Math, Lady Gaga Style + download

Little known secret:  Macy is a math nerd.

Like, (proud mom brag alert) she’s taking 8th grade honors math next year and skipping the whole 7th grade math scene completely.

And, last Thursday, she participated in the Math Olympics.

The plan was for her to wear a dorky math related t-shirt.  So, after much Google-ing and debate (“5 out of 4 people don’t understand fractions”, “No, I will not do your math”, etc.), we made one with my Silhouette CAMEO™ and a heat transfer starter kit.


If you haven’t tried the heat transfer yet, you really should…you’ll be hooked.  The hilarious t-shirt possibilities alone make it worth your while.  (Remember when I made myself one that said “WORST MOM EVER”?  He he he.)

What did we decide on?


The font I used is Arial.  The font size is different on each line.


To save you some work, I’ve uploaded it for you hereDon’t forget to reverse the image before cutting it out of heat transfer!

When it came right down to it, she wussed out


and wore something completely normal instead.


I said the OUTFIT was completely normal.  She, obviously, is not (takes after her mother).  Winking smile

In case you forgot, I’m giving away a CAMEO and a heat transfer starter kit.  Go here to enter.

If you’re not feeling like a winner, you can pick up a Silhouette CAMEO™ PLUS a heat transfer starter kit for $269.99 through April 10th.  Go here to add the bundle to your cart and use code “CRAP” to take advantage of the savings.  Already have a Silhouette?  Pick up the heat transfer starter kit for $24.99 or take 40% off of all other heat transfer material.  Use code “CRAP” for that as well!

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Tie Dyeing

We saw these in Family Fun magazine, and decided to give them a try. Macy’s isn’t actually done on account of the fact that when you’re 8, each face requires about 3 hours of thought.

And then Bennett barfed all over his.

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