Be careful…

Candy induced rage is real.

Remember what happened post-Halloween in 2008?



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  1. Kristine Robinson says:

    Still laughing over that one!

  2. OMG too funny! I consider myself warned.

  3. this looks like Alton Brown "no-knead sourdough". My hubby makes it all the time. :)

  4. sicksickgirl says:

    Hahahahahahaha! Hiiiilarious.

  5. ilovedolly says:

    this has prompted me to wonder if I should give out less treats……………….?

  6. all I have to say is "MWHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

  7. Indeed. I have actually video taped my boys at it, in preparation to post on youtube when they turn 18 ;-)

  8. I have 3 older bros. I kid you not, I limited myself to one child so no child of mine would have to be a younger child. I must admit, I don't remember this level of rage over candy. We were more into negotiating. Ain't nobody going to mess with these guys on the playground, though! My son was always the bullies' go-to victim on the playground. Guess there's a reason for multiple offspring. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

  9. Oh my!! It made me laugh hysterically!!! Wow!! HA!

  10. My favorite part is that you took pictures instead of breaking up the fight!!

    My mom visited your blog yesterday after I told her how awesome of a job you did on the costumes this year (and every year)
    And the best part is her dislike for the word crap…when I was telling her the name she said craft I've made? No mom CRAP ha ha!

  11. Jason and Danielle says:

    Oh my that is crazy and hilarious!

  12. truckermomma says:

    I love that you just let them fight and took pictures. cute. hehe, not really, if it were in my house I would of not been able to handle it like that. Good for you momma, not loosing your head.

  13. snippetsandyarns says:

    Oh my goodness!! Those are great pictures! I wasn't hanging out in blog-land back then. So I appreciate that you pointed us back there for a good Post Halloween laugh / warning!

    ~ Meagan

  14. Dixie Mom says:

    Ha! That one had me laughing right out loud.

  15. Marianne, aka Ranger Anna says:

    I thought I was the only person who took pics of kids tearing the house apart. Oh, candy did that? It was an everyday occurance when my boys were little. Oh, wait. They're big and they still do that. Which is why Mommy's crafty corner is in the basement and why she sews with her iPod cranked all the way up. Great pics!

  16. OMG I just found your blog and I laughed so hard over this post! I love that you took pics LOL. This reminds me a lot of my brothers growing up! Loving your blog – it is so real and down to earth. The post of what happens when you don't lock the closet during nap time killed me too. I'm sure my son will be up to those tricks in the near future (he is 13mo). Keep up the great craftiness and real life fun! Thanks.

  17. Yes Candy will induce rage.

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