New Sponsor Introduction: Pick Your Plum

No Solicitation Sign ($.50)

Got your attention?  There’s a sweet new site I want to share with you…

I think this idea is SUPER fun!
Wait.  That “no solicitation” sign I mentioned?  You’d better hurry go over there and get it before they are sold out and then come back and I’ll tell you the rest.  (They sold out of their vinyl sheets on Friday!)
pick your plum
This is a new site with a cool concept…Friday was the big kick off day.
Pick Your Plum posts the most ‘swank’ crafting supplies that they find and slap primo (aka ridiculously low) pricing on them.
 They gave a sneak peak at some of the things that are coming and word on the street is that it’s GOOD!  (Hint: hand painted vintage inspired knobs, retta ring table runners, rod iron plate holders, treat bags,etc.)  And their prices?  Even better!

pick your plum

Here is the catch though:

They have limited quantities.

So, you’ve got to get it {{before your neighbor does}}.

(You do have to pay shipping, but it always very reasonable.)

pick your plum

I am excited to see what’s up tomorrow!

So, be one of the first to sign up on their email list
and FB page and you’ll know what’s up and how fast you have to act.

For now they are posting one item per day…good stuff.  For example, Friday they had sheets of vinyl for FREE.  (Yeah, they sold out in about 3 hours.)   Don’t worry, though, if you get on their email list you can find out {{before your neighbor does}}.
pick your plum

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Blog Hop: Imaginisce

Are you familiar with Imaginisce?

They make a couple of fun crafting products that they’re showing off today via blog hop.  The other blogs participating are:

Sew Dang Cute
The Drizzled Apple and
Living in LaLa Land

Be sure to stop by their sites today as well as by the Imaginisce blog to enter to win an i-Rock collection package (in addition to the one you can enter to win here).

Here’s what Imaginisce sent me to play with:


The packaging says you can use it on paper, fabric, and even furniture so I decided to try it out some flip flops and a pair of denim shorts.


See the little thing that looks like a lip gloss applicator?


If you get it damp, it picks up the crystals/stones/gems like a dream for easy placement.

The i-Rock runs on 3 AA batteries.  You flip the switch to on and then hold down the button for 15 seconds and you’re ready to start affixing.  You have to hold the button down the entire time you want the i-Rock to be hot, which gave me a little trouble.

The i-Rock melts the glue through the gem.


See how it gooshed out a little?


I kept placing and affixing…


Cute, right?  However, we lost a few when we went to take pics.  Flip flops may not be the best application for these, LOL!


And the shorts were just an old pair from last summer.


I fancied up the pockets a bit.


And you can see I lost another one.  I did, however, get it to stick back down so I’m thinking I didn’t hold the i-Rock on that one long enough in the first place.

Want to win your own i-Rock collection package courtesy of Imaginisce?


Go here and subscribe to the Imaginisce newsletter.  Come back and leave a comment on this post saying that you did.

Become a follower of the Imaginisce blog.  Come back and leave a comment on this post saying that you did.

Like Imaginisce on Facebook.  Come back and leave a comment on this post saying that you did.


And don’t forget you can enter to win on the other blogs on the hop as well!

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Giveaway: Crystal B

Sorry I’m tardy today.  We had a little power steering pump drama (on my car that is really not old enough to have such drama) this morning afternoon all day.
I’d like to introduce you to one of Crap I’ve Made’s newest sponsors, Cystal B.
Crystal  makes super awesome jewelry.
She also blogs here.  (Click on that link and mark her blog as a favorite…there’ll be a discount code coming soon that you can use on any purchase throughout the month of May.
Let me show you some of my favorites:
(You KNOW how I love me some red and aqua together!)
(You can get this necklace stamped with something else if you’re not of the “Choose The Right” persuasion)
And, perhaps my very favorite:
(Inspired by Nie Nie)
Crystal has made a special piece just for this giveaway.  And, IT MATCHES MY BLOG!
Want another look?
Gorgeous, right?
What’s in it for you?
The Char necklace!  (It’s totally not called that, but I’m pretending like it is for purposes of this giveaway.  Ha!)
To enter:
Click on over to Crystal B on Etsy and have a look around.  Come back and leave a comment on this post saying what your favorite item in her shop is.
Additional entry:
Go follow her blog.  Come back and leave a comment on this post saying that you did.  Plus, you get that discount code, so it’s a win/win.
This giveaway is open to everyone in the US and Canada.  I’ll close it down Saturday or Sunday.  Enter early, just in case.  Winking smile
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Nursery Window Treatments, Part 1

If you’re a professional drapery sew-er, you probably shouldn’t read this post.

Neighbor Jami presented me with a sketch of what she had in mind for her nursery window treatment.  (The valance will be in another post, which will also show the complete window treatment installation.  For now, you get my lovely helpers holding things up.)


The main panel is the measurement of the window, plus the depth of the board we’ll be mounting it to at the top.  I didn’t include seam allowances because I was adding ruffles to the edges to make up the difference.  If you’re not adding ruffles, add seam allowances.  I was working with a wide (60”) window and typical cotton fabric (45”), so I needed to seam the fabric.

I added strips of a contrasting fabric for a little visual interest.


I ruffled strips for the edges (3” strips pressed in half) using my ruffler foot and then basted them along the edges.

The back is a piece of a cheap-o white sheet cut the same size as the main panel.  I sandwiched the pieces together, right sides facing, and sewed both sides, leaving the top and bottom open.

Next I turned it right side out and marked where the contrasting stripes were on the back of the curtain.  I made a small button hole towards the bottom (about 2” up) on the backing fabric in the middle of where the stripes lined up.

Turn it back inside out and sew the bottom seam closed.

Turn it right side out and press.

Next I sewed along both sides of the contrasting stripes to form 2 casings.

Then I got a couple of these:


I think they’re called cord stops or toggles or something.  You can find them in the notions section of the fabric store.

I threaded a piece of cotton cording (with a knot at the end) through them and then through the buttonholes on the curtain backing and up through the casings.


I pulled it taught-ish (i.e. not so tight it puckers) and then stitched the cording down so it wouldn’t move along the top edge of the curtain.

Why?  So Jami can do this to let some more light in during the day:


(I swear to you it’s cuter with the valance, this post would have just been so long I’d have gotten kicked out of blogging if I’d put it all together.)

Stay tuned for the valance and the installation!
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The Projects of Easters Past

If you’re looking for a little something Easterrific to do this weekend…

Make an Easter wreath:


Make an egg drying rack:


Try some rubber cement eggs:


Die eggs with ties:

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Winners: The Little Gentleman’s Closet

The winners of their choice of tie pattern from The Little Gentleman’s Closet are:


#183, aka Silly Steeneck’s



#95, aka I’m Emily

Email me at [email protected] ASAP to claim your prize so that Michelle can get the pattern sent over to you before se leaves town AND so that you’ll have time to make them for Easter!

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Say No To Auto Workshop, in UTAH!

Remember when I reviewed the ebook “Say No To Auto!” by the fabulous Kristen Duke?

Well, Kristen is coming to Utah and teaching a class!


Her beginner’s workshop will be held Saturday, May 28th from 9-11 am in Ogden, Utah.  And where exactly in Ogden?


The Vintage Cupcake, that’s where.

Kristen says:

Do you have a big fancy camera, but not sure what to do with it?  Did you buy it thinking you’d have images like the professionals because you have a camera like the professionals? When I bought mine 7 years ago, I thought so too, but I became very frustrated when this wasn’t the case.  I’d see amazing images coming from others, and realize I was missing something.  I used to shoot on auto…it’s easy…and the pictures are decent.  But I didn’t want decent, I wanted amazing.  The only way to do that is to make the decision to say NO! to auto and learn the camera’s manual settings.

Come join me for a fun beginners’ photography workshop!

What we’ll discuss:

  • How to use your Digital SLR camera

  • Aperture (f-stop), shutter speed, ISO, and how they all work together

  • Lighting, how to locate the best light

  • Lens suggestions

  • 30 min. of shooting time with discussion and questions

  • Very basic Photoshop tips

  • Ways to get your subjects to relax

  • The importance of capturing the candid moments and how to get them”

And, you know who else is going to be there?

Amy from The Idea Room and Tam from Sew Dang Cute and ME.

AND (this is where it gets crazy so hang on to your shorts folks), some of you may remember that I won a Buick for a week last summer at EVO.

Guess when that week is.  Go on, guess.

The very week that I’ll be driving to Ogden for Kristen’s photo class!

So, as a little added incentive, Tam (who lives across the street from me) and I will come pick you up and drive you to the class in a pimp daddy Buick Enclave (if you’re between, say, Herriman and Ogden).


Sound fun?

Click here to EMAIL Kristen or fill out the contact form to sign up!

And then, shoot me an email ([email protected]) and we’ll figure out the transportation details!  I’ve been told this sucker seats seven, so…


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Pattern Review: The Little Gentleman’s Closet Necktie Pattern

Just a reminder, you have until noon tomorrow to enter to win either this or Michelle’s bowtie pattern here.


I feel like the alternate title for this post should be “Bennett Hates Me”, so just keep that in mind whilst you’re enjoying the pics.  Like this one, for example:


Yes, we do go through this EVERY single Sunday, why do you ask?  He also rips off his shoes and hands them to me as soon as he gets out of class every week.


Where was I?  Oh yeah…the pattern.

The pattern comes in 4 sizes.  I made the large, which is supposed to fit sizes 3T – 6.  Bennett’s a good solid 3T and Campbell’s a 6, so I thought this would be a good size to gauge fit.


The pattern pieces went together easily, and I liked that there were cutting options for making the tie out of either a fat quarter or a traditional quarter yard.

It was a REALLY quick and easy sew.  The only part that I had trouble with is turning the tube for the neck strap right side out, but turning tubes is the bane of my sewing existence, so take that for what it’s worth.


Michelle provides you with a link to a YouTube video to show you how to tie the tie.  It’s slightly different than tying a usual tie, so pay close attention.


I did have a little issue with the seam being visible on the knot of the tie, but if you tie it slightly shorter or slightly longer you can avoid this…It’s only a very specific length where this happens.


Your tie pattern comes with 2 sets of clips.  You can buy more from Michelle’s store as needed.  Making one neutral neck strap and then just swapping out the tie parts might be another option.

And, I’m working on a post for part one of Neighbor Jami’s nursery curtains right now.  Look forward to it?


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You’re ALL winners

(OK, only 2 of you are actual winners)

The winner of the $50 gift certificate to The Ribbon Retreat is…


#169, aka Cherie, who said:

I would spend my 50 on the flowers and ribbon. everything is great.

And, the winner of the Kelly Moore Bag is…


#652, aka Connie/The Colvards, who said:

I follow on Facebook.

Remember, you can still get $15 0ff any bag using code “CRAP”.

And, I still haven’t heard from the Shabby Apple winner, so if you’re name is Annie, you should probably check out this post.

Shoot me an email to [email protected] to claim your prize!

Thanks for playing along and HUGE thanks to Kelly Moore and The Ribbon Retreat for the awesome giveaways whilst I was off speaking at Creative Estates!

I’ll be back with something I actually made tomorrow.

Open-mouthed smile


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Creative Estates….Where do I start?

Man, that was fun!

Why do I always forget to take pictures?  I get too caught up in enjoying myself and the camera never comes out.

I’ve borrowed a few, though, so you won’t get too bored.

First up, HUGE thanks to the 2 ladies that spoke with me about blogging authentically and letting your personality show on your blog:

Shelley from House of Smiths and Stephanie from The Daily Blarg

(Photo courtesy of Amy @ The Idea Room)

I’ve had a couple people ask what I thought the most important thing I said was.  So, I’m going to go with the things I saw being passed along on Twitter.

My new motto: “You will never regret behaving appropriately.”

When asked about how I deal with competition: “There is no competition to be me, and that’s what I’m doing.”

And “Don’t compare your worst to someone else’s best.”

Deep, right?  You thought all I did was stick my finger up my nose.  Ha!

I also need to throw out a  public thanks to the AZ GNO ladies, Steph, Kristyn, and Kendra, for a FABULOUS time.

(photo courtesy of Jamie Lynn Photography)

back row: Jen from Tatertots & Jell-O, Lara from Less Cake, More Frosting, Tauni from It’s a Tradition and co-founder of Creative Estates
middle row:  Some dork, Becca from Blue Cricket Design, Amy from The Idea Room, Shelley from House of Smith’s
bottom row:  Kristyn from Lil’ Luna, Steph from Somewhat Simple, and Kendra from My Insanity

And you girls that were at my table that night that I really should have taken a picture of?  HILARIOUS.  I’m making a Chanel bag right now.  Winking smile

Um, what else?

(photo courtesy of Mom Endeavors, do you like how no one knows where we’re supposed to be looking?)

Oh yeah.  The girls of room 333:  Michelle from A Little Tipsy and Lara from Less Cake More Frosting.  I adore you both.  Thanks for the late night hilarity.

Here’s where I want to make a long, long list of all the other fabulous women I met, but I know I’ll miss someone.  If you’ve posted about Creative Estates, leave me a comment with a link so I can come check it out, will ya?

I’m looking forward to next year (in SLC, woo!) already.


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