New Year’s Resolutions Chalkboard + $75 to Lowe’s


This month’s Lowe’s Creative Blogger team challenge was “New Year’s sparkle”.  If you know me, you know I’m not especially sparkly.  Winking smile

So, what’s a girl to do?

I asked for suggestions on Facebook, and I was still stumped.

I went to Lowe’s and walked around for inspiration and came across these


and then the wheels started spinning.



Frame (mine was 16 X 20 and purchased on super clearance…you don’t need the glass so thrifted or on clearance because the glass is broken is perfect)
1/8” MDF cut to size of frame
Valspar metallic spray paint
Valspar glitter spray pain
Valspar chalkboard paint

I gave the frame 2 coats of the metallic paint.  It is COLD here, so I painted it in the garage and then brought it inside to dry between coats.  It might still be drying if I hadn’t.

Then, I sprayed the front with 2 coats of the glitter paint.

Glitter is hard to photograph, but here’s the best picture I got of how it looks in real life.


I painted the MDF with 2 thin coats of chalkboard paint, one in each direction.  And then after it dried I put it in the frame.

We each came up with a resolution (OK, we made up that last on on BC’s behalf because he was at work and not answering his phone) and wrote it on the chalkboard.


We’ll keep this displayed all month long to help us remember our resolutions, which will hopefully make us more successful.  Winking smile


To get your new year started off right, Lowe’s is giving one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader a $75 Lowe’s gift card.


Leave a comment on this post telling me what one of your New Year’s resolutions is.

Extra entry:

Leave a comment telling me what you’d spend your gift card on.


Giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and over only and closes Thursday, January 3rd at noon MST.  Winner will be chosen at random using a WordPress Plugin (And The Winner Is…) and notified by email.  Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

And while you’re waiting to see if you won, head on over for your FREE Subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine:


Or, check out the Lowe’s Creative Idea’s app (also free)!  I have it on my iPhone and it’s delightful!


*I was given a Lowe’s gift card for the supplies for my project.  All opinions and statements are my own.

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  1. We resolve to eat more whole foods & less junk! ;)

  2. One of my resolutions is to be more productive! I spent a good part of this last year on bed rest and then with a new baby so I feel like I haven’t accomplished much lately.

  3. I have some projects for the boys’ playroom wall I’d like to complete, so I’d be spending my Lowe’s gift card on them.

  4. michelle riebeek says:

    To get organized!

  5. I would spend the gift card on new lighting for my bathroom. I don’t think it’s been updated since the house was built…in the 80′s!

  6. My resolution is to keep my house clean and pay more attention to my kids!

    And I would buy medallions, paint them yellow and hang them on my wall as art!!

  7. My resolution is to eat more organic food

  8. I resolve to vacuum every week, whether it needs it or not, haha.

  9. I would buy new sink

  10. I would spend it on an outdoor furniture piece (maybe a bench or chair to read in).

  11. michelle riebeek says:

    I would spend it on paint for my sons room



  14. I resolve to read scriptures with my kids every night before bed.

  15. I would spend it on paint or on wood for new benches for our kitchen table

  16. I need to resolve to clean out one of my crap rooms to make a guest room so my son and his new wife can stay here together and have some privacy.

  17. I don’t make New Years resolutions, but hope I can still be entered in the drawing.

  18. Finish my wife’s dining room table and benches that are sitting in the garage!

  19. Stop drinking soda…don’t like it much anyway!

  20. My big New Years resolution is to unpack all our moving boxes! Since we just moved across the country, a Lowe’s card could really come in handy for all the projects we have around the new house :)

  21. I would use the card for paint for our master bath – it is an awful red kind of color.

  22. Since we just moved across the country, a Lowe’s card could really come in handy for all the projects we have around the new house

  23. The same as90% off the world. Lose weight.

  24. Cindy Sherritt says:

    My resolution is to be more positive and keep negativity away.

  25. Paint

  26. I make very few resolutions, but I am resolved to organize my household this year!

  27. I would spend it on organizing containers and such…I love Lowes!

  28. Organize, organize, organize! (Just like every year LOL!)

  29. Cindy Sherritt says:

    The gift card will purchase weatherstripping to keep the cold air outta my house!

  30. One of my resolutions is to better keep up with old time traditions that are being lost. I plan on canning more, sewing more, getting better at kniting.

  31. I’d spend it on supplies to organize stuff, of course!

  32. I’ve resolved to go outside more often (with or without my children).

  33. I would use a lowes gift card to help revamp my girls room, I would love to make some creative things to make their room more functional. I’ve been eyeing gutter material for a book ledge in their room.

  34. I would spend it on spray paint and wood. Maybe something fun for the outside when it gets warmer.

  35. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    One of my new years resolutions is to start doing yoga at least 2x a week.

  36. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would buy a light fixture for our living room

  37. Resolutions: lose weight for sure. Maybe quit smoking….

  38. I would have to buy paint for my bedroom. It’s on color number 3 and still not happy. :-(

  39. Vicki Benyo says:

    I resolve to get the house we just moved into in order and keep it that way. And to lose weight.

  40. Vicki Benyo says:

    I would use the gift card to update some lighting, although I LOVE the look of that sparkly paint and would love to give it a try!

  41. Michele Olson says:

    Finish Projects that we start!

  42. My resolution is to do a project (or specified portion of) a week. I have so many things on the “Someday” list. I’m excited to get crackin’.

  43. Michele Olson says:

    I would use the GC towards the purchase of a new toilet! fun stuff right there!

  44. Marianne Hedemark says:

    I resolve to live a more healthy life-style… including excercise (why can’t I make myself go for a walk??) and eating a more healthy diet. (fun, huh?) :-)

  45. I love that you all wrote your resolutions down as a family!
    On my list of projects is paint the bathroom and a new light fixture for the kitchen, and I know I can make at least ONE of those things happen with a Lowe’s gift card.
    Thanks for the chance.

  46. My biggest resolution this year is to not waste even 1 minute on video games.

  47. Marianne Hedemark says:

    I would use the Lowes gift card to paint my kitchen chairs and table. I’d love them to have the Pottery Barn look without having to pay the Pottery Barn price! It would fulfill one of my resolutions for the coming year! :-)

  48. I’d probably spend it on spray paint…or stuff to fix up the soon to be hole in the wall behind the door…or something for the garden.

  49. Lindsay B. says:

    My resolution is to be a more complete me. I want to quit leaving things undone; once I start something I want to finish it.

  50. My goals for 2013: get A’s in my college classes (went back once my kids were all in school), spend less money on groceries

  51. Lindsay B. says:

    I would use it for paint or for a garden this summer.

  52. I like the chalkboard frame idea – that would be fun to use as a to-do list in my sewing corner.

    I would like to finally get my apartment organized and clear of clutter.

  53. I would spend it on the fun paint: dry erase, chalkboard, magnetic etc… to make girls room fun

  54. My resolution is to spend more time with the Word.

  55. I would purchase a new theromstat

  56. To ACTUALLY do some of the cute craft and home decor ideas I have pinned! I’d really love to learn how to paint furniture and revamp our house! :)

  57. Lose weight, less Internet… The list could go on and on.

  58. I would use the gift card to buy a mirror for my bare kitchen wall. :)

  59. I would like to get healthy. I am not tying that to a specific number on a scale or a certain clothing size. I will eat healthy, exercise, and be go by how I feel.

  60. My whole house needs some updating and upgrading (bathroom, kitchen, flooring, master bedroom). I am sure I could put that $75 to use on one of those projects!

  61. Michelle Carter says:

    Work on my emergency preparedness. I haven’t been real good at it in the past few years and I’ve now got two kids to add to the mix so I need to get busy.

  62. My resolution is to stress less and pray more!

  63. I would buy a new lamp for our living room.

  64. Michelle Carter says:

    Getting ready for a bathroom makeover here so I’d spend it on paint and bath fixtures (towel bars, TP holder, etc.)

  65. Jessica P. says:

    My resolution is to pay off our student loans!

  66. Jessica P. says:

    I would buy a new chandelier light fixture for our house, ours is extremely outdated!

  67. Excercise for better health

  68. More storage for the craft room

  69. Resolution, be more healthy.

  70. If I won this gift card, I would use it to buy supplies for the cupboard my husband is building in my bathroom!

  71. Resolution is to get back into running regularly

  72. Just started demo-ing my master bath, so this gift card would be helpful!

  73. Resolution: it’s multifaceted, but the general goal is to be a better ME.

  74. I could use up a $75 gift card to Lowes in about 6 seconds! (our To-Do list is quite large right now). First thing: our mini bathroom remodel including framing our huge mirror and adding counter top storage.

  75. Well first off, LOVE your chalkboard and sparkly frame! One of my resolutions is to do housework more often – seems simple, but I dislike most of it so things like dusting don’t get done as often as they should. :/ I resolve to try harder… Or, start pushing it off on my retired husband :)

  76. And, as for the gift card: PAINT!! I have a small bedroom I’d like to re-paint, and could even be motivated to repaint the dining/living room/hallway if I found the right color.

  77. Organize!!! I need to go through the closets and get rid of stuff we don’t need.

  78. Wood…so my hubby can make me a sewing desk :)

  79. Donna in SC says:

    My New Year resolution is to get better organized…..wish me luck!

  80. Donna in SC says:

    I would buy paint and new moldings for my kitchen redo!

  81. Resolution: to be more proactive! And avoid procrastination…

  82. Would love to get some wood for a couple small projects I’m working on finishing up!!

  83. I Play Outside The Box says:

    My resolution is to do my best to work with the word ‘Inspire’ in mind everyday…no matter how small it may seem to me….it can make a difference in someones life….including my own. :-)

  84. I Play Outside The Box says:

    I would spend the money buying products that would help me get more organized.

  85. My New Year’s Resolution is to follow thru on things I begin. I have lots of craft/sewing/knitting projects I didn’t finish this year for one reason or another and I’d like to finish those this year before I start on new projects.

  86. With a baby on the way, the hubby and I have some projects to finish! Definitely making a few trips to Lowes! :)

  87. Thomas Murphy says:

    My resolution is to not worry about things I can’t control.

  88. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would use the gift card to buy paint for my bedroom.

  89. Im resolving to be more “there” with my kids. I’m walking away from all of my distractions (phone, fb, etc) while they are around.

  90. Get Gangnam Style out of my head.

  91. I know it is cliche, but to eat healthier. Just found out I’m pregnant and I need to make sure I’m getting the appropriate nutrition for the baby.

  92. My resolution is to exercise and lose weight!

  93. I resolve to be nicer to everyone, but especially to the people I love most. Some days it feels like I have a long way to go in that department.

  94. I am going to sew a lot more this year, depression make my sewing take a back burner and as a result I think it made my depression worse. So back to the machine I go!

  95. Oh I would use the gift card to replace my bathroom ceiling. It is full of mold. :x

  96. Ugh I hate resolutions, but I am resolving to eat more fresh vegetables, and to be kinder to the people I spend the most time with!

  97. I think I’d buy a bigger mailbox, we got a new one but its a lot smaller than our old one apparently and larger envelopes are getting smashed to bits in it!

  98. My resolution is to yell less and hug more.

  99. I resolve to read at least 1 book a month.

  100. I would use the gift card to get my husband a power washer so he can clean the patio. :-)

  101. I would use the gift card to make a large drawing space for the kids. One side chalkboard, the other side dry erase. And get some organizing bins, etc.

  102. I want to lose weight, of course!

  103. I would buy paint for my bathrooms.

  104. I have been pregnant in 2010, 2011, and 2012.
    I love my children, but I resolve to have no babies in 2013!
    I could use a Lowe’s gift card to put the finishing touches in Ruby’s (our newest jewel) room.

  105. I am resolving to use up more of my fabric stash. I have a number of projects that need started and I am determined to use what I have to complete them!

  106. resolve to eat cleaner! thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  107. Our resolution involves discipline. Not the parental kind – as in the “we need to have some” kind. It could be applied to darn near every area of our lives – finances, food, how we spend our time, etc. Oh, 2013, you shall be the year I finally learn to balance my checkbook (or more accurately: care about whether it is balanced!)

  108. Our second child and first son was born on August 28th (hooray!) and we closed on a brand new house on August 31st – and it’s a fixer. Suffice it to say, we have projects. BIG projects!! C’mon, Lowes!

  109. To stick to my running training plans!!

  110. I would use the giftcard to purchase some storage options… Or, supplies to revamp the majority of the flooring in our house!

  111. I resolve to keep my house clean!!

  112. I would use the gift card to buy a new mirror for my half bathroom that I’m currently redoing.

  113. Love this idea. I am going to try to feed my family healthier food in the new year. I’ve been lazy during the holidays (and because I’ve used pregnancy as an excuse), but it’s time to introduce my family to vegetables once again!

  114. I might use the gift card toward the purchase of a nice power tool for my husband’s birthday. He would be surprised and delighted.

  115. Paints for me

  116. I’d use it for housecleaning items

  117. My ny reso is to get stuff done!! Stop writing to do lists and get it done!

  118. I would use it towards new baseboards

  119. Shelley D. says:

    My resolution is to be a better me.

  120. to empty out and snazz up the basement!

  121. Thanks for this chance to win. I guess I would like to make amends to those thatI have wronged!

  122. Cindy Brooks says:

    I’m going to get more sleep by getting to bed earlier!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  123. Cindy Brooks says:

    I’d spend it on some storage goodies for our pantry
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  124. new years resolution is to keep cycling,,,i started a few months ago and want to continue

  125. I would buy storage for all Christmas stuff with the 75 dollar GC

  126. Stay healthy and keep up with exercise schedule.

  127. I’d get new shelves for our garage.

  128. To spend more time with my kids and not vacuum the kitchen floor so often!

  129. I’d buy paint to give our old dresser a makeover for it’s new life in our boys bedroom.

  130. My resolution is to not raise my voice to my kids…as often.

  131. I would use the card and copy your project. Seriously! I love it and think it would help with our resolutions!
    Besides, I love your projects and copy a lot of them. I have a copy-cat wreath on my door right now!

  132. Eileen Engel says:

    I made my New Years resolution in October to lose weight. I figured that if I made it through all the holidays and I stuck to my program I could continue into the New Year and give myself a pat on the back. Well. guess what, I stuck to it !!!! I lost 35 lbs and I am still going strong. So I guess my New Years resolution would be to continue what I have been doing, plus, give myself a pat on the back, and to continue being proud of myself!!!!

  133. I want to get my craft/sewing area organized.

  134. I would spend a gift card on wood to build stuff for my home.

  135. Eileen Engel says:

    I would use the gift card towards an area rug I have had my eye on for my living room. Wanted it for so long but you know how the Christmas season is. I have put some money aside for the rug and the $ card would help to pay for it.

  136. My New Year’s resolution is to get in shape so that I can hike a mountain with my family in the summer.

  137. I would use the gift card to help redo our very outdated bathroom.

  138. I resolve to accomplish more projects to get my home the way I want it to be.

  139. I would use the gift card on wood to finish the basement with

  140. I resolve to live “in the moment” and enjoy my family and friends more!

  141. I would use my gift card to purchase a table saw. I have several projects that require one and I only have a hand saw :)

  142. Connie Kersten Haack says:

    My resolution is to get my ebay business organized in the empty spare bedroom. Getting it all in one room and organized would be a great help.

  143. Connie Kersten Haack says:

    I would likely spend it on items that would help in organizing my ebay business in the spare bedroom but I would really like to try the glitter paint and the metallic paint. I really like how your project turned out!

  144. I resolve to send cards for all birthdays and occasions this new year.

  145. A gift card would go towards repairing our deck and building the kids a sandbox!

  146. I want to get my kitchen ceiling repaired because the roof leaked and ruined it.

  147. New Years resolution….be. more. productive. I have soo much I want to accomplish!

    I’d use the Lowes money on cedar planks for our bedroom wall project.

  148. Linda Nelson says:

    My resolution is to be true to myself!

  149. I am going to clean and organize all my fabric and craft stuff. I have two rooms that are not usable because they are so cluttered. We have been trying to get things fixed around the house so have ended up with stuff shoved here and there to get it out of the kitchen and livingroom. SO, this year I am going to organize and get rid of! (Something hard for me!)

  150. Since we are fixing and redoing much of the house (out of necessity – leaks in plumbing, floors going etc) I NEED any Lowes cards I can get! We basically get everything we can from Lowes as I do not go to their competitor, so this would be wonderful to win. Right now, we need plumbing supplies for a bathroom, a new sink for the other bathroom and storm doors for both doors it would be put towards one of those I am sure!

  151. My New Years resolution is to make more time for friends and family.

  152. My New Year’s Resolution is to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff in our house and to be a better busiiness person.

  153. The Lowe’s gift card would be perfect since I am in the process of converting our old office/storage area into an awesome crafts/office room for all five of us to enjoy! Happy New Year!

  154. Stephanie says:

    I resolve to stop buying NEW. Recycle and refashion clothing and household items as much as possible.

  155. Stephanie says:

    I would use a Lowe’s gift card to start an edible garden in my backyard.

  156. I resolve to eat healthier food :-)

  157. I would buy craft supplies! Wood, paint, hardware!!!

  158. I resolve to focus more. Focus on my family!

  159. I’m pretty sure that I would spend the gift card on paint for the new babies nursery.

  160. my resolution is to exercise more regularly and eat healthier

  161. I would buy paint

  162. All rooms need a new paint job so I would buy paint!!

  163. To be perfectly honest, I don’t make resolutions because I get defeated when I fail and I would rather be working on something all year long rather than just give myself one shot a year to be successful at it!With that, I have about 8 projects on our home list that we want to update/remodel so we hope to make progress on that this year!

  164. We would use the gift card as we’re starting a DIY remodel/repaint of our kitchen. New crown molding, new microwave, moving a few things around, etc. It’s amazing how fast our money disappears at that store!!!

  165. To pass on more ‘acts of kindness’ to strangers. Do my small part in making this a better world.

  166. I resolve to stop snorting…oh wait. That’s my seven year old. I resolve to stop gagging when said child snorts. And I resolve to use my Lowe’s gift card to build shelves in my livingroom.

  167. I’d buy a new step ladder.

  168. I may have just put both possible entries in one comment. See what happens when you don’t read all the directions first? To reiterate, no gagging and new shelves:)

  169. I don’t do resolutions. :)

  170. My resolution is to get more organized – I used to be, and I’ve failed since having kids…

  171. I have a wall downstairs that would be perfect with chalkboard paint on it…that’s what I would purchase.

  172. I have a wall in the basement that would be perfect as a chalkboard – that’s what I would buy.

  173. Exercise more and cook healthy foods.

  174. We would use the money to buy supplies to build our kitchen island and build ins.

  175. One of my resolutions is to give up sodas.

  176. I would use the gift card to buy a new faucet for the bathroom.

  177. I love your chalk board! I need to spend some time today figuring out my resolutions. I definitely need to get back to exercising on a regular basis. 2012 was not good! I’d like to craft more and make more quilts, but also do different things and stretch my creativity a bit. I’m hoping this can be the year where I open an etsy shop and start making things to earn some cash with my creations.

  178. Jessica Nix says:

    I resolve to seize & embrace the moments I have in my harried life with my four young children.

  179. Jessica Nix says:

    I would love to purchase supplies to build a firepit in our backyard.

  180. I hope to make healthier choices and show gratitude to others.

  181. Heather Marie says:

    My #1 resolution is to not make my injury my identity this year.

  182. Heather Marie says:

    I would use the gift card to start buying the cabinetry I want for my sewing room. :)

  183. I don’t really make resolutions but in general I would like to be more organized.

  184. I would use the gift card to finish up our nursery.

  185. My resolution is to exercise and get my fitness blog going.

  186. I would buy curtains for my office.

  187. My resolution is to have a veggie and spice garden this year.

  188. I would use the gift card to help me get garden supplies- waahooo!! :)

  189. Tawnya Collard says:

    I resolve to read my scriptures more often.

  190. Tawnya Collard says:

    And I would use the $ to buy something to put on my bare walls!

  191. My resolution is to lose this baby weight before summer!

  192. The gift card would go towards a compound miter saw for my husband!

  193. Sallie Fitzpatrick says:

    The usual to lose weight: not only do I have a 10 year reunion this year, but I also will be having my first neice or nephew born this year so I want to be healthy for them!!

  194. Sallie Fitzpatrick says:

    I have lots of things I would have to decide the priority to buy with the gift card :) Light fixtures, faucets, landscaping, etc.!

  195. I have to say, my New Years Resolution would have to be now, to go into a Lowes store.
    Nope, I never have been in one.
    So, That is it.

  196. Ok I ad to go to the Loews website for this second entry.
    I have a room (the whole house but need to start somewhere) in my home that is paneling.
    I hate it. It is dark and just depressing.
    I don’t really want to just paint, and can’t afford to sheet rock it.
    So, maybe something in the way of filling in the grooves of the paneling, and then painting with a strong good primer, then a coat or two of a seafoam green, sand stone or ocean blue.
    There ya go….. a start

  197. MY theme of the year this year, is BE PRESENT. I need to spend more time being mentally present with my family as well as during conversations with others. I need to spend less time thinking about the past and worrying about the future. I need to live in the now.

  198. Same ol’ stuff! Eat healthy, be a good mommy, be a good wife, and lead by example!

  199. We have some fence posts down that I would replace and work toward finishing an unfinished room in our house.

  200. Same old resolution, but it has worked well for the past few years, so I’ll go with it again – lose weight.

  201. I would spend the gift card on paint for my interior walls and for my front porch.

  202. Very clever

  203. One new year’s resolution is to finish organizing my house. I made great progress over the Christmas break and I want to keep that momentum up and make sure everything has a place.

  204. We are moving our kiddos to a new room downstairs and I want to put shelves in the closet – i’d use the gift card for supplies for that project.

  205. I didn’t make a resolution, but seeing the one on your project to cook more would be a great one for me! Thanks for the chance to win!

  206. I would love to use it for some things to brighten up our down stairs bathroom!

  207. My number 1 resolution for 2013 is to lose some weight!

  208. I am on a quest to decorate my house with curtains and organize my house. I would use the Lowe’s gift card to either purchase curtains or for organizational items! Either way, I can go wrong and I would have some fun!

  209. To get to the gym 3-4 times a week!

  210. That is so cute!! I love that idea. Totally copying. I am making a resolution to become more organized which won’t be hard because I am not really organized at all haha!! And if I win the gift card I will buy the supplies to make the cute chalkboard to remind me to be more organized!!!

  211. Not big on resolutions but we will be trying to eat more healthy this year. Thanks for the giveaway.

  212. Gardening supplies! Thanks.

  213. Thanks for the opportunity for this! I’d love to give this to my husband, who has taken all of his time to do my projects rather than his! He’s building a work bench/storage in the basement

  214. My resolution is to be more patient with my 3 year old and to let him try things himself. He desperately wants to pour his own milk and cereal, why can’t I just let go and let him?! I will – very soon.

  215. My resolution is to change the oil in my car on a more regular basis – twice a year is just not cutting it…

  216. Anne Watson says:

    One of my resolutions is to be able to run a 5k at an 8 minute mile (or faster) pace.

  217. Anne Watson says:

    I would save it for when my husband and I buy our first house in the next couple of months :)

  218. My New Years resolution is to just DO more and stay active!

  219. My resolution is to be more of who I dream I am. I know I am in there somewhere.

  220. We are in the middle of finishing our basement ourselves, so the gift card would go to help my oldest girls their bedroom done.

  221. Trying to get more organized

  222. Trying to find more peace in my life

  223. ONE of my resolutions is to get my house organized. We bought it back in March and had to move in very quickly so everything was just PUT in a place hwere it would fit.
    I am in huge need of a new stove and we are saving up so my Lowe’s giftcard would go towards that.

  224. Caylynn Houchen says:

    My resolution is to start working out and get FIT.
    I would use my giftcard on paint.

  225. One of my resolutions is to find a new job.

  226. My husband and I are eating healthier(Keto) and working out, we want to feel better and be healthier

  227. We would use the gift card to buy some kitchen organization accessories!

  228. My new year’s resolution is to make a significant lifestyle change by being intentional about what I eat.

  229. I would spend the $75 gift card on black iron pipe to make a shelf or a lamp.

  230. One of my NY Resolutions is to Organize my house! (i am lucky enough to have just retired and my house needs some organization!!)

  231. I would buy said “organization” items as well as craft items…never can have enough craft stuff !! :)

  232. DENISE COCHRAN says:

    To pay off bills and get organized–I would use the Lowe’s card for my last one, organizational things, they have so many cool things–would help a lot!!!

  233. My big New Year’s Resolution is to get organized! My first room project is the craft room.

  234. I just finished the shelving, but would use the gift card to redo some picture frames (like you did) and put up a cork board behind my work space for all my inspirational clippings, swatches and project ideas!

  235. I resolve to go on a date with my husband at least once a month! Its amazing how the months fly by!

  236. I would probably spend the money on some organization items for my home office – things have gotten out of control!

  237. My resolution is to be more positive.

  238. I would spend the money on child-proofing supplies.

  239. Keep my house cleaner!

  240. Beverly Palmer says:

    To read the Bible more!

  241. Beverly Palmer says:

    I would buy paint and a closet shelving system.

  242. I resolve to try and transform my dungeon of a bathroom with ideas from my fave bloggers!!

  243. I would buy paint, tile and other things to fix my dungeon of a bathroom!!

  244. Clean the house on a regular basis. Used to do better, but I’ve been really sick and want to get back in the habit.

  245. I’d buy some new things to organize the house.

  246. To make more time for my family

  247. To make sure that I’m doing things for me and not doing things just because others want me to

  248. To make a better sleep schedule

  249. This may sound like a cop-out when it comes to New Year’s resolutions but I only have one; I made it 6 years ago and have kept it diligently. My one resolution is to not make New Year’s resolutions. It started in jest but has actually grown into a reason not to put things off and start now, whenever that ‘now’ is.

  250. I would buy wood to make a frame for the large map in our front room. Some blackout shades. And maybe storage stuff.

  251. Hello, I’ve resolved to be more magnanimous this year. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  252. I would stock up on some vegetable seed, seed starting trays and the like at Lowes. Thanks!

  253. I’ve resolved to think of others more

  254. Debbie Wear says:

    I would really like to continue to eat healthy this year; last year was great because I stuck to it! And this year I would love to be organized!! –who wouldn’t? Baby steps, I’m hoping.

  255. Yolanda Lopez says:

    I want to be a better friend, you tend to get “busy” with life so this year my resolution was to take time for the people most important to me. Make sure to show them daily how much they mean, no matter how busy life gets.

  256. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to not worry so much about the small things around the house that need to be done and just enjoy the moments with my babies. So basically just chill out a little more :)

  257. Crystal D says:

    My resolution is to finish my many unfinished projects!

  258. My resolution is to spend less time on the computer and more time finishing my stack of unfinished craft projects before starting a bunch of new projects. I’m not doing so well as I came home from my quilt guild meeting last night and immediately cut into my new bundle of Madrona Road fabric. :)

  259. I’d spend a gift card on a closet organizational system. Maybe then my craft room would be a little more organized?

  260. Yolanda Lopez says:

    There are so many ideas going through my head on what I could make and what I wold use my giftcard on. We are just moving into our new home at the end of the month, so I’m sure it would be put to great use!

  261. I would spend the Lowe’s Gift Card on organizational projects. I have already been on an organizing kick this year!

  262. Jeni Wilson says:

    I resolve to exercise consistently this year!!

  263. I’d love to win a Lowe’s gift card. We just bought a 1920s farmhouse to restore. I love your framed chalkboard. I didn’t realize they had whiteboard paint also, or I’d have been an addict a long time ago. Seriously thinking about whiteboard painting and chalkboard painting an entire wall of my new office!

  264. Jeni Wilson says:

    I would use the gift card on some organizational items to get my craft area disaster a little less disastrous!

  265. With the project My Cowboy and I have just taken on, there are hundreds of items I could buy from Lowe’s. I’d probably go for new cabinet knobs and pulls for my kitchen first!

  266. I am resolving to have cleaner, more organized home this year.

  267. Mary Hunt says:

    One f my resolutions is to be more organized- for the whole family to be that way!!

  268. Resolution: work on being more content

  269. I would use the $75 Lowe’s gift card on the materials for a gallery wall, so that all those framed photos that I have will not spend anymore time stacked up on the fireplace hearth.

  270. Resolution: I will work on making the dream of living at the beach happen.

  271. Jennifer K says:

    I resolve to spend more quality time with my kiddo!!!

  272. Resolution: I will work on making my dream of living at the beach a reality. Just need to get a job near one. :)

  273. Jennifer K says:

    I would spend the gift card on updating the back porch to a play area!

  274. Elizabeth Tongi says:

    I resolve to be nicer to my family! I have been a beast with this pregnancy!!

  275. Elizabeth Tongi says:

    I would spend the $75 on paint! I hate the color of my living room!

  276. My resolution is to save money!

  277. Bonnie Gale says:

    One of my New Year’s resolutions is to make my home a more joyful place. Thanks for the giveaway!

  278. I would use the gift card to update my bathroom.

  279. I just repainted my dining room. Now I need curtain panels so either curtains or new area rugs.

  280. This is the year that I vow to eat much healthier and exercise/dance more! Need all the life and energy I can get to accomplish my life’s dreams! Three days in and doing (and feeling) pretty great! : )

  281. We are helping my grandma remodel her home out of it’s mid-eighties funk, so I would use the gift card on something to update her house! Thank you for this giveaway and Happy New Year!

  282. My resolution is to organize my life so I can get my projects done.. for real this time! lol

  283. I need to put shelving in my storage building so this gift card would be a huge help.

  284. Ashley Lindberg says:

    My new years resolution is to give each day a purpose! I feel like I wasted to many days last year.

  285. Bonnie Gale says:

    If I won the gift card, I would purchase a shower tension rod and some shower baskets to hang up the toiletry items in my shower. I would also purchase more spray paint to spray paint my garage sale picture frames. And, if there was anything left over I’d buy 2 lamp shades for 2 lamps I’ve inherited through my family.

  286. Ashley Lindberg says:

    If I were to win I would use the money to buy trim for my basement. We want to sell our house in the near future to meet the needs of our growing family but have to take care of a few cosmetic things around the house.

  287. To have a softer response to my children.

  288. Paint. I so need to paint my house.

  289. Julianne Johnson says:

    My resolution is to lose the baby weight and clean better.

  290. Julianne Johnson says:

    I would buy some paint and some cleaning supplies to help with my resolution.

  291. Donna Simpson says:

    This year I resolve to make more of the gifts I give (for birthdays, for anniversaries, for Christmas) … be more creative and spend less while doing so!

  292. Donna Simpson says:

    With the Lowe’s gift card, I could buy part of my supplies for craft ideas… Plus, flowers to fill home-made flower containers!

  293. Becky Gomez says:

    My New Years resolution is to make some furniture for my house.

  294. Teri Mullane says:

    My 2013 resolution is strive for and embrace patience and stress less.

  295. Becky Gomez says:

    I would use the lowes gift card for either a Kreg Jig or wood for my projects.

  296. Crystal n says:

    I resolve to brush AND floss everyday

  297. One of my resolutions/goals is to prettify my garage laundry space!

  298. I’d get some organization stuff for my laundry space!

  299. Teri Mullane says:

    As to the gift card, I would use it to replace a tool I (somehow) lost… that belonged to my husband.

  300. My new year’s resolution is to stress less and organize more!

  301. I would use the gift card to repaint our office which will become the nursery this summer!

  302. My resolution is to lose weight.

  303. I would use the gift card to buy tools.

  304. I am resolving this year to make the most out of each day because the days just fly by so quickly. I’m going to try to be present during each hour/day this year.

  305. if i won, i’d buy some wood and paint and get making some fabulous signage for my home using my silhouette!xo

  306. …Be more patient!

  307. I’d buy a couple of those new fancy-schmancy light bulbs that you never have to replace (okay, maybe just one!).

  308. I’d get a start on the Powder Room remodel I want to do. No more moose wallpaper border (from the previous owners) for me!!!!

  309. Emily Smith says:

    Paleo lifestyle change

  310. My resolution this year is to be healthier and more organized, both in eating and cleaning habits.

  311. If I won the gift card I’d use it to work on my garden/yard in the spring.

  312. Anne Zayas says:

    One of my new years resolutions would be to be more organized. My craft things are all over the place which is the reason I would need the $75 Lowes gift card to put towards shelving & other tools needed to make this happen. I have recently started crafting & have no place to really put anything so it’s scattered & have trouble finding things. Horrible, isn’t it? This gift card would help me jumpstart my crafting & sewing in the right direction! Thanks again! :o)

  313. Great project! It has so many uses after the New Year. I need to get all craft supplies organized and easy to access so I would spend the gift card on storage supplies or things to make my own storage containers.

  314. I am going to try and walk the stairs more often and park farther from the door when I am out shopping.

  315. I’d spend the gift card on clearance christmas as well as some of that chalkboard paint for some kids crafts.

  316. I resolve this year to have one-on-one time with each of my children every day!

  317. I would spend it on paint!

  318. I resolve to make more healthy choices: eating better, getting enough rest, exercising more, taking ‘me’ time and thanking God more for my blessings!

  319. I resolve to get organized and donate a lot of the crap I’ve made…and bought! My husband is convinced I have become a hoarder, so I must prove him wrong! I would spend my Lowe’s $$ on shelving to make custom shelves for different rooms, and to add storage to our bathroom downstairs, which has a pedestal sink and absolutely no storage cabinets or shelves. Pick me, pick me!!! ;) (waving emphatically). ;)

  320. Wanda Warfield says:

    I would use the gift card to help with my make-over of my bedroom.

  321. Wanda Warfield says:

    A new Year’s resolution is to eat better food and not buy or eat as much processed foods, hoping to be healthier in the new year.

  322. Toni Anne Potter says:

    My plan is to eat healthier and lose weight. So far I’ve been doing well.

  323. Toni Anne Potter says:

    I would spend my gift card on more shelving for my sewing room. You can never have enough space for your stash and machines. Thanks!

  324. Being consistent

  325. I’d use it for more storage for my scrapbook room!

  326. I luv how the chalkboard turned out .. and I think my hubby needs the sock reminder too :)hahaha. As for my resolution: drinking 8 glasses of water each day! | what would I do w/Lowes card? hmmm, probaby go down the tools aisle for new fun tools to use in my diys :)

  327. My resolution is to be more intentional… you know, with my time, my money, what I eat, etc. :)

  328. Oh, I’ll totally buy paint if I win! I gotta get me a chalkboard up in here STAT! :)

  329. How did you attach the MDF to the back of the frame?

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      It’s thin so I just used the little metal bendy tabs (technical term) that you’d use to hold in a picture.


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