The Waffle Iron That Changed My Life

Have I mentioned that I have THE BEST friends on Earth?

Because I do.

And, a few weeks ago, one of them sent me a waffle iron.  Not just any waffle iron, THIS waffle iron.

(Image from Cuisinart)

I KNOW, right???  (She was thanking me for something that really didn’t require thanking for.)


Things I love, in no particular order:

It makes 6 waffles at once.  I have a lot of hungry kids around here and I’m sure the hunger level is only going to get worse when they’re all teenagers.

See that nice slopey non-grooved bottom?  It cleans up like a DREAM.

It cooks really, really quickly.  You know how with some other waffle irons you get so bored waiting for the waffles to cook that you go do something else and forget you’re making waffles and then they’re burned?  No?  That’s just me?  Embarrassed smile  No time for that with this baby, which brings me to my next point…

There’s a cute little beeping noise when your waffles are done.  There’s no guessing or peeking and ending up with half cooked waffles stuck to both sides of the plates (not that I’ve ever done that Winking smile).

The waffles were WAY fluffier and WAY crispier, using the same old recipe (mix) I always do.


So, that’s how a waffle iron changed my life.


***Cuisinart has no idea I love their waffle iron, I just do.***

And why am I talking about food so much this week?  No idea, but I’ve got another recipe for you tomorrow involving tomatoes.  See you then?

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  1. ooh! Pretty! I want one!

  2. for $80 it better change lives!!

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      If you knew the friend that bought it, you’d know there’s NO way in heck she paid that much for it. She once scored a brand new jogging stroller (at Target) for $15!!!

  3. I have the four square model and it’s awesome. I’d trade it in for the six square one, though.

  4. Ooh thanks for sharing! I have been shopping waffle irons and know Cuisinart is the best, just hadn’t seen this model! Be still my waffle-loving heart [and pregnant belly].

  5. I NEVER make waffles because it takes too long to cook enough for my family. That makes me sad and depressed because I love them. I want to know how your friend got this one for cheaper.

  6. Thanks for posting this. I have a kinda crappy, messy, slow poke of a waffle iron that is so bad I weasel out of making waffles every chance I get! Perhaps investing in a new iron, may help! How Novel!

  7. Wow! I have the Waring Pro Belgian waffle turner but it only does one at a time. It’s pretty awesome but you know, I’d like something like this for my non-fancy waffle days!

  8. You can even use your waffle make to cook brownies.

  9. Heather M says:

    I have the 4 square one, and it does make wonderful waffles and clean up well but I had to laugh when you called the beeping “cute”. It drives me insane, I hate it. It beeps every 3-4 minutes the whole time it’s on, regardless of whether the waffles are done or not, I wish I could turn the beeping off…

  10. I have six kids and with a double/triple batch of waffle batter on a regular-sized waffle iron, we’ll we’re talking over an hour so we rarely eat them. I need this!

  11. Ooooo Love it! Makes so many and I love waffles, however it’s just me and my husband and puppy, but that’s just for now. Someday we’ll have a big family so I think I need one. : )


  12. WHOA. Six at once? Mine only does two at once. I could be done in a third of the time!

  13. And now I want waffles.

  14. we have this waffle maker too and I love it!

  15. I love good waffles (and unsolicited positive product reviews that could help me make those waffles). Thanks for sharing. Now I’ve got something to put on my Christmas list. :)

  16. Char…I don’t “do” waffles. But hubby does, and he probably would LOVE that one! He currently uses a two-fer.

  17. I got a different at my bridal shower a few weeks ago but all the same, I love love love it!

    You need to try potato waffles (a spin on potato pancakes). Yummy! Goes great with eggs for dinner!

  18. I need to know: what size and depth of holes does this iron make?
    I don’t want the Belgian waffle sized craters, and I don’t like the pillow-y, but not quite Belgian size either. I have an old school, small squares iron that I love and hope doesn’t die. I have one of the not Belgian-not small irons that I use alongside my old one to cut the time down. But, I prefer the small holed ones.
    Oh, I have made brownie/cookies on my irons. Yummy! They did better in the small holed one as well.

    • I’m looking for a flatter smaller pocketed waffle iron.

      We have a local diner that has one iron like this and the rest are deep pocket ones. I always specify which one I want them to use. I LOVE small shallow pocket waffles and I have searched and searched and can’t find anything that really fits what I’m looking for.

      I guess no one likes flat small pocket waffles enough for them to market them like that. :(

      Damn you Ego!

  19. I have that same waffle iron and have not figured out how NOT to make a mess with it. The book says to use 2 cups of most batter, which is WAY too much because the batter flows out all around. Any tips on how you use yours would be appreciated! I do LOVE that it makes 6 waffles though :)

  20. I am in absolute awe of this thing!!! 1) I love anything Cuisinart. 2) We eat waffles ALL the time. Home made, no mix. And I like to try all kinds of recipes. My family needs this thing! But, $ouch$!

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