An idea so crazy it just might work

So, remember the DIY Blogger House for the Parade of Homes thing that I’m doing?

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Things are moving along!  We’ve got just over 40 days until the Parade of Homes starts….YIKES!


You can follow along and get the latest news on the project here.

There’s also a new video (which I have not watched yet because I don’t want to see my hat hair captured on film).

DIY Blogger House


So what’s the “idea so crazy it just might work”?

Lara and I are in charge of the kids’ rooms.  We thought we had a crib, but that didn’t work out.  We’ve had a couple of failed KSL transactions and it’s crunch time.  We NEED a crib, because as Lara says, “A nursery without a crib is just a living room.”  So, in the true DIY blogger spirit (which I think scares our designer friend Brian a little), I’m looking to round one up.

Are you a SLC area local?
(I’m willing to drive like 1.5 hours)

Do you have a crib and/or changing table you want to get rid of?

We’re not picky because it’s getting a makeover.

It could even be recalled…no baby is actually going to sleep in it! Open-mouthed smile

Are you willing to sell it cheap?

Do you need barstools?  I have 10 (6 of one style, 4 of another) in my garage that we could discuss trading.

Do you need an IKEA EKTORP TULLSTA chair?  I have one with two white slipcovers that we could trade.

How about a pink IKEA office chair?  I’ve got one of those, too.

Pottery Barn Kids Daisy Garden bedding?  Also that.

And we haven’t even scratched the surface of “CRAP I NEED TO UNLOAD” yet.  (Sisal rug…bike…a couple of random shutters…)

So, do you have a crib or changing table?  Do you want to sell or trade?

Shoot me an email ([email protected]) and let’s make a deal!


Full Disclosure: I am being modestly compensated for my participation in this project, I say modestly because how cool is it that I’m getting paid to design a fabulous house with 4 of my good friends? And, while I am being compensated, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. I wouldn’t have jumped in if I didn’t think it was an amazing opportunity.

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  1. Morgan Bangerter says:

    So… the original crib not working out may or may not totally be my fault. I’m the daughter-in-law of Blair at Bangerter Homes. My husband and I are expecting our first child in October. We have some serious attachment issues when it comes to the “Up” house replica that Bangerter Homes built for the Parade last year, and the crib that was being stored is from the nursery at the “Up” house. Since we are naming our little girl Ellie (after my mom, but it coincidentally works with the movie as well) my in-laws lovingly agreed to let us use the crib. I’ll keep my eyes open for a replacement since this predicament is due to our emotional attachment issues. All of the bloggers are doing such a great job and it has been fun reading your work. I hope I get to meet you guys soon!

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      No! No one’s fault!

      Don’t tell, but I kind of think this makes it more fun anyway. ;)

  2. LOVE this idea, Char. I’ll keep my eyes & ears open.

  3. You must be having a blast doing this! I love this idea :)

  4. I totally cried at your Disney story. As a mom to special needs kiddos, it’s such a miracle to have someone who just “gets it”, especially when they get it at our worst moments.

  5. uhh! im so mad, i literally have been looking for a home for our old crib and my husband is like just trash it… i cant throw away a crib! im a diyer… anyway i wish i didnt live in texas right now :(

  6. If you can’t find one, feel free to let me know. I have two cribs. One’s being used as a toddler bed for when guests come to visit because we don’t have a place to store it. I could probably just make that one back into a crib until the little is ready for it as a toddler bed, or he could skip straight to a twin like most of our kids have done. If you need one, I’d be happy to trade. Just let me know! It’s a Jenny Lund type crib (I hope that’s the right name) and it’s currently oak. I don’t have the changing table anymore because it was taking up too much room and a friend needed it. Good luck with your project!

  7. Don’t offload the shutters yet! I might see if they will work for a project I am doing for the outside. Gack! I’ve got to get my plan finished as I’ve got to go through the Daybreak approval process before we can do any of it!

    I can’t wait to see what you two come up with! The house is really cute.

  8. Joan Henderson says:

    My DIL used a rolling 36 inch shelf with one of the small changing tops on it from a pack-n-play set. Works great and easy to move around. It was a metal shelf from the hardware store.

  9. Are the wilkinet carriers that good? I heard about a
    couple of cases where mums and dads ended up dropping their son or daughter when using the carrier, not certain whether thats the families fault though.

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