Q: Can an 8 year old wear a size 24 months?


Yes, but they’ll look like skin tight Bermuda shorts instead of khaki church pants.

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  1. hilarious.

    did she not realize they weren’t hers? or was she fooling around… i like to think it was an accident. makes it hella funnier.

  2. holy crap, that’s hilarious!

    That’s about what it would look like if I tried on a pair of Alissa’s pants.

  3. sheri’s comment has me dying!

    as does those pictures and the thought of it all. poor girl.

  4. The Weight Family says:

    Whatever you dork!!!! I didn’t know you were a blogger….SwEeT, one more person I get to stalk (not to mention borrow the baby too, by the way I missed him on Sunday)Love the blog, your in trouble now!

  5. Well how freaking cool is it that you get to reuse the boys clothes on the older girls. That’s frugal right there. I may start wearing Lindsey’s close to see how well it works.

  6. No kiddding, I actually bought 24 month long pants for my daughter to wear for shorts. She was 7 years old and we could not find any modest shorts to wear to school. I saw them on the rack and she tried them on. She wore them for 2 years.

  7. Oh my gosh, I just stumbled upon your blog and this is the first thing I came to…I am cracking up! My daughter did the very same thing when she was EIGHT too! Only difference was that it was a pair of plaid 3T shorts waiting for my then 10 month old boy to grow into. She actually could have warn them out in public and no one would have known! So far I am really enjoying your blog, onward to look at more I go.

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