to fit your hand through and reach to undo the zipper the rest of the way later).

You’re going to sew ONLY on the exterior pieces. Fold, pull, and otherwise maneuver the lining pieces out of the way. You’ll be sewing from one end of the zipper to the other.


In the above picture, you’d sew from one pin, down around the bottom edge and then up to the other pin.

Repeat with the lining pieces, BUT leave a 4-5” hole in the bottom (again, big enough to fit your hand through).


Stick your hand way up in there and grab the bottom seam on the exterior fabrics.


And pull it out through the hole.



Close up the hole in the lining. I usually pull it all the way out and machine stitch close to the edge, but you could hand stitch if you prefer.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand you’re done!


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Flickr Feature Friday

Did you know Crap I’ve Made has a Flickr group? You can find the link at any time up on my menu bar under Crap You’ve Made. Go add your stuff! Please?

Projects from the Flickr group will be featured on Fridays.

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Today’s feature is from The Paisley Cupcake.


I love that iris one on the right!

Always wanted to applique?  Check out my applique tutorial (and a couple of free patterns)!


DON’T FORGET : Monday marks the beginning of a week full of AWESOME giveaways in honor of my 1,000,000th hit!

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Today you can find me

at Skip To My Lou for this:


with a brand new tutorial for this:


Check it out, will ya?

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3170 to go

Popping in really quick from sunny (but cool) SoCal to tell you all I’ll be home soon and that the week of giveaways to celebrate 1,000,000 hits starts Monday.
Note to self: Even if you bring your laptop, 6 people in one hotel room doesn’t provide you with much/any blogging time.
And, to point out just how dang close to 1,000,000 hits we are. In fact, if you click on over from your reader today, we’ll hit 1,000,000 by bed time.
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Self-explanatory or Tute Worthy?

And more importantly, should I have capitalized explanatory?  Don’t judge…I studied math in college.

I made this dress for Macy last weekend:

(I had to promise to cut her head out of the picture because she’d been wearing a hat all day.)



So, which is it? 

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Flat Iron Travel Pouch Tutorial

In case you missed my post for Christmas in July over on It’s A Good Day

I’ve got a gift idea for you: a flat iron travel case. This would be the perfect handmade gift for your everyone from your teenaged niece to your BFF….anyone with a flat iron, really. Before we get started, let’s take a moment in honor of flat irons. Seriously. My halfro (totally not curly on the top) and I salute you!


Cotton batting or Insul-Bright (I really wanted to use the Insul-Bright, but I had to order it and it didn’t show up in time. The good news for you is that you have 5 months ‘til Christmas and PLENTY of time to track down your own!)
1.5” of Velcro
Double fold bias tape ~ 50” (I made my own)

Cut 2 of each from fabric and one of each from batting:

6” X 11”
10” X 12”

Sandwich your batting between the same sized pieces of fabric, right sides facing out, like this:


Take the smaller piece and position the soft loopy side of your Velcro so that the center is 6” from the right end. The Velcro will NOT be centered. Make sure it’s up slightly higher than the width of your bias tape.


Stitch in place.

Position the hard pokey side of your Velcro so that it’s centered 6” from the right end as well. This piece of Velcro WILL be centered. Again, make sure that it’s up slightly higher than the width of your bias tape.


Stitch in place.

Sew a piece of bias tape on the right hand side (short end) of your smaller piece.



Hook your Velcro together.



You’re going to sew 1/4” from the left hand side of the top (smaller) piece.


Undo the Velcro and fold the flap to the other side, lining up the edges.


You may want to use a couple of pins to keep it in place.

The next step is rounding the corners. I used a glass and traced the curve…


and then trimmed the corners with scissors.


Sew bias tape around the perimeter.


And you’re ready to put your flat iron inside,


wrap the cord around,


fasten the Velcro,


and go!


Even if you’re not going anywhere, the other stuff in your drawer will be safe from burns and melting. Not that I’d know anything about that. Because I’ve sure never melted a hole in the side of a hairspray bottle.

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Flickr Feature Friday

Did you know Crap I’ve Made has a Flickr group? You can find the link at any time up on my menu bar under Crap You’ve Made. Go add your stuff! Please?

Projects from the Flickr group will be featured on Fridays.

And, there’s now a Flickr stream widget over in my left sidebar. Click on over from your reader and check that out.

Today’s feature is from daisygirl78.  She gets the distinction of being the very first poster of a picture of a skirt made from my tiered skirt tutorial.  Like, before I even put my own version in the Flickr group.  Note to self:  Get on that!


I like how she added some lace to the bottom to fancy it up a bit!

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Just keeping it real, folks.

Macy has this book:


We have others in the series and have found some fun projects in them in the past (Vaseline and Kool Aid lip gloss, for example).

We decided to try out a project that claimed you could turn a chip bag into a brooch (hate that word) type pin. Perhaps that right there should have been my “sign”, but we carried on. I had visions of something all Shrinky Dink-y and darling.

We preheated the oven to its highest setting:


We put the chip bag on a baking sheet:


And we sat down to begin our “up to 10 minutes” of baking.

About 10 seconds in, I suggested Macy turn on the oven light. This is what we found:


In 10 seconds.

We tried again at a much lower temperature and got this:


I still don’t think anyone in their right mind would wear it.


You’re welcome.

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Today you can find me…


 Christmas In July @ It’s a Good Day

There’s a brand new tutorial. Check it out?

(And only 27,000 to go ’til 1,000,000! Look for a whole slew of giveaways the week of August 1st!)

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Ho! Ho! Ho?

It’s that time of year…at least if you’re doing anything handmade.  Time to start thinking about it, right?

I’m going to be participating in the


Rachel from A Southern Fairytale will be hosting the baking.

Kelly from According to Kelly will be hosting the crafting.

And, Cindy from Skip To My Lou will be hosting the sewing.


I’ll be posting over there on the 29th, with a brand new tutorial for this laptop cover:


There are some INSANELY talented bloggers participating, so be sure to check out all 3 sites every day (starting NOW) through the end of the month!

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