Giveaway: $100 Gift Card to Lowe’s!

I was SUPER excited when I got my latest Lowe’s Creative Ideas email.  It said:

For June & July, your challenge is to make your outside space more appealing, more fun and more memorable. Give your backyard a little lift that will keep your loved ones laughing and smiling all summer long.

When we bought this house, we had some landscape plans drawn up.  These plans included a lounge area in one of the corners of my backyard with a fire pit.  Then we remembered we had 2 little kids (man, those were the days Winking smile) and a swing set that needed a home.  So, the fire pit never happened and we put the swing set in its place.  That was almost 9 years ago and the swing set has had better days.

The time has come to get rid of that sucker and install the fire pit…or has it?

I went to Lowe’s and saw this sucker right out front:

photo (2)-002

It’s a fire pit kit that includes the metal ring and a cover for under $200.  It comes in 2 color schemes (with other pavers/castle stones/etc available, too).


They were in the back of the garden center at my Lowe’s.

I came home to make a final color decision and as I walked back into the house, I noticed this situation with my deck:


And then I looked closer:


Dude.  My deck is about to collapse.


So, instead of the 9 years in the making fire pit, I’m fixing my deck.  Woo?

And I’m making BC put this behemoth somewhere else


because I feel like it’s kind of to blame.


Stay tuned to see how that all plays out.

In the mean time, Lowe’s wants to give one of you a $100 gift card to make your own backyard memories this summer.


Leave a comment on this post telling me what your summer backyard project entails.

That’s it.  Quick and easy.

Giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and over only and closes Tuesday, July 3rd at noon MST.  Winner will be chosen at random using a WordPress Plugin (And The Winner Is…) and notified by email.  Winner has 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

And while you’re waiting to see if you won, head on over for your FREE Subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine:


Or, check out the Lowe’s Creative Idea’s app (also free)!  I have it on my iPhone and it’s delightful!


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Are you familiar with GroopDealz?

If you’ve been around a while, I’m sure you are.  We’ve done some giveaways for them before.  If not, here’s the short version:

GroopDealz is an online deals boutique that offers the greatest variety of on trend jewelry, accessories, home decor, party trends, children’s goods and so much more all at a fraction of the retail price!

Every day GroopDealz features a variety of fabulous limited finds that have been hand picked for a unique shopping experience! Be sure to come and see what deals are waiting for you today and sign up for their daily alerts so you never miss out on a great buy!

GroopDealz is also all about the giveaways.  I’m pretty sure you’ll want to head over there RIGHT NOW to sign up for the latest giveaway (hint: A CAMERA)!


***This post is sponsored by GroopDealz***

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Silhouette Rhinestone Promotion

Here are the details up front, if you’re in the market for a CAMEO or a Silhouette rhinestone starter kit:

rhinestone bundle promo

Go HERE and use code “CRAP” to take advantage of the savings.

Wanna see what I made with the rhinestone starter kit the nice folks at Silhouette sent me?


Amy, Tauni, Lara (if she’s well enough…send her some prayers, will ya?), and I have tickets to the Neil Diamond concert next month.

And we’re pretty sure we need shirts.

Plus, since we’re craft dorks, we’re pretty sure we need to make them ourselves.

I traced a silhouette of Neil from The Jazz Singer in my Silhouette Studio software and cut him out of heat transfer and then used the alphabet that comes as a free download with the rhinestone starter kit and did rhinestone letters.  I think my actual shirt for the concert will be with the clear rhinestones so I can look my Diamond-est.  Or Diamond best. Open-mouthed smile

Fullscreen capture 6202012 24120 PM

Getting the rhinestones all positioned in the cut out is not nearly as bad as you’d think when you use the brush included in the starter kit and follow the directions.

photo (1)-003

And then you pick them up with clear transfer tape (also included in the kit) and position them on the shirt and iron.


So, do you think Neil will be impressed?

Open-mouthed smile

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Where Women Create Giveaway

Are you all familiar with Where Women Create?

The most recent issue showed up on my doorstep.


And because I was so excited, I didn’t get out my big girl camera so you get cell phone pics!  YAY!  Open-mouthed smile

photo (2)-001

Right there in the The Business of the Studio section (written by Cindy, whom I adore, from Riley Blake Designs) is a list of “25 Inspiration & Educational Blogs”.


And if you look really closely, there amongst all the awesome is some Crap.

photo (1)-002

So, on account of my excitement about being IN Where Women Create and my general adoration of their lovely publication, I’m giving away a copy!


Leave a comment on this post saying which publication you dream of being featured in.  WWC?  National Geographic?  Playboy?  Winking smile Doesn’t matter!  Just leave a comment!

Giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and over only and closes Sunday, June 24th at noon MST.  Winner will be chosen at random using a WordPress Plugin (And The Winner Is…) and notified by email.  Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

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An idea so crazy it just might work

So, remember the DIY Blogger House for the Parade of Homes thing that I’m doing?

DAY 120768 BlogButton_600X150-M

Things are moving along!  We’ve got just over 40 days until the Parade of Homes starts….YIKES!


You can follow along and get the latest news on the project here.

There’s also a new video (which I have not watched yet because I don’t want to see my hat hair captured on film).

DIY Blogger House


So what’s the “idea so crazy it just might work”?

Lara and I are in charge of the kids’ rooms.  We thought we had a crib, but that didn’t work out.  We’ve had a couple of failed KSL transactions and it’s crunch time.  We NEED a crib, because as Lara says, “A nursery without a crib is just a living room.”  So, in the true DIY blogger spirit (which I think scares our designer friend Brian a little), I’m looking to round one up.

Are you a SLC area local?
(I’m willing to drive like 1.5 hours)

Do you have a crib and/or changing table you want to get rid of?

We’re not picky because it’s getting a makeover.

It could even be recalled…no baby is actually going to sleep in it! Open-mouthed smile

Are you willing to sell it cheap?

Do you need barstools?  I have 10 (6 of one style, 4 of another) in my garage that we could discuss trading.

Do you need an IKEA EKTORP TULLSTA chair?  I have one with two white slipcovers that we could trade.

How about a pink IKEA office chair?  I’ve got one of those, too.

Pottery Barn Kids Daisy Garden bedding?  Also that.

And we haven’t even scratched the surface of “CRAP I NEED TO UNLOAD” yet.  (Sisal rug…bike…a couple of random shutters…)

So, do you have a crib or changing table?  Do you want to sell or trade?

Shoot me an email ([email protected]) and let’s make a deal!


Full Disclosure: I am being modestly compensated for my participation in this project, I say modestly because how cool is it that I’m getting paid to design a fabulous house with 4 of my good friends? And, while I am being compensated, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. I wouldn’t have jumped in if I didn’t think it was an amazing opportunity.

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The Kindness of Strangers

Guess who’s not dead!

(Hint: me)

photo (3)
(Macy crushing me on the Astro Orbiter)

We came home from our 12 day road trip to family in town and massive amounts of laundry and hosting a Father’s Day get together, so it’s taken me a bit to get with the program again.

I have a confession:  Disneyland is not my favorite.

I’m practically a communist, right?

You see…I’ve only been 3 times.

Once was in 1984 when I tried to climb off Space Mountain when it was moving.

Once was in 2008 when Campbell did this the whole week:

And the third time was now.  We did a slow paced first day where we didn’t even head to Disney until after lunch and things went well.  (Other than a ticket window attendant on a power trip who was ready to have me arrested when I incorrectly stated that I was picking up tickets for 2 adults and 4 kids instead of 3 and 3, that is.  Apparently 10 = an adult at Disney.  Who knew?)

I was hopeful.

photo (1)

We got up the next morning and the kids got appropriately dorked out.

photo (2)

Some kids used the force.



And then we went to FastPass Star Tours (which made me break out in a “HOLY CRAP I’M GOING TO BE THE MIDDLE AGED LADY WHO BARFS” cold sweat, btw) and discovered that one of our tickets hadn’t been scanned at the gate that day.  The sweet employee fixed the FastPass situation for us and told us to go to City Hall.

Strike 1 for Asperger’s/SPD.

When we got to City Hall, there was a long line.

Strike 2 for Asperger’s/SPD.

The lady at City Hall was super NOT nice and accused me of making up what was going on.

Strike 1 for Mom.

We then had to go back to the gates.

Strike 3 for Asperger’s/SPD.

This lead to strikes 2-40 for mom.

Mom-ing a kid with special needs is a balancing act.  When do you cater to the Asperger’s vs. when do you make him do hard things?  When do you push harder vs. when have you already pushed too hard?

The rest of the day went similarly.

We sat down for fireworks and BC took Bennett to the bathroom.  Campbell lost it…LOST IT.  There were too many people.  There was too much noise.  It had been a long day and he was done.  He was rolling around on the ground and freaking out in a way that only other Autism parents have experienced/understand.  And that is when a Disney employee came by and informed me that his head could not be on the ground.

I tried to get him off the ground and started to cry.  I hate to cry.  I don’t feel sorry for myself when it comes to being an Autism mom.  I’m a religious person and I’m going to tell you that I KNOW that I agreed to be this kid’s mom before this life.  I’ve been prepared for it.  I’m capable of it and sometimes I’m even good at it.  Disneyland is not important in the grand scheme of things.  I know that.  It’s not worth crying over.  I know that.  BUT, sometimes you just want to be able to do “normal” family things.  Sometimes, when your kid has to write a paper for school about a time that her family had fun together, you want her to be able to think of something that didn’t involve her brother freaking out.

The sweet employee (whose name I did not get and I’m kicking myself about it because Mickey Mouse himself would be getting a letter about her) noticed and asked what was wrong.  Through the tears I spit out “He has Autism and we’re doing the best we can.”  She told us to wait there and disappeared.  She came back with a guy named Brian who was busy on his walkie talkie and asked how many were in our party.  I explained that there were 6 of us and that my husband was in the bathroom with another kid.

And then she told me that she, too, was the mom of a 6 year old with Autism.  But guess what?  Her husband couldn’t take it and he left.  And she “got it”.  She understood.  And we both sat there and cried in the middle of Disneyland.  And then she hugged me, and I didn’t even hate it.  Winking smile

Brian used his magical walkie talkie to get us reserved seats for the fireworks on benches right up at the train station, away from the crowds and the chaos.

photo (4)

And Campbell still freaked out.

And I still kept crying.

But, I was reminded that there are still good people in this world and my heart was full.

Maybe that’s the magic of Disney?

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Today you can find me…

Just popping in from Disneyland to let you know that today I’m over on the Riley Blake Designs blog sharing a tutorial for a super quick and easy (and cute) skirt using Lila Tueller’s new Bohemian Festival line.


I also share a different way to look at one of the other Bohemian Festival prints to make some flowery appliques.

GO HERE for my tutorial.

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