It’s Friday Friday Gotta Get Down on Friday

(If you’ve been spared the “pleasure” of Rebecca Black’s little ditty, you totally DID NOT get that title)

So, if you don’t follow along on Facebook, I just wanted to make sure you heard…Silhouette has just announced this bad boy:


It can cut up to 12” wide and 10 feet long.  YIKES.

This means they’re discontinuing the trusty SD (the machine that I have and love).  This also means that you can grab one (while supplies last) for $175.  You can also get 20% off supplies.  Code “CRAP” will get you both of these deals between now and the end of the month.  The supplies for the SD will still be around, it’s just the SD itself that’s going away.


I’ve also been on a thrifting frenzy as of late (which led to me sending a borderline obscene text to my pal Tina).

My powder room is about to get a little makeover.  The builders glued an ugly oval mirror to the wall, and it’s not centered.  It’s been driving me nuts for almost 8 years now and this could very well be the day it gets ripped down.

See?  No gap on the left, big gap on the right.  Yes…I did put 2 pictures together.  Why would you ask?  Winking smile

The paint has been purchased (“Plum Passion”, but it’s green).


And this will be in there, too, after its date with Krylon.


Keller starts football practice tomorrow.  I’ve been told that life as we know it is about to change.  I can’t stop giggling about how smooshed his face is in his helmet.

photo (5)-2
(Crappy phone pic)

There may have even been one incident when the helmet was stuck on his head.

So, how’s that for a whole lot of random?

Anything you’ve got to share?

Big weekend project plans?

Do you like cookies?

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  1. Oh, no, you di’int get that AWESOME YELLOW BOWL! I have the lid, but have had no luck finding the bowl!! And that dot… that’s worth a bazillion bucks. I need to move to Utah. Now.

    And, if you must know, I’m on a Keebler Grasshopper cookie binge as of late.

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      I KNEW you’d be jealous. There was a second polka dot bowl exactly like it, but it was a bit of a splurge ($18), so I stuck with just the one.

  2. What? They are getting RID OF the smaller one? Boo.

  3. I carpool with my sister to work and every Friday she asks me to sing that song. We we we so excited!

  4. HA….love your post title!

  5. loving the title, great now the song is stuck in my head…. yes i like cookies are you offering???

  6. Char…My kids were just singing this last night as I tucked them in….
    I can’t wait to see the transformation. You always surprise!
    As for the football…life will definitely change…….

  7. I like random. And cookies.


  8. Summer Gayle says:

    very random post indeed. And of course i love cookies, but cupcakes are my thing :)

  9. We have the same problem with an oval mirror being blued on 4 inches off center and it drives me nuts too! Can’t wait to see what you do!!! I might do the same!

  10. I seriously want that frame and the thrusting worthy vintage Pyrex. Bwahahahaha!

  11. I love your pyrex bowls!! I have a green one just like your yellow one.

  12. I will help you paint if you help me paint!

  13. I love cookies. Especially chocolate chip ones right out of the oven. i am dying to see that bathroom finished. I am giggling over Keller’s smooshed face as well, and have quite a vivid image in my mind of a helmet stuck on his head! I wish I could come see him play. I did have a big project (for me). I painted a wall that used to be blue in my “rented” house and I spray painted a little acorn looking thing I bought at the YW garage sale A YEAR AGO!!! And I miss being your crappy neighbor. How’s that for random?

  14. Jackie (KraftyChick) says:

    How can I get the $175 price on the Cameo – Silhouette has it for $299 – and I would have ordered the old model last night on Overstock but they were Sold Out – looks like I’m getting ready to spend WAAAAY more than I intended! LOL!


    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      The Cameo is not available until October. I don’t if they’ll have deals (I’d assume so, but I don’t know how good they’ll be). The $175 price was for the SD through 7/31. I’ll keep you up to date on any additional promotions on the remaining SD machines.

  15. I came to your site from another and love it!!!! I saw your Pyrex bowls my 17 yr old and I have a nice collection going. There is nothing like PYREX!!!

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