When Mountain Dew Flies…

We had a *little* incident of sibling rage last week.

Keller threw a (plastic) bottle of Mountain Dew at his sister (because she’d dropped it in the toilet).  He’s not a very good aim, and this happened:


(Let’s not even get into the part where a piece of glass got stuck in the top of my foot and it bled for close to an hour, mmmkay?)

That’s my sewing room light.  It’s what the contractors included in their bid when they finished our basement.  And, it’s BORING.

I decided to take this opportunity and girly up the lighting in there a bit.


And a non-illuminated shot:


Cute, right?  I guess sometimes kid fights aren’t the worst thing ever….


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  1. That’s incredible! What a gorgeous new light fitting….jealous much? Mmmhmm!

  2. OMGoodness!!! I am LOVING that!! Do tell how you did it:)

  3. I enjoyed this posg for two reasons. The light is beautiful and because I learned that my kids arent the only ones who throw crap at each other

    • Sooooooooooo thanks to all of you…..I thought only MY kids did stuff like that. Only my Grasyn (yep I do fun ky names too ,oh and she is a girl) some how dropped a can of RED soda on the kitchen floor and it splattered on the llights, walls cupboards, counters, fridge, talbe, bottoms of the chairs, the LIVINGROOM wall, carpet, stair rail and my son’s white dress shirt. Not that crap was a mess to clean up.

  4. I love it! What a great way to turn something negative into something positive!

  5. Pretty, Looks like it allows more light so you can see better while sewing as well.

  6. I’m going to need a tutorial! lol it’s gorgeous!

  7. This is beautiful!

    And…ah kids… I’m torn because I remember that being me and my siblings, and that makes me smile. Yet, with two kids of my own growing up quickly, I shudder… :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Well, after bleeding for an hour….you definitely deserve a new light!!! And it’s such a pretty one too! Hmmmmm I think you’re onto something….I wonder if I can get my kids to “throw” soda cans at anything around my house?

  9. Super cute and you definitely deserve it! :)

  10. Oooooh, love the light fixture. Hope your foot is healing.

  11. SO CUTE! i have a couple of very boring lights with which i’d like to do that!!!

  12. OhMyGosh! That light is AWESOME!!

  13. Lovin’ the new light! Also lovin’ that I am not the only one with kids that act that way at times. Thanks for being “real”

  14. Lovely crap. How did you do it?

  15. Nothing that good ever happens when my boys fight! LOL!

  16. Love the new light. My sis, who decorates for a living, calls those light fixtures boob lights. Although I really do love it my mind is going to the gutter with Stripper Boob Light.

    My kids broke off a celing fan blade. You know you can’t replace a fan blade that got broken off at the metal part attached to the motor. And we rent. So excited.

  17. I’m so jealous! (Well not the bleeding part – hope you’re all healed up!)

  18. Well, I love the light but let me tell you how lucky you are that it didn’t turn out worse! When I was younger I once got mad at my sister for hitting me in the stomach with a water bottle so I threw it back at her. My aim was good and I hit her in the face, in the gums to be exact. She ended up being rushed to a dentist after hours (a friend of ours) due to the fact that her gums were completely messed up and she was bleeding. Stitches and some work had to be done. Her gums still aren’t normal 12 years later. OOps….my bad! =)

  19. Your new light is great, and it looks a lot brighter too! Congrat the kids on their fighting and bad aim! Not!

  20. I have those boob lights all over my house, how did you do that? A tutorial or a few notes on how you did that is in order!

  21. opps.. but i love you new light! but i must tell you i am seriously stalking your blog waiting ever so patiently {well, not really} for your sling bag tutorial. my oldest, well really all of my girlies would so love it and it would be perfect for them. so just a subtle hint.. when you gonna put it up? haha your blog is awesome, i love reading it and it’s a daily read! have a great day.

  22. I LOVE that light. Where did you find it? Super cute!!

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      The light came from Lowe’s. The box was really old and really dusty, and I couldn’t find them online to link to…

  23. Sorry about your foot….the rest of the story (though probably not at the time) :


  24. I suddenly feel not so alone.

    And I really want a light like that!

  25. Char! That light is so stinkin’ cute!!!!

    I certainly would bleed from my foot for an hour for one.
    Hope your feeling better you and your feet have not faired well this summer.

  26. that is gorgeous!! i love the sparkle on the ceiling!! I want one! :)

  27. I love it! Please, please, please share how you made it!

  28. WOW! Love it. I should throw a Mountain Dew at my light so I can have an excuse try this.

  29. glad to know my kids aren’t the only ones that chuck stuff at each other. why is it the mom ends up being bloody?! at least you ended up w cute decor in the end! love it char!!

  30. LOVE it!!!!
    Love your taste!!!
    Read (stalk) your blog regularly!

  31. had to add that we have boob lights too. I though I was the only one who called them that. When my daughter was a baby, she would look at the light for hours. One night I layed beside her and looked up. I said to my husband….I know why she keeps looking at that….whe is thinking “wow now that must give the best milk”. He thought I was wierd. Now I have proof. Thanks ladies.

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