Must. Make. Quilt.

In the last few weeks I’ve made 6 slings and 5 nursing covers for friends. You’d think that would have satisfied my need to sew, but it really hasn’t. I’ve become OBSESSED with making a quilt. It’s all I think about. I came across this tutorial, and decided to try it out. The best part? It uses scraps. BC will be delighted that I won’t be buying any more fabric….in theory.

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Paybacks are a Sith

So, I might have caused my BFF Sheri to get a ticket a few weeks back. You can read the full story here and judge for yourself. Today there was a package wedged into my mailbox for Keller from Sheri. What was in it? This little beauty:

He’s currently sleeping in it.

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Back to school

Macy’s been back for just over a week, but today was the first day of Kindergarten. Everything went relatively smoothly, except for Keller sobbing about not wanting to go to school and demanding I go with to drop him off and not eating breakfast, Macy sobbing about her BFF Uncle Blake leaving for Pittsburgh in the morning, me not having planned on taking the kids to school and therefore not having bathed yet, Bennett screaming to nurse whilst we were waiting for school to start, Campbell laying on the ground and/or humping BC’s leg the whole time…..OK, maybe things didn’t go so smoothly.

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