So, where are the winners?

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In the past, I’ve posted the winners and screen shots, right?

That’s not happening anymore.


WordPress has a plugin for that.  (I still don’t get it either, so don’t ask me to explain Open-mouthed smile)

I click on some magic buttons and WordPress picks winners for me and then I click a few more buttons and it emails them for me.  Sweet, right?

So, the names of the winners are: Jennifer, Sarah E., and Leanne.  Go check your email if that could be you!

I also had WordPress pick new winners for the Woombie and Imaginisce giveaways.  They were old contests, from before the switch, so I couldn’t click the magic buttons to have them notified via email.

The new Woombie winner is The Knapps.

The new Imaginisce winner is Heather (goldiecar).

You two will need to email me ASAP at [email protected] to claim your prizes!

And, guess who I met last night!



She was delightful and didn’t even act weirded out when I asked her about modifying one of her patterns to make it a dress.  You know…like I’m someone important or something and have the right to do that.  She was also kind enough to sign this for her biggest fan, aka Neighbor Jami:


Fun night, with some of my favorite local bloggers!


Today I have a kid home sick.  I think that might be the perfect excuse to make something!

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Framed Monogram

Remember how I told you I made something?

This is it:


I LOVE monograms, but C is officially THE most boring letter for a monogram in the history of monograms.  And, the room it’s going in has a horse trough for a coffee table, so a regular old C in a frame wasn’t going to cut it.  I needed something with a little “kick”.

I took a regular old Hobby Lobby frame and spray painted it glossy orange.  Good start, but it still needed a little more oomph!

The background is green, cut with my Silhouette, but I suspect I could have found a patterned paper that would have worked just as well.  However, I would have had to put pants without an elastic waistband and shoes on for that, so…

The C is the lowercase one from JFFerrule.  I cut that with my Silhouette as well.  It’s one lone letter, so you could for sure cut it out with scissors if you’re not Silhouette inclined.  And then I used spray adhesive to mount everything to a white backing paper.


Cute with my Target lamp (which is currently marked down to $18!), right?


Do you like monograms?

Do you have any on display in your home?

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Some bloggy business

1.  You can still enter to win one of THREE name brand (Lottery Yarn) slipcovers from on this post through tomorrow.

2.  I have not heard from the Woombie or Imaginisce winners.  I’ll redraw and post those later today.

3.  Do you want to come to SNAP! ?  We’re giving away a full conference pass.  The contest starts Wednesday.  Go here for the details.

4.  Have I mentioned that I’m going to Kentucky this weekend for the GE Momsperience?  It’s true…I won the chance to accompany the fabulous Lorie from Be Different Act Normal and I’m GIDDY.

5.  In case you missed it on Facebook, Neighbor Jami had her sweet baby Lucy early yesterday morning!


6.  I ACTUALLY MADE SOMETHING LAST NIGHT.  I think the funk has lifted!

Got anything good going on this week?

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Happy Mothering Day

(See why I’m calling it that from my pal Lara over at LCMF)

I got all “deep” last year.

This year?  Nope.  Open-mouthed smile

This year I want you to meet some people.

WinsorPhotos 1743
My step mom, me, my dad’s mom, my sister (yes I am aware we look nothing alike), and Macy down in front.

WinsorPhotos 1739-1
Me, my mom’s mom, my mom, and Macy down in front again…4 generations of crazy broads.  Just kidding, Mom.  You’re normal.  Ish.

How fortunate and blessed am I to be 35 years old and still have both of my grandmas living?  Getting to know your grandparents as an adult is a fabulous thing that most people don’t have the privilege of experiencing.

And you know what?  Sometimes there’s a silver lining in divorce.  I’m a big believer that people come into your life when you need to know them and that there’s never a trial without something good to help you get through said trial, even if you don’t recognize it as the “good thing” at the time.  My sister and I joke that we’re thankful for divorce and teen pregnancy, because we needed to be sisters.  And when everyone can put their differences aside?  More people to love your kids, and kids can never have too many people that love them, right?  (Random story alert:  One year we threatened Macy with no Santa if she didn’t shape up.  She said “That’s OK, I have enough grandmas and grandpas!”…7grandmas and 4 grandpas at the time!)

So, take a minute today to thank someone that’s helped and supported you on this mothering journey, will ya?

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One of those weeks

Do any of you get insane when you don’t sleep?

I do…like friggin’ CRAZY.

And I’ve lost a sleep over this here blog this week.  Who knew I cared so much, right?

But, I do.  And this whole WordPress switcheroo made me lose 4000 subscribers.  And I cried.  A lot.  And I was short with my kids.  And I was short with BC. And I cried some more.  And I drank A LOT of Diet Coke to combat the fact that I wasn’t sleeping.  (At one point during a conference call about Snap! I may have demanded that we have a soda fountain at the conference next year.)

All over a blog.

Yesterday, I threw my hands up in the air and walked away.  I went on a preschool field trip with my 2 littlest ones.


I got a little sunburn.


And I felt joyful.

So today we’re ditching preschool and having lunch with friends.

I’ll be back with some crap soon (Neighbor Jami’s window treatments and crib bedding are finished, I just need pictures), but this girl needs to recharge.

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Giveaway: X 3!

Thanks for sticking with me through this WordPress migration!  I’ve gotten some emails about things that aren’t working, and I appreciate them.  I think everything is working now, but if it’s not…you know where to find me.  I’ve also gotten some feedback that people don’t like the truncated posts at the bottom of the page.  I’ve got it set now so that there are three full length posts and then 3 truncated posts on the main page.  If you’ve got strong feelings on that situation, shoot me an email with what you’d prefer to see (i.e. how many full length posts on the home page, how many truncated).  If there’s enough of an uprising (just kidding…you all would never cause an uprising, right?), I might make a change.  Winking smile

So, about that giveaway.

Let me introduce you to

uglysofa sells new condition slipcovers from pretty much THE most well known company out there.  They refer to them as “Brand X”, in honor of the X they put on the tags to prevent returns to said company.  I’m going to refer to them as Lottery Yarn, if you catch my drift.  And I think you do.  Right?

You start by determining if your ugly sofa has square cushions


or T cushions


and then you get shopping.

On many of the covers, they show you a real life shot of the cover on a couch, no catalog magic involved.


So, what’s in it for you? is giving THREE of you a slipcover (up to $179 retail value) of your choice!


Click on over to  Have a look around.  Come back and leave a comment on this post saying which slipcover you’ll pick if you win. (Entry #1)

Extra entries:

Go back to  Sign up for their newsletter (left hand column).  Come back and leave a comment on this post saying that you did. (Entry #2)

Like on Facebook.  Come back and leave a comment on this post saying that you did. (Entry #3)

Giveaway will run for one week.  I’d also like to point out that is running a ridiculously good sale right now where all one piece slipcovers are $29.99 and all separate seat slipcovers are $49.99.  (If you’ve ever priced slipcovers before, you know what I’m talking about.)

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Blast From The Past!

So, I think my big bad switch to WordPress went off without a hitch, right?


Somebody say something, please!

Whilst I’m figuring this all out, I thought I’d show you a project I did almost 3 years ago that is still one of my favorites.


I swapped out a few of the pictures yesterday and was reminded how much I love it.

The short explanation is that I duct taped a bunch of cheapo IKEA frames together.

For the longer explanation and details on where the idea came from, you can check out my original post here.

And check out that cute new lamp I picked up at Target this weekend.


Under $20, too.  See?

If you were notified about his post in a reader, could you let me know?  I just want to see what’s working!

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