It has come to my attention that my dear, sweet (slightly evil like her mother) daughter has led some (OK a lot) of you that know me in real life to believe that she *actually* needs glasses. She does not.

She does, however, need a haircut.

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You know what today is?

It’s my blogiversary.
My first post was exactly one year ago today.
Time flies when you’re having fun?
180 posts.
Here’s to 180 more!
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Decoupaged Barn Star

I found this idea here (and small weird world on the old www, she happens to be my step mom’s neighbor).



Look way up there in the right hand corner.

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Flower clips

Macy and I made a bunch of these Monday morning. Seriously easy! She likes them clipped to her newsboy type hat. I have to admit it’s pretty darn cute. You could easily clip them on a headband or just in your hair, too.

Here’s what we did:

Cover an alligator clip with ribbon. Directions with pictures can be found here. You can buy boxes of alligator clips cheap at Sally’s.

All the flowers pictured above came from Dollar Tree. We popped off the individual flowers and took them apart. Most of them we layered 2 flowers together. You can sew them or glue them. Cut the plastic stem thing on the back as flush as you can and glue them to the clips.

Want better instructions? (And who can blame you, really?) Try these!

Flower barrettes

Sparkly Retro Silk Flowers

Multiple flowers on one clip

Organza with beads in the centers

Felt flowers

With buttons

With fabric layers and button covered centers

And my fabric flowers made some dang cute clips, too…if I do say so myself!

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More washers

Remember how I said that we’d be making some more washer stuff?

Here’s a YouTube video, if you’re interested.

Things I’ve learned:

I used E6000 to glue down the paper. Let it dry COMPLETELY or you’ll get rippling when you apply the glaze.

It’s OK to have “paper over hang” (like that term?). Once your adhesive is dry, take a nail file and file downward all around the edges. Make sure to file or sand the inside edge, too.

Diamond Glaze is hard to come by in Utah. I used Aleene’s Paper Glaze. It’s available at Michael’s. I’ve done 18 washers (the big ones were 2″) and still have some left. Also, DON’T SHAKE IT. You’ll get bubbles. Most of the bubbles can be popped quickly with a needle. Pop them as soon as you notice them. It looks milky straight out of the bottle, but it dries clear. The drying time was about 2 days.

Now we just need to string them!

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Seasons Boutique

Remember this post?

See those curtains on the fitting rooms way way way back there?

Char originals.
Stop in and check them out — the store AND the curtains.
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Made another Kirstin’s skirt

LOVE this pattern. It says it goes to size 8. Macy’s a 10 or 12 slim, but it still worked fabulously.

I only had a yard of the Denyse Schmidt, and I used every last ounce of it. I used about a yard and a half of the yellow gingham. And we tied the bow in the back. 9 year olds are opinionated, you know.

Don’t the filthy feet just scream summer?

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Tight fit

Yes, he climbed in by himself.

At least he’s actually IN the pictures, unlike a couple of them from yesterday?

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Happy 4th!

Someone (hint: not Campbell for once) wanted no part in picture taking.

Click on it to get the full effect.

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Pattern Review: Kirstin’s Skirt

Available for purchase here. I suppose this is more of an ebook, really.
I loved the waistband. I’ve never made one this style before, but I’ll definitely be trying it again. The way you finish the bottom of it before gathering and attaching the skirt practically eliminated the annoying mess of threads you usually get.
I’d also never hand pleated a skirt before, but I’ll be doing that again too.
The directions were clear and easy and the skirt went together quickly. I had to run out for thread (how on Earth did I run out of brown?) and ric rac and still sewed this up in an afternoon.
Hopefully it fits the recipient. Campbell wouldn’t hold still, so I’m not sure. :o)
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