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You know what I stink at (and by “stink” I mean REALLY suck)?

Yard work/landscaping.

It’s true.  BC and I are both way out of our element.  At our first house we ripped out/changed so many things that we decided to hire a professional when we moved to this house.  He was a nice guy and came up with a lovely plan.  Then, we paid some more nice people to install it all, so that we wouldn’t screw it up.  All of this is great, in theory…until all those nice people left.

We needed help.

We still need help, which is why I’m so excited about the Jordan Valley Home & Garden Club.


The Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club was founded to provide learning opportunities specifically geared to do-it-yourself homeowners. Landscaping is an important part of setting the home’s tone. The Club will provide a wealth of landscaping and garden design education, but there will also be a mix of interior and exterior DIY projects – a little something for everyone. Best of all? There is no club membership fee. (This is especially awesome if you don’t want to have guilt about not using the skills/information you spent a ton of money acquiring.  He he he.)


If you’re a local, the Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club activities will kick off with a Summer Soiree and Garden Tour on June 9, at 6 p.m. Tickets to the Summer Soiree are available online.   The event features some fun bloggers you may be familiar with including Justin and Cassity Kmetzsch, from Remodelaholic; Sausha Khoundet, from Sweet Pickins and Leanne Jacobs from Organize and Decorate Everything, along with several great classes. I can only vouch for Leanne ,but she’s DELIGHTFUL and I’m sure the others are equally awesome.

Summer Soiree

The Summer Soiree will include some AWESOME giveaways…stuff like a rug that was featured in Country Living Magazine (one of my faves), as well as furniture from Sweet Pickins and Forsey’s Furniture.

If you can’t make the kick off event (and I can’t…boo), regular Home and Garden Club classes will begin July 17, at noon. The classes are free – you can register online.

If you’re not a local (because I know most of you aren’t), Information will be available on the Club’s Facebook page following each class.


So, who’s with me?  Who’s taking charge of their yard once and for all?  Who’s saying NO to your retired neighbors offering to rip out a dead tree in your yard so they’ll “have something to do”? (That totally happened.  Last month.)


I REALLY need this.


*This post is sponsored by the Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club

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  1. This sounds amazing.

  2. Send that neighbor to CO…we have 4 dead trees :)

  3. Thanks for the great post Char and thanks for mentioning me. You are so sweet, but no hugging. It’s going to be a great night. The food and etertainment alone is worth the cost. I know the classes will be great too (I’m crossing my fingers in mine).

  4. I made a flower bed in front of my house and since I killed all but one of my flowers I planted lettuce in it this year. Sadly I will probably do it again next year because my lettuce is growing great and the rabbits don’t come to the front of the house. We won’t discuss my awesomely not straight garden rows.

  5. Get the free Flowering Woods Edge landscaping plan.

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