Another week, another giveaway! Or three.

My friend, former backyard neighbor, and Macy’s future MIL Randi is the owner of Piggy’s and Petals. She makes some CUTE crap and ships for FREE anywhere in the US (pettiskirts excluded…they ship for $5). I’m giving each of her giveaways its own post, so be sure to enter all three!

To enter to win a pettiskirt (size and color of your choice), go here.

To enter to win a crocheted beanie with flower (you pick the colors), go here.

To enter to win a $25 gift certificate for ANYTHING on her site, go here.


In addition to the 3 fabulous giveaways this week, she’s also offering all Crap I’ve Made readers a discount of 20% off any order. Email her directly at [email protected] and tell her you read my crap and want her crap for 20% less!
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Piggy’s and Petals: Crocheted Beanie & Flower!

This giveaway from Piggy’s and Petals is for a crocheted beanie with a flower…you choose the colors! To enter, click over to the beanie page and take a look around. Come back here and leave a comment with what color you’d choose!
Don’t forget to enter the other 2 giveaways!
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Piggy’s and Petals: Pettiskirt!

This giveaway is for a pettiskirt in your choice of size (0-12) and color. Click here to check out the options Piggy’s and Petals offers and then come back and leave a comment saying what you’d choose when (gotta think positive) you win!
Don’t forget to enter the other 2 giveaways!
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Piggy’s and Petals: $25 Gift Certificate!

(I know Halloween’s over, but this bow/headband combination makes me giddy!)
To win a $25 gift certificate for anything on the Piggy’s and Petals site, click on over and have a look around and then come back here and leave a comment on this post with one or two of the things you’d spend your $25 on! And remember, all her bows, beanies, and flowers ship for FREE so you get to spend the WHOLE $25.
Don’t forget to enter the other 2 giveaways, too!
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Winner! Winner! Winner!

The first winner is:


The second winner is:


The third winner is:


Infertility Goddess!
Email me at [email protected] to claim your prizes!
And the rest of you? You win a code for 20% off your entire order, if you want to try Germ Free 24 for yourself.


Go here to purchase, if you’re interested. You can’t beat one spray for the whole day!

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Patchwork Camera Strap Tutorial


There are a bunch of camera strap/camera strap cover tutorials out there already (believe me, I spent an hour or more reading them), but none of them were exactly what I wanted.

If you want what I wanted, this is the tutorial for you!


camera strap
seam ripper
heavy weight interfacing the same length as your camera strap and 2 times the width
fabric scraps
thread that coordinates with the fabrics
black thread (or other thread that coordinates with the leather on the ends of the original strap)
leather needle

I got my camera straps on Amazon for $2.96. You may have an old one that needs a face lift.


Take your seam ripper to the backs of the ends of the strap. Cut every 2nd or 3rd stitch. I only did the portion to the left of the seam ripper in the picture. The other half wasn’t holding the strap in.


Once you’ve cut the stitching, pull it apart.


Cut through any additional threads and pull the strap out.


Trim/remove any additional loose threads. Do this to both ends of the strap.

Measure the width of the original strap. Mine measured 1.5”


Cut your interfacing TWICE the width and the same length as the original strap piece you just removed. Since my original strap was 1.5”, I cut my interfacing 3” wide.


Sew your fabric scraps together until you have a piece that is at least as long as the original strap and 2 times the width plus 1/2”. Press the seams. I pressed mine towards the darker fabric.


Place your interfacing on the back side of your fabric and fuse according to manufacturer’s directions.


Trim, leaving 1/4” of fabric past the interfacing on both long sides and flush with interfacing on the short ends.


Press the long edges in 1/4”


Turn it over and give it another good press.


Fold in half lengthwise and press again.


Edge stitch the open edge using the coordinating thread.


Edge stitch the other edge.


Do a line of stitching right down the middle and then two more lines (one on each side) between the edge stitch and the center line.


Insert the end of your new strap into the leather end you removed from the original strap.



Using the black thread (or whatever color matches your leather ends) and a leather needle, stitch right over the previous stitching line.



Do this to both ends and you’re done!


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Thankful tree

My BFF Sheri does this and I love it! She hangs hers on a door, but I wanted it in the family room. Our family room is mostly windows…the lone solid wall has the piano on it. So, I put it in the corner.

I got about 4 feet of brown craft paper and creased it down the center. If yours isn’t going in the corner, you won’t need to crease it.

I sketched a tree trunk shape. If you actually took and passed art in high school, yours will look better than mine. Thank heavens for pottery and social dance!

I cut the trunk out and taped it to the wall using blue painter’s tape. I’m sure there are better ways to do it, but I was working with what I had.

Then, I sent Keller out in the backyard to find a big old maple leaf. I made a template and cut 40 or 50 leaves out of different fall colors of construction paper. You could use cardstock or whatever. You could also find someone that has a die cut machine. Cutting 5 at a time made it go pretty quickly, though. You can find my template here. If I were doing it again, I’d make the leaf a little smaller, so I could fit two to a page.

Tonight, we sat down and talked about all the things we’re thankful for and each chose 2 to write on leaves. Campbell said Blake (my brother) and Santa. That’s the chance you take when there’s a 3 year old in the mix.

We taped the leaves on the tree.

There’s a bowl of leaves on the mantle so we can add to it as the month goes on.

The plan is to read them all on Thanksgiving to help us remember how blessed we really are.

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Perhaps it’s just this time of year?

Remember this from last year?
We had a repeat this morning, though candy was not directly involved.
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Giveaway! Germ Free 24!


A couple weeks back I was given a bottle of Germ Free 24 to try. I’ve been hosing my kids down with it every morning before school, and so far so good. We’ve had a nasty H1N1 outbreak in the neighborhood and we’re still unscathed. Maybe we’re just lucky? Dunno, but I’m going to keep using it.

Also, it smells like something I used to use on my perm in the 80′s, but I’m not sure what. Ah, memories.

I’m not making you jump through any hoops, follow anything, tell me a joke, share an embarassing moment…ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST. How easy is that?

I have 3 2oz bottles to give away. Contest ends Friday, November 6th at 8:00 MST.

If you want to buy some, go here.

On your mark! Get set! Comment!

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