My Peeps Shirt


I wanted to try Silhouette’s sewable interfacing, too, so I could give you my thoughts on it.

I decided on a quick shirt for Campbell, since I’m positive he’ll continue his streak of demanding mom-made holiday wear.

The chick shapes came from the Silhouette online store.  The font is Aharoni.


The sewable interfacing definitely doesn’t cut as cleanly as the clean cut, BUT there still were not a whole lot of places where I had to trim strings…maybe 2 or 3?  And, honestly, even if I’d had to re-cut every single line with scissors it still would be faster than tracing and cutting manually.  Especially when I forget to mirror image stuff on the back when I’m doing it the old fashioned way and have to cut it more than once.

It was a good thickness for sewing and held stuff in place nicely.

So yeah.  I liked it.

I sewed the letters all messy (on purpose, with my free motion foot).  I’m not sure how I feel about them.


The March Silhouette promotion runs through Sunday.  Use code “CRAP” to get a machine, both kinds of interfacing, and a roll of white flocked heat transfer for $229.  Code “CRAP” will also get you 25% off the interfacing.


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The Claire Witch Project*

Did you see the super cute witch hat applique pattern over on UCreate last week?

I did.


And my niece Claire is rocking it. (Tangent: I swear she suddenly has WAY more hair than when I saw her 3 weeks ago.) She also has ruffles on the bum. The skirt is just a bunch of strips sewed side to side with a little waistband and then I hemmed it with bias tape.

Has anybody else tried the applique pattern? What other Halloween wear have you made?

*Totally ripped off the title from an email my SIL sent me.

And I’m adding another pic of the ruffles because they KILL me!


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