Giveaway: How to Slipcover DVD

Once upon a time, when I had my 4th kid, I decided that I had some insane sewing skillz and that I was going to slipcover a chair for the nursery I bought a Jennylund chair from IKEA and a plain white slipcover ($29) to rip apart and use for pattern purposes. Then I spent approximately 5 hours carefully seam rippering (totally a word) the sucker apart and taking copious amounts of notes and pictures as I went so I could get it all back together correctly.

Disaster in the making? Eh…it actually turned out pretty great, probably because my mom was helping and talking me down from the crazy.

jennylund slipcover

But when I posted about it, I said I probably wouldn’t do it again. And I didn’t. IKEA did. See?


What’s my point?

I suspect the experience wouldn’t have been nearly as traumatizing if I were Shelley.


Or even if I was still just me but I had put my cash towards her DVD instead of a slipcover to rip up and Happy Meals for the kids because I spent 5 hours with a seam ripper instead of cooking dinner for them.


Let’s take a look at some of Shelley’s awesomeness, shall we?

















Have you got some ugly furniture that needs covering?

Great news, because Shelley is giving one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader a copy of her How to Slipcover DVD!

We’re going to keep this simple…


Leave a comment ON THIS POST (not on Facebook or in response to your email subscription) telling me which piece of furniture in your house needs a slipcover makeover the worst!


Post a picture of said piece of furniture on the Crap I’ve Made Facebook page. Come back and leave an additional comment on this post saying that you did. I want to see just how badly you need this DVD! Winking smile

Giveaway will run until whenever I get up on Saturday morning.

Shelley is also giving away a copy of the DVD. Check out this post on her blog for details on that.

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  1. Leigh Anne says:

    I desperately need this DVD! I've got 2 of the cutest petite wing back chairs in UGLY floral print that I've been wanting to recover for too many years :)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh wow. I'm totally going home to take a picture of our tan couch. It's older than me. No joke. And store-bought slipcovers are just not made to fit a 35 year old couch. I'm in the planning stages of making a slipcover for it and something tells me I NEED this CD. =)

  3. Heart-Hands-Home says:

    I need this DVD! I have a rocking chair that was given to my mom when I was born and I made the HUGE mistake of recovering it in white with 3 small children and a dog, not to mention months stored in a old barn. Needless to say, it really needs a new cover!

  4. The Miller Five says:

    Oh please, please, please pick me! I have a butt ugly couch that we have no choice but to use. It's huge, so buying a slipcover is out of the question. I need this DVD!

  5. kendascrafts says:

    Awesome! We two hand-me-down chairs from my grandparents that are very comfy, but are coverd in ugly 70's yellow.

  6. The Miller Five says:

    We are moving, so my BIG couch is packed already, but I posted a picture of my UGLY loveseat. It too needs a slipcover. PLEASE pick me!

  7. Warne Family says:

    I need this. I have a Ethan Allen t-cushion couch that is YELLOW! and I can't find any slipcovers big enough!! I desperately need to make one!!

  8. Heart-Hands-Home says:

    I posted a picture of my chair on facebook. I also have a really old and ugly tan couch that could use a cover.

  9. We have an Ikea sofa we've had for nearly six years, which has been abused by three kids and a cat. The cover was on sale because it was a little too small, but all that stretching just made it rip easier. It's pretty sad. I've been wanting to make a new cover for a LONG time, but have never had the drive to figure out how, nor do i want to spend $150 on a new cover from the store. This DVD would be awesome!

  10. I would LOVE this DVD. I have a couch in my basement that would be the PERFECT "patient" for this project!!!

  11. Pick me I have a couch that is totally UGLY and three hand me down chairs that could all use a makeover. AAAANNNNDDD my Mother-in-law is about to visit for the first time in 6 years this summer. HeLp!!!!

  12. K. the Littlest Crafter says:

    I need this! My mom wants me to recover a chair at her place with my less than mad sewing skillz. :)

  13. Nerd Mama says:

    We have a hand-me-down ivory leather rocker/recliner that is really showing its age. It has oil spots from peoples' skin and who knows what some of the other stains and spots are. I still use it to rock my fussy toddler in so it can't go anywhere, but it needs help!

  14. Wow, I could seriously use this! I have an old chair that I picked up on the side of the road, my plaid couch, and I would have to do this with my sister, who has a few projects at her house too. Our husbands would be so happy to get these "projects" out of the garages. :-)

  15. family of four says:

    I have two super ugly hand-me-down couches at the cabin that I would LOVE, I mean LOVE to recover. Crossing my fingers!!!

    [email protected]

  16. What a great DVD! I've been thinking about this for a while, just brushing up on making piping, actually. We are couch-less, but I'd love to get a second-hand one and cover it. This would be a lot of help. Thanks!

  17. Scott and Tisha says:

    I have a couch and loveseat that have patches sewn on by myself that would look much nicer if I just made slip covers!

  18. April @ The Painted Cupboard says:

    Shelley is amazing!!!! She lives in my community and I have had her slipcover/make cushions for me several times. This dvd is next on my purchasing list because I have a couch that I had reupholstered several years ago. Unfortunately, I had to wash the cushion from an accident from one of my 4 kiddos and the darn thing shrunk 2 sizes!!!!! So, instead of trashing the thing, I want to learn how to slipcover it myself :). It would be even better if I won one!!! Thanks

  19. April @ The Painted Cupboard says:

    Shelley is amazing!!!! She lives in my community and I have had her slipcover/make cushions for me several times. This dvd is next on my purchasing list because I have a couch that I had reupholstered several years ago. Unfortunately, I had to wash the cushion from an accident from one of my 4 kiddos and the darn thing shrunk 2 sizes!!!!! So, instead of trashing the thing, I want to learn how to slipcover it myself :). It would be even better if I won one!!! Thanks

  20. April @ The Painted Cupboard says:

    Shelley is amazing!!!! She lives in my community and I have had her slipcover/make cushions for me several times. This dvd is next on my purchasing list because I have a couch that I had reupholstered several years ago. Unfortunately, I had to wash the cushion from an accident from one of my 4 kiddos and the darn thing shrunk 2 sizes!!!!! So, instead of trashing the thing, I want to learn how to slipcover it myself :). It would be even better if I won one!!! Thanks

  21. April @ The Painted Cupboard says:

    Shelley is amazing!!!! She lives in my community and I have had her slipcover/make cushions for me several times. This dvd is next on my purchasing list because I have a couch that I had reupholstered several years ago. Unfortunately, I had to wash the cushion from an accident from one of my 4 kiddos and the darn thing shrunk 2 sizes!!!!! So, instead of trashing the thing, I want to learn how to slipcover it myself :). It would be even better if I won one!!! Thanks

  22. April @ The Painted Cupboard says:

    Shelley is amazing!!!! She lives in my community and I have had her slipcover/make cushions for me several times. This dvd is next on my purchasing list because I have a couch that I had reupholstered several years ago. Unfortunately, I had to wash the cushion from an accident from one of my 4 kiddos and the darn thing shrunk 2 sizes!!!!! So, instead of trashing the thing, I want to learn how to slipcover it myself :). It would be even better if I won one!!! Thanks

  23. April @ The Painted Cupboard says:

    Shelley is amazing!!!! She lives in my community and I have had her slipcover/make cushions for me several times. This dvd is next on my purchasing list because I have a couch that I had reupholstered several years ago. Unfortunately, I had to wash the cushion from an accident from one of my 4 kiddos and the darn thing shrunk 2 sizes!!!!! So, instead of trashing the thing, I want to learn how to slipcover it myself :). It would be even better if I won one!!! Thanks

  24. April @ The Painted Cupboard says:

    Shelley is amazing!!!! She lives in my community and I have had her slipcover/make cushions for me several times. This dvd is next on my purchasing list because I have a couch that I had reupholstered several years ago. Unfortunately, I had to wash the cushion from an accident from one of my 4 kiddos and the darn thing shrunk 2 sizes!!!!! So, instead of trashing the thing, I want to learn how to slipcover it myself :). It would be even better if I won one!!! Thanks

  25. Cool! Our sofa is THIS close to having a hole in it, so it's about time for a new cover. (But for IKEA sofa's I'd probably take the easy way out check out first…)

  26. twochicksdiy says:

    If I ever needed to win a give-away this would be the one! I tried the whole "take the store bought slipcover apart one stitch at a time to make a pattern" and I ended up sewing it right back together because I couldn't get it to fit properly. So now I'm left with a sloppy, contantly-tucking-it-in slipcover. Help! I need this DVD!!

  27. Ummmmm…yes. My basement is filled with 4 ugly hand-me-down chairs and no couch. I'd put this baby to GOOD USE. Slip covering scares the be-jeez-ies out of me. But I really want to cover them! Please? (i'm not above beggin')

  28. Build It,Sew It,Love It says:

    Pick Me! My couch is coming undone!! Thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway!

    [email protected]

  29. Ramona Burke says:

    ALL my living room furniture. we can't break the cats from scratching, but the furniture itself is still good, just the sides and back are icky….

  30. Melissa Bond Davis says:

    Holy Holy!!! This would be great to win. Our sofas are 4 years after being hand me downs, and though they are are the most comfy sofas ever they are also pretty ugly. They are funny shaped and we haven't been able to find slip covers to fit them. Having this DVD might actually get me to do something with them!

  31. This is perfect. I want to paint my house yellow, but all my furniture is a weird shade of green and I can't afford to replace it. Would love to slipcover it in a shade that won't be terrible with the yellow, but I haven't the foggiest idea where to start.

  32. Darling Details says:

    I have a bench and a rocking chair with an ottoman that all need slipcovers! I would love for the rocking chair to look like her blue one you posted. I'll post pics on fb, and get back to you. (crossing my fingers:)

  33. Brenbren says:

    My couch is in desperate need of a slip cover.
    thanks for hosting such a great give away!

  34. We have a sofa bed that we bought at DI a few years ago that is not too pretty (fat blue and white stripes) and not too clean either. We bought a boring slipcover that ended up being a bit too small, so it's ripping at the seams. It's a great couch, except for the ugliness, but I just know I couldn't reupholster it myself. This would probably be a great step forward toward making it a nicer place to sit!

  35. The Keith Family says:

    I have the ugliest, most-stained Lazy Boy recliner that is in desperate need of a slip-cover. Oh, and I just noticed my kids have jumped on the couch so much that a seam is starting to come undone.

  36. Love seat in family room!

  37. I have some kids furniture that needs some covering. But I also have a chair I'd like to do something with so I can put it in my room and it isn't hideous. LOL!

  38. Darling Details says:

    I posted the rocker on FB. :) here's to hoping I can get the dvd and learn to slip cover it. :)

  39. I need to slipcover my couches!! They are an unpleasant green color and it needs to change :)

  40. Oh dear. We're inheriting my grandmother's house and all her furniture–including a six foot long orange flowered couch and matching velveteen chairs! I would LOVE to learn how to cover them in something not so garish.

  41. I've bought the material, and have been reading everything I can get my hands on about slip covers…but I am a visual learner! I would love this, and so would my husband! Please pick us!

  42. That DVD would be awesome!! I have a small love seat that is in need of a face lift. I always find old furniture with ugly fabric at goodwill that I don't buy because I don't know how to recover them- this DVD would be great for that!

  43. Oddly shaped plaid chair in the corner of my living room! I've been wanting to learn how to make slipcovers throughout years and years of thrift store furniture "covered" with blankets!

  44. Oh my goodness! My couch desperatly needs to be covered. It was a hand-me-down and is a decent couch but I don't want to get rid of it because we have a one year old. I do not want to be worried about her spilling or having shoes on the couch. So we are sticking with the old one for a few more years. Holy cow what a difference a slip cover would make!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. We have a couch that each of my dogs has slowly destroyed in their own oh-so-special doggedy way. I would love to cover up their conquest!

  46. Duzza Bear says:

    I'd love to slipcover my living room sofa. It's an old but well-made sofa that my mother-in-law bought in the 80s. We had it reupholstered a few years ago, and it still looks good, but now I want it to be white. With 2 kids and myself being incredibly clumsy, I can't possibly do white without being able to wash it, so it needs to be removable for sure!

  47. I so have a couch in the game room and needs a cover. Son's friends are afraid to sit on it because it looks so bad LOL.

  48. Michelle T says:

    I bought a nice chair with an UGLY cover on it from the AS IS section of a local furniture store…with the intention of slipcovering it…that was 4 years ago!! I have slipcovering fear…I need a DVD.

  49. Honestly, I can't choose. Both of our living room chairs are in DESPERATE need of recovering!

  50. my couch could definitely use a slip cover

  51. It's a toss up between my family room sofa and chair. They both have matching sheets on them right now. LOL

    [email protected]

  52. What timing! I am STUCK in the middle of trying to slip cover my 2 la-z-boy recliners!!! I told my husband it wouldn't take long, and they have sat, and sat…..for over a month now :( I would love to have this DVD :)

    [email protected](dot)com

  53. Domestic Diva In Training says:

    I really want to slipcover my couch. It's RED. My parents gave it to us when they bought a new couch. It's in great condition, so it's a great piece to slipcover. The color just doesn't match our taste.

    [email protected]

  54. Well….throw a dart. But the thing I abhor the most is my Mr.'s recliner. A recliner that I said I'd never let in my house and now it's the cat's scratching post to boot.

  55. I was JUST talking to my husband about slipcovering our couch. It's in desperate need!

  56. I have a red chair in my newly redecorated tan and teal blue room that is in desperate need of a slip cover. Thanks for a chance to win!

  57. Jessica @ The Virtual Scrapbook says:

    I have an old chair sitting in the garage that could use a major facelift! I would recover that pronto!

  58. I posted a pic on your FB wall of the destroyer and the destroyed.

  59. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

    I would LOVE to slipcover my couches… They were a yard sale purchase awhile back. And def. need a pick me up!

  60. Ashley Harris says:

    OH my goodness! I need this! I have a set of couches we got for free a few years ago and they were great at the time. They are super comfy but with 5 kids, they've seen better days for sure. I would love to have this! Thanks!

  61. I definitely need this DVD! We have a sofa handed down from my MIL, it is this hideous old flowery fabric, combined with a low back couch with high arms, and it looks like a huge box with flowery cushions. I can not find a slip cover to fit this thing! Obviously making one would be the only solution, but I don't even know where to start.

    Please, let me win this!

  62. Deron Ashley and Gavin says:

    My couch is covered in dog drool and needs a cover badly! I mean, bad! I need this DVD to work the magic. (and then maybe more people would come visit!)

  63. MotherMay says:

    I would LOVE to be able to make slipcovers for some of my furniture!

  64. I NEEEEEED this! Whoever told unsuspecting parents that microfiber was perfect for kids needs to be kid in the, well, yeah just kicked hard! My couches are only 2 years old but have spots and stains all over them. Please PLEASE let this finally be the giveaway I win!

  65. Definitely my couch I got off craigslist.

    stormyranew at yahoo dot com

  66. Two Dollars says:

    Most of my furniture isn't too bad right now, but if I was good at slipcovering I would start to buy those uglies at the thrift store! Though if her teachings work for dining room chairs I could totally use help with that as we bought the fabric in cream way before we had kids and the kids have not been kind to them!

  67. I have a floral chair in my blue and white living room that I bought a sure fit slipcover for, which the cat then tore apart with her sharp claws. Yay (insert sarcasm here). I could REALLY use a new slipcover for that chair and I'm totally digging that damask printed chair above!

  68. Our new puppy (Luna) has ripped the fabric off of the sides and back of our couch in response to separation anxiety. LUCKILY, she did not rip up the cushions or any part of the top so it is still comfortable to sit on. It just looks AWFUL. I've been planning on buying a premade slipcover to hide what she has done but given the slightly odd shape of the arms I'm not sure how well it will work. And to top it off the original fabric was kind of ugly anyway and doesn't match the rest of my home as it was given to me by a family member.

  69. Danielle Bartran says:

    Wow! This would be a fantastic tool. Although I'm sure my husband will want to kill me if I start tearing our furniture apart!

  70. Mama Mama Quite Contrary says:

    I just bought a chair online that was supposed to be the color of rust but looks more like poop. Need I say more?

  71. CodynStacey says:

    I would love to use this on my glider!!! It was beautiful once…but two and a half years and a layer of spit-up later, it's no longer as great…

  72. Super great giveaway! We have a chair that I'd like to either be in the basement, the trash, or covered.

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  73. Becky and Mike says:

    I SO need this DVD! I have an insanely large (like 17 feet total) sectional that's great…except that my son decided to doodle on a cushion with a Sharpie. And then, just for kicks, he cut some rather large slits in another one of the cushions–an end one, so I can't flip it over. (I might add that Dad was "in charge" both times.) It's such a monster that I need serious professional help to slipcover it!

    vegasmikeandbecky at cox dot net

  74. Oh, pick me, pick me!!! We've got a second hand faded blue couch that we got from my sister-in-law that does not match the rest of our furniture! I've thrown a sofa cover over it, but it's not the same size, so it stands out! ooooh, i'd love to get my hands on this dvd!
    Cynthia inglesmallorca at gmail dot com

  75. Amy at Ameroonie Designs says:

    I totally need this DVD. I have a sofa and two club chairs in my living room that came from my mom, but before I got them my brother had them and my sister also had them. So I'm owner #4 and it shows! I have been stalking Shelley's blog for a while and I love her stuff. Pick me, pick me!

  76. Sarah Mathews says:

    I've been dying to slipcover my couch for years! I bought it for $100 about seven years ago. One husband, two dogs and then two kids later and I think we can safely say its seen better days. I'm too cheap/poor to buy another one.

  77. Seeing that my furniture is the same furniture I had through high school back home in our family room…they could use some TLC :)

  78. I have an armchair that needs a slipcover! I've been wanting to make one FOREVER, but I'm totally intimidated!

  79. My glider I have in the nursery needs to be recovered very badly. It made it through my first baby but with another one coming in June I'm not sure it will withstand the "love" it will receive when I nurse by new baby every two hours.

  80. our couch- hands down!!!

  81. I have THE ugliest blue chair got for 5 bucks 5 years ago…still not reupholstered…I totally need this DVD

  82. I need to reupholster a rocking chair and an ottoman to fit the color scheme that I have finally chosen for our living room.

  83. I would love this dvd. I have some cheap micro fiber chairs that show every stain my kids get on them. I can't keep them clean.

  84. I would love the DVD. I have a couch that is in need of a makeover so bag!

  85. We have what we call the cat couch which is in desperate need of recovering. I think the name cat couch is all you need to hear to know it needs an update :)

  86. Do I have to choose only one piece of furniture to mention? I have a whole list of desperate pieces! But my pea-green and rust plaid arm chair would probably benefit first, then the totally stained tv couch, then….

  87. A.J. Dub. says:

    My once pretty, only 2 year old, once buttery yellow (what was I thinking with 4kids) couch. It is looking pretty nasty!

  88. My fiance are moving in to our first apartment and only have a budget for an ugly, used craigslist find. Learning how to slip cover would mean the world to us and our bank account as we start our life together! PLEASE PICK ME!!!

  89. Landon and Kylie says:

    Oh boy, do I need this!! I have a glider that was generously given to me for our new baby boy's nursery that is just awful. I want to recover it (badly), but I'm too scared to start.
    [email protected]

  90. My daughter desperately needs me to recover her couches. You just have no idea what the dogs have done to that furniture. Now that the puppy stage is over I so need this DVD!! thanks for the chance.

  91. Danielle Renee says:

    I often daydream about making awesome slipcovers. My couch desperately needs one. It actually has one, but it needs a new one since the current one is dark brown velvet that collects every single piece of lint imaginable.

  92. The piece of furniture in my house the needs the makeover it the dog's chair. Yes, I said Dog's chair. An ethan allen chair at that. It once was a lovely shade of navy blue, but now not so much. I have been threatening to cover it and if I win the DVD, then I will follow through with the threat! Thanks for a chance.

  93. I would love to learn how to cover up my ugly hunter green and tan plaid couches that were hand-me-downs when we got married 8 1/2 years ago. (We've thought about buying new couches, but we have 4 boys, 6 and under, and just aren't thrilled about them wasting our money like that…sure you understand!)

  94. Just posted a pic of my couch on your FB wall! Enjoy…ha ha!

  95. I would love to learn how to sew slipcovers for my lovely 10 year old sofa that my 3 yr and 5 yr old dabbed hot pink bingo dobber spots on the arms of and cut a hole in the back of it. Oh, and add to that the ridiculous amount of dirt that 5 kids drag in the house on any given day, lol. :)

  96. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    I have to recover four armchairs, two pairs each. I have a friend who knows how but can use all the help I can get. Hopefully I'll get around to posting the pic on your wall…but at least I have one entry!

  97. I've seriously been stalking her site, wondering whether I should reupholster or slipcover my chairs. Those slipcovers look upholstered!

  98. Danielle says:

    I seriously need this!! I have the most amazingly ugly chaise lounge that I bought at a garage sale for $10 that is screaming for a slipcover! I just don't know how/don't dare do it!

  99. Lauren Davison says:

    I would LOVE to slipcover our couch! Good heavens, it's time for a change! :)

  100. i've got two couches that desperately need recovering … but i have NO CLUE how to … that dvd would be PERFECT for me!!

  101. Jennifer says:

    Oh my I could so use Shelley's video. I can sew a little but I know her video would really change my life. Pick me pick me. I need to cover an old striped sofa from the early 90's. Still in great shape but needs to be covered in a more modern fabric.

  102. Jennifer says:

    The hideous couch picture was posted on your wall on FB.

  103. prairiewhisper says:

    I'd like to slip my glider rocking chair, in preparation for the new baby coming in June.

    ahmotz @ xplornet dot ca

  104. I have four parsons chairs that need covering and I would LOVE this dvd!

  105. 3 words, cats with claws. Sofa & loveseat in desperate need, most comfy, just uber ugly!

  106. I so need to slipcover my couch. My kids have left permanent stains on it and it is sooooo embarrassing.

  107. My couch is just begging to be covered!

  108. Wow I would love this DVD. My couch looked good until 10 minutes after I brought it in my house. It was white. It is now a falling apart. The cushions are ripped there are marker stains, pen marks, cat scratches. It is just hidious! I am embarrassed to have anyone come to my house so I would love the DVD so my mom can help me fix this up!!

  109. My couch is in desperate need of a slipcover. It's about 20 years old and in great shape but needs updating :)

  110. I have a queen sofa sleeper that desperately needs a slipcover. The fabric is a teeny-tiny plaid, and it was a MISTAKE from the first day! Now it's a mistake PLUS 10 years of wear-and-tear. I NEED a slipcover DVD!

  111. Lizzy @My Mind..My Life says:

    My couch and loveseat are in serious need of a slipcover makeover. The pattern stresses me out. Its just too busy with all that 90's plaid.

  112. Jeanette says:

    Just picked up a used loveseat for the playroom. I am planning on doing a slipcover, but haven't done one before. This dvd would be super helpful!

  113. Lizzy @My Mind..My Life says:

    Just posted my ugly loveseat on your facebook page. :/

  114. twelve30 says:

    We bought a new white sofa & loveseat recently but no new chairs. So we've got this really ugly rose & green floral chair that just screams UGLY and it affects the overall look of the room. It's from the 90's and is in really good shape except for the UGLY. Would love to slipcover it but need help in doing so. Hope I win! Thanks.
    [email protected]

  115. We have a really sad looking sofa – fabric worn & outdated. Structurally it's good & can't buy a new one right now. Help! I need this DVD! Thanks for the giveaway.
    [email protected]

  116. I have an ugly sleeper loveseat that is in pretty good shape, but is in desperate need of a slipcover before anyone uses it. I even have the fabric, just have to figure out how to do it! I have been following Shelley's work for awhile – she knows what she is doing!

  117. Twins Squared says:

    Before I had children, I thought that it would be a great idea to buy a tan couch and loveseat. I thought that it would be easier to change up for the seasons by swaping out some pillows. Well the pillows never happened but two sets of twins did! That tan couch and loveseat are now covered with marker, chocolate, dirt, etc. They need to be recovered badly! I hope I win! :)

  118. Oh, I need this DVD. I have three pieces of furniture that I would love to recover but I think the worse piece would have to be an overstuffed chair and matching ottoman that is getting thread bare. Thanks for the chance to win this DVD.

  119. Sergeant Zapple says:

    We have been thru 3 couches with my boys and dogs. I don't buy new. I buy cheap off craigslist because who can afford to fix all they have done. So I would cover my couch and loveseat and maybe a cheap chair if I find one for the right price. Would love to be able to look and adore my living and not cringe.

  120. jenpetersen says:

    Char, I don't need a slipcover but my sister-in-law does for her couch. Her husband is in the process of painting her walls orange and she has an old blue couch. She doesn't want to be accused of being a BSU fan.

  121. mysomedaylist says:

    Oh, hey, i am that sister-in-law and i do so want a slip cover for my blue couch! i'd love to give slip cover's a try!

    hotmailnell (at) yahoo (dot) com

  122. I soooo need this! I have two couches that desperately call for a make over.

  123. I need this DVD! My couch and loveseat definitely need some love!!

  124. Veronica says:

    My wingback armchair needs to be recovered! It is in such good condition, but it is a bright greeny-blue color, velvet fabric! Oh, how I would love to win this DVD and not have to bring my MIL into the loop of recovering the chair!

  125. Melissa (Books and Things) says:

    Couch. It's been through too many puppies. Needs an uplift badly (not a leg uplift… lol… sorry, I hang around too many dogs).

  126. I love my 10 year old couch. It has great bones, and I've never seen one that I like as much. But the fabric is chenille and started falling apart after the first few years. I've threatened to take it apart and try my hand at reupholstering, but can't afford to buy a new one if I fail. I need this DVD!

  127. southbeachkids says:

    I would make a slipcover for our two year old couch. We must have been suffering temporary insanity, or maybe the solar flairs were very active that day, affecting or thinking abilities when we bought it because we bought a light tan couch and we have two small kiddos and a couch-loving border collie! Now two years later its completely ruined! Im so embarrassed for anyone to see it!

  128. I really need to slipcover my sofa. And, although I've slipcovered before, after following Shelley for a while, I'm sure she could make my journey a little less painful.

  129. I just posted my sofa. I would love the DVD

  130. Ellsworth Family says:

    My sofa. The covers have holes in them and they need a punch of color!

  131. I was just thinking about a slip cover for my couch yesterday. It's pretty much where we all land, and I watch children in my home for a living. Needless to say, it's seen better days!


  132. My sofa my sofa my sofa!!! We bought new living room furniture when we bought our home in 1993. I will admit it's structurally sound, and therefore hard to justify just tossing, but I would really like something very neutral! So I guess it's time to try my hand at recovering…

  133. And yes, I'm posting a picture of the poor thing on your facebook page…

  134. I want this SO bad!

  135. I would slip cover my couch…I got it from my grandma when she got a new one but it REALLY needs a slipcover!

  136. amybradmartin says:

    This is just what I need!!! I have a set of wicker chairs that my children have killed and I have great hopes of getting some great finds this spring from garage sales and re-covering to match and with this dvd I might get it done before they go to collage (they are 3,2 and 6 months)!

  137. What a great DVD! I have always wanted to recover a piece of furniture but always knew that it would end up on

  138. I posted a picture of my baby poop brown glider on your FB page. Gliders aren't the most attractive things to start with, and the cushion color looks terrible. I thought about reupholstering it but figured I would be in over my head. I'd love to give it a try with the help of that DVD!

  139. Oh! Oh! Oh! I have this HIDEOUS green/teal chair that I need to cover to go in my reading nook in my new home! (Can I just say, I'm SO excited about the prospect of a reading nook!).

    I even have the fabric to make the slipcover, but I'm so nervous about screwing everything up that I have yet to start, and we move in a month.

    Oh please, please, PLEASE pick me! I will get a picture ASAP and come back after I've posted on fb.

  140. The beautifully constructed but badly covered chair in my bedroom that my husband refuses to allow me to remove. It's his chair, and he's keeping it no matter that it's ugly!

  141. Rosie1925 says:

    The chair I bought for my elderly aunt who was living with us needs desperate help. It is a wonderful chair, and higher than normal to make it easy to get up from. But it's ripped and dirty. My aunt has left us now, but the chair remains…we are getting older too!

  142. I can't even tell you how much stuff I need to badly reupholster. My couches are the first in line, then the chair, and some other chairs at my mom's, my kids' lounge chairs… the list goes on and on…

    hennahands1 (at) gmail (d0t) com

  143. I have these two UGLY brown couches I got at Goodwill for $80 together. They are comfy, but such a downer in appearance. My cute little pillows I make for the holidays look so sad on my dreadful couches. Please help!

  144. Inspired Gal {Crafts} says:

    oh how I would lovvvve to win the slipcover DVD! I bought two recliners 5 years ago and can't figure what came over me when I picked out the fabric. My frugal husband is not likely to vote "for" getting rid of them anytime soon. Picture posted on the CIM f/b page. Thanks for the chance at winning!

  145. I'd recover an old leather couch that is flaky and not looking so hot these days.

  146. Naomi @ says:

    I have a brown couch and loveseat that I would love to cover properly (blankets are NOT my idea of proper). They are still very comfortable and in good condition but the color is too dark for our new house. I also have a basement family room full of mismatched pieces that could use some love but the couch and loveseat are the anchoring pieces.

  147. Princess Danell says:

    Think 70"s…think gold velour…and you might be able to imagine the windgback chair that sticks out like a sore thumb in my otherwise decent living room. It needs a desperate slipcover and I'm nervous about doing it on my own. HELP! I want to keep the chair because it was my grandfathers, and in excellent condition, except for the aforementioned hideous covering. PLEASE!

  148. Naomi @ says:

    Posted a pic on facebook.

  149. the wingback chair in my living room looks like total junk! was considering tossing… :)

  150. I have my couch, which is a "L" shape that we bought when we first moved into our house. It is still comfy and I would rather not get rid of it but just make it match our decor better :) I have ever changing redo in our living room, lol. I have also just found a VERY nice recliner for my husband that actually is perfect for him, since his back surgery, finding something comfy for his back is sooooo hard. But I did find a recliner at the thirft store I was at recently, but the colors totally do not match our bedroom, so that too I wish to recover to match :)

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  151. Jennifer ~ Mi Vida Loca says:

    Char, I really need this DVD! Oh my goodness – you have no idea! Anyways, I may take a picture & post on FB just to show you I'm not kidding! LOL Just gotta find time to take & upload photo!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  152. Amy M in Indiana says:

    Great give-away! My ottoman really needs recovering!

  153. Joyful Notes says:

    My couch and love seat need a desperate makeover!!! They were given to us when we got married, and had already had a long life!!

  154. I have two! A couch downstairs and then there is this wingback chair that was my grandma's. It has great bones, I just need to cover it. This would be a great DVD to get over my fear!
    Thanks or the chance to win.

  155. Jacob and Cami says:

    Oh my goodness my couch really needs this DVD. It was a hand me down from a family with 7 kids and my 2 have added to the spots and crazyness.

    [email protected]

  156. I must enter this giveaway! I have a number of chairs that could use help. It's a toss up between my couch and my "nursing" chair which needs more help.

  157. My hideous red couch that matches NOTHING!!! needs a slipcover badly. I've been tempted to do it myself but to be honest, I'm petrified. It would be nice to have cohesive futniture!

  158. There are so many things, but our couch is the worst. Brown, old, slightly scary, but oh so comfy and worth reviving!

  159. We have a loveseat and a sofa that is in desperate need of an update. Not only is the fabric ugly and a bit stained, but our cat has taken a liking to scratching up a corner on the loveseat. It's gotten so bad that you can see the stuffing!

  160. I desperately need this DVD! lol There's nothing in my house that does NOT need slipcovered. The two worst offenders are the couch and arm chair in the living room. They completely clash with each other, but both pieces of furniture are in good condition and a nice shape. Slipcovering is the answer, I think, but I just don't have a clue!

  161. Families Are Like Fudge says:

    I would love the recover the chair in my bedroom. It is MY chair and such a perfect fit but the irove damask isn't working. I don't know what I would change it to but I would be willing to find a new fabirc.

  162. Hi! I've just posted a picture of the blue faded couch that is in need of some serious pampering!!x

  163. I need a new slipcover for my couch because during one of my "crafty attempts" I left a light box on the arm of the couch to go put kids to bed AGAIN, and it melted/burned a hole in the cover :( At the time the couch was less than a year old and I was just feeling lucky I didn't burn the house down.

  164. i need to slipcover a rose-colored upholstered chair that is in a chocolate & lt blue bedroom. this would make such a HUGE difference in this room.

  165. Is it bad that I secretly like ripping things apart just to use them for patterns. Does that make me mentally ill?

  166. Serenity Now says:

    Just posted a picture of my cat-shredded chair on your facebook page. Now that it's in my son's room, they don't touch it – but they destroyed the darn thing and it's in desperate need of a re-do. My mother in law bought me a sewing machine that I haven't even taken out of the box yet because I'm intimidated – so maybe this would be motivation for my comfy rocker to get a makeover

  167. pick me pick me pick me!!!!! just bought an ugly chair from the thrift store today that has an ugly floral cushion….

    but what i REALLY want it for is bc i dream of a big huge comfy white slipcovered sectional in my empty living room. the sectional has good shape but an old ugly pattern. I imagine a gorgeous white slipcover that I can throw in the wash every 2 weeks or whatever. i want it sooooo bad!!!!

  168. Ugh – I have a hand me down pleather couch & loveseat that are desperate for slipcovering!!!! There's nothing like cracked vinyl to say "classy".

  169. I have 2 chairs–1 rescued from the curb–that really need slipcovers!!

    sarah8914 at gmail dot com

  170. The Scrappy Housewife says:

    I have a cute somewhat mid-mod style chair in my living room that was part of a "set" from the furniture store, but while I like the lines and style of the chair, the more I look at the fabric, the more I hate it. It matches the accent pillows on the couch (also part of the set) but the matchy-matchy has to go!

  171. I want to redo a chair given to me by a friend. A wingback currently upholstered with mottled blue vinyl that is old and cracking at the stress points in the cushion. I have a so-called Surefit slipcover on it now, to cover the unpleasant vinyl. It fits about as well as if you wrapped a king-sized sheet around yourself and called it a dress. I have said to myself about 500 times, I'm gonna make my own slipcover for that chair……….. ummm, someday. Need help!

  172. Somehow I managed to post a picture of my chair on your FB page. At least I taught myself to do that for the first time ever. There's hope for learning to upholster.

  173. WhooHoo I totally need this! I think I win just because i definetly have the piece of furniture that needs it the most. A lovely sectional sofa given to me by my great aunt, that's GREAT mind you, not just aunt. It must be 50 or more years old. I neeeed this!!!

  174. When my grandma passed away last year, her couch went to us. She has six children. Each of them have at least three children, going up to seven. 98% of us live within an hour of less of her house. It was a gathering place. And she had that couch for as long as I can remember.

    Is there any question that I need this DVD?

  175. The slipcover video is a great idea. Every time I look at my couch and love seat I tell myself they wouldn't need to be replaced if they had nice slipcovers. They are currently covered with those stretchy faux velour covers and definitely look past their prime.

  176. I would slipcover one of the couchs in our house it just an ugly plaid.. We have a slipcover on it right now but its not a real good one and I would love to sew and make one that would look nice and match!!!

  177. My couch and loveseat are tied with my sewing chair for desperately needing a makeover. I have 4 kids as well and it shows!

  178. I really don't want to send my outdated plaid furniture to the landfill. Would LOVE to learn how to slipcover them!

  179. I have had my eye on this video. I would love to save old furniture with my sewing machine and fabric, starting with a ripped leather chair in my living room, courtesy of the kids.

  180. I've got 2 ugly gold chairs that could use a slipcover. I think they are from the 60's or 70's and they are as ugly as can be. But they are so well made and comfortable. Shelley's slipcovers are amazing.

  181. I would love to win this DVD! I have two wing back chairs, two loveseats & a bench seat that could all use slipcovers. My husband calls me the "Queen of free furniture" which is great if they would all match when they get to our home. Since that's not possible, I'd like to slipcover all of them! I received slipcovers for Christmas for the two chairs but they don't fit & stay put! Also my youngest decided to color w/ permanent marker on one. Thanks for the offer

  182. Posted my leather chair on Facebook! – Susan

  183. Rhadonda says:

    I would slipcover a couch that my mother-in-law slipcovered for me when i got married 25 years ago. The couch was already probably 50 years old. Still good bones of a couch. It would be nice to know what i was doing ( : Thanks!

  184. I want this so bad! I have two ugly blue chairs that were $10 at a thrift shop. We are still in college and have a 1yr old and it will be a loooong time before we can buy nice furniture. If only I can make it nice!


  185. This is a need, not a want!! iF you walked into my front room it would look exactly like my moms front room looked when I was growing up..I am not kidding exactly. I have all my moms old furniture. Yes the burgandy wing backed chairs from way too long ago. I want to recover them so bad. I have been too scared to try since my moms lives less than 2 minutes away I was afraid it would turn out bad and she would catch me in the act. Please pick me. I am desperate for a change.

  186. My significant other brought the ugliest chair into my house. I am all about vintage, my couch is a lovely green from the early 70,s, but this lazyboy is that hideous shade of blue from the 90's. It ruins my living room. I am desperate to do something about it. Please pick me.

  187. Me me me! We have a hand-me-down couch and chair from my in-laws. They are in great condition but in fabric that is so not us.

  188. I have the worest couch out there. Its Been through 5 families, its orange leather, and its the most comfortable couch ever. Been looking for a cover for 6 years and haven't found any that would work. would love to win this!

  189. I posted a picture of my melted/burned couch on facebook! It's so sad how long we've lived with it like that…I use a throw over the arm to cover it up, ugh!

    NEED the DVD! :)

  190. Carolyn Windley says:

    Hi Cahr,
    First of all thanks for doing this giveaway.
    I have read a few books on slipcovering but they might as well be written in Japanese (a language I don't speak. I am in serious need of slipcovering knowledge.
    In 1993 I moved 1200 miles away from My only family and took with me a few hand-me-down furniture pieces. One of which is my favorite. A rocking chair that was my Great Grandmothers. This chair was her favorite to rock her grandkids and great grandkids in. It has a distinct squeak to it when you rock that to this day still makes me sleepy. My great grandmother turned 96 this month and being so far from her I was unable to make her birthday party. In her honor I sat in her chair rocking her great- great grandchildren. This chair is in serious need or repairs. The wooden side wings and handles have fallen off. The seat cushion will make your tushy cry for your mommy. THe upholstery on it is a rough burlap on top of a rough burlap on top of the original bad fabric. I told ya it was old. I want to give this chair a facelift so badly but I dont want to ruin it. Help me please make her proud.

  191. Daniel and Ashley says:

    My mother-in-law bought me two wingback chairs at an auction. She was so excited to give them to me, and so was I…until I saw the fabric. It's REALLY florally (is that a word?) and it doesn't go with my style. I want to recover these chairs to match my "vintage" living room! This would be such a huge help!! I've always thought slipcovering as being a huge and hard project, but I think with the DVD it would be so doable! Thanks for the giveaway!


  192. I have some pretty horrible brown velvet covered chairs and a 70's floral print couch…. I need this! lswinimer {at} gmail {dot} com

  193. The Monson's says:

    I must have this DVD, I need to recover a couple of chairs!!! And believe me when I say N E E D!!!

  194. FlyAwayHome says:

    I would LOVE to win! The before and afters are amazing…keeping my fingers crossed!

  195. I have a really comfy love seat that my dog thinks is the coziest. I'd love to make a slipcover for it so I don't have to get rid of it.

  196. Oh no, I can't possibly compete with much better. But I really really want this DVD! I found you 10 minutes ago, combing the internet for fabric. Found Shelley, then you. I have seven under-30-relatives and 4 over-30-relatives who stop by and throw their dirty feet and suncreen-lotioned legs up on my chairs & soft. Love the people, hate the nasty beige greasy smear it leaves over all my furniture. The chairs are extra saddddd, and the newer sofa is getting there. Having replaced the awful sofa, the ugliest mega-hydrangea-print 1980s nightmare hand-me-down chunk of upholstery you ever saw, I have no budget for chairs or custom slipcovers, but I WILL have them. Meaning, I will sew them myself. Video might prevent tear stains and frustration rips. Please please! Pick me too! Let everybody have them!


  197. I am probably too late, but I NEED this. My cat used my new red couch as a scratching post! And not long after got hit by a car & died! Now I have couch that looks like velcro and no cat to blame for it!

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