Giveaway: Elk Dresses

Have you heard of Elk Dresses?


They make cute and comfy (100% cotton jersey) dresses for the littlest girls (birth to 3T).

I spent some time browsing their Etsy shop (you can also keep up with them via their blog and on Facebook) and picked out a few of my favorites to share.

First of all, you KNOW how I love me some ruffle butts:


Look at all that ruffley goodness!


Are you loving gray and yellow together as much as I am right now?


And how do you feel about fluttery flowers?


I think I’ve save the best (or at least the most hilariously awesome) for last.


So, what’s in it for you?

Well, ALL of you can get 15% off anything in the Elk Dresses shop using code “CRAPPY”!

And, Elk Dresses is giving one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader a $25 shop credit!


Click on over to Elk Dresses on Etsy and have a look around. Come back and leave a comment ON THIST POST (on the blog, not on Facebook or email) saying what your favorite item in the shop is!

Giveaway will run through Friday at midnight MST.

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Silhouette Dust Cover

***This dust cover is for the original Silhouette SD (which was THE ONLY Silhouette when I wrote this post).  I don’t have dust cover patterns for the CAMEO or the Portrait.***

So, you’ve taken advantage of one of the Silhouette deals and you’re LOVING your machine so much you can’t bear to put her in a drawer…what’s a girl to do?


Whip up a quick and easy dust cover, that’s what. And did I mention that you can make this out of a single fat quarter? ‘Cause you can!

Fat quarter
Silhouette Dust Cover pattern piece PDF (the bottom measurement will be 6 3/8″ when printed correctly)
Sewing machine with thread
About 15 minutes Winking smile

Turn your fat quarter so that one of the 18” ends is at the bottom. Cut off 14″ so you have a piece that is 18” wide and 14” high (the bottom piece in this picture).


Fold the top piece in half and cut out the pattern piece. You’ll have 2 opposite end pieces


Place the end pieces even with the bottom edge of your fabric so that the short end (of the end pieces) points out and start pinning.


Pin all the way around the end pieces and then sew with a 1/2” seam.

Then you’ll want to hem the bottom of the dust cover 1/2” all the way around. I folded and pressed a scant 1/4” and then another 1/4”. Stitch hem in place.

Put it on your Silhouette and feel much better about leaving her out to admire.



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Peachy Chic Boutique Winner

The winner of the DIY watch kit with a watch face AND a DIY dangle kit with a chain ($35 value) from Peachy Chic Boutique is…


#107, aka A.J.Dub, who said:

The Brown Paislee hat is really cute but I think the lime green lariat necklace tops it.

Shoot me an email to [email protected] to claim your prize!


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BIG NEWS from Silhouette


I’ve gotten a TON of emails asking if the Silhouette can cut fabric.

Guess what?


It can now!


I haven’t tried it yet, but you KNOW I’m gonna.

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Flickr/Facebook Feature Friday

Did you know Crap I’ve Made has a Flickr group? You can find the link at any time up on my menu bar under Crap You’ve Made. If it’s easier (because I’m all about the easy), you can post your pics to the Crap I’ve Made Facebook page, instead. Go add your stuff! Please?

Projects from the Flickr group and the Facebook page will be featured on Fridays.

I’m feeling festive today, so both features are Valentiney. And both were inspired by my Valentine’s Day Canvas Tutorial.

First up, we have Steph’s take on it:


She blogged about it here. I love the double stitching around the letters!

And then we have this canvas posted to the Facebook page by Gerica:


She wrapped the canvas in fabric instead of painting it and I LOVE it!

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U of U Scripture Case

Remember how Keller turned 8 last week?

When you’re a Mormon, that’s kind of a big one. He’ll be getting baptized next weekend. He requested a sports jacket for the occasion (which made me pee my pants a little). He also got a new set of scriptures.

I made him this to haul them around in and hit his brother with:


I didn’t tutorialize for a couple of reasons:

1) I wasn’t sure if there were enough of you that would care to make it worth my while (since I know that many/most of you are not Mormons).


2) I had no idea what I was doing. Open-mouthed smile

So, now that it turned out quite nicely, I need to know if there’s enough interest to warrant a tutorial. Leave a comment if you want one and I’ll see what I can do.

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Giveaway: Peachy Chic Boutique

Let me introduce you to Peachy Chic Boutique.

They sell DIY jewelry kits as well as ready to wear jewelry.

Do you love owls? How about this?


Feeling Valentiney?

vintage hearts b

And my personal favorite:


How cute is that necklace?!?!

So, what’s in it for you?

Peachy Chic Boutique is giving one lucky reader a DIY watch kit with a watch face AND a DIY dangle kit with a chain ($35 value)!

peachy chic givaway ad


Click on over to Peachy Chic Boutique and have a look around. Come back and leave a comment ON THIS POST saying what your favorite item is!

To make up for my suckyness this week, I’ll leave the giveaway open until bedtime Sunday night. I’d say that means you’re good until at least 9pm MST. Winking smile

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My CWTS partner: Lindy @ Cottage Hill

So, projects for Round 1 (Dollar/Thrift store) of CWTS are due tonight. Voting opens in the morning. I’ll be sure to link you over when it’s time. And, I’m saying it…

My partner’s project is awesome!!!

Too bad I can’t give you any hints, ey?

Let me just show you a little of what she’s capable of, and maybe you’ll be able to figure it out.

First up, her CWTS audition project:


And how about this insanely awesome clock?


And she plants stuff in books, too!


I love this pillow SO much!


And how about this quilt she’s been working on for 17 years? Winking smile


So, go introduce yourself to Lindy @ Cottage Hill!

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Eight is GREAT!

Coester 6
(Picture courtesy of the fabulous Lei of My Many Colored Days)

My sweet, sweet Keller turns 8 today. I dare you to not like him.

It’s impossible.

(His first Halloween. What kind of mother makes their 9 month old wear something like that???)

He oozes happy. And kindness.

I want to be more like him.


Except for the part where he sets his alarm early so he can watch the highlights of last night’s Jazz game before school. And the part where he wears 2 hoodies instead of a coat.

Happy birthday, little buddy!

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A happy accident

So, today was not a great day. I meant to post and introduce you to my new partner for CWTS, but some things got in the way. And by “some things”, I mean “a (still wrapped) root beer float ice cream bar and an Asian pear”. And by “way”, I mean “toilet”.


So anyway…

When I was making my Valentine’s Day Bunting (thanks for the love, btw), I picked up some fabric paint. This fabric paint, to be exact.


See how right in the middle of the label it says “Red Velveteen”?

You might think that’s just the name of the color (like I did), but you’d be wrong. And, there’s nothing on the label either that would tip you off to the magic you are about to unleash. The Tulip website is the only place that even hints at the awesome.

The paint goes on normally, but when you hold your iron a few inches above it and hit it with a burst of steam?

Faux velvety magic.


Can you see how it puffs up just a little higher than the fabric?

I’ve already been back to the store for more colors. I’ve got big plans for the black.

See you tomorrow. Hopefully it’s a better day?

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