Py(rannasaurs) Rex

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?


(And that’s not even all of it.)

(It’s not even all of it in that room.)


So, what do you collect?

How do you display it?

Do you use your collection or is it just for looks?

Any pictures you can link me to?  I’d love to see!


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  1. It looks SO cool!

  2. My mom collects pyrex. Cabinets and cabinets full. My sister and I argue over who HAS to inherit it all. :)

  3. Milk glass..I love it. It’s sort of an obsession – but I’m okay with it!

  4. ah… no wonder you liked my recent pyrex find (which my friend hasn’t come to get, so i am more than ever tempted to keep them) – i didn’t realize you had a problem… ;)

    And I actually have a couple american girl dolls that i keep (with their STUFF) in my sewing room.

  5. I wanted to start collecting pyrex! I found a cute little blue square baking dish at the thrift store for $3, and that’s all the further I’ve gotten. :)

  6. Birdhouses. The collection was actually my grandmother’s before they moved to their retirement home. They couldn’t fit them in the new place. I gladly took them. They hang out in my studio. Of course, I had to make a quilt :). Then I made a Christmas Pillow cover (pics of houses are in the post):

    I added to the collection… wasn’t that big. And it doesn’t help that the boys are enablers. They try to get me to get a new one whenever we see them (esp. at Hobby Lobby)

    Love those bowls!!!!

  7. I too have a pyrex obsession! Especially mixing bowls. I lust much over your collection (wiping the drool now).

  8. Problem? I see no problem and love your dazzling display of such useful, functional, and lovely items…
    I use my big blue bread pans and my mini red bread pans for both the zuchini and pumpkin variety–I heart pyrex :)

  9. I have a “white dish” obsession. If it’s a white platter , bowl, etc. I HAVE to have it. Crate and Barrel is a HARD store for me to shop in for obvious reasons!!

  10. That doesn’t look excessive to me; I think you’ve got it under control.
    I collect Halloween stuff. T-shirts, skeletons, witches, crows, etc. My Halloween mugs are always on display in a dining room hutch, but the rest of it is stored under my bed except for the entire month of October, when I let it all have the run of the house. Here’s a page from my blog last year with a whole bunch of photos:

  11. You are truly my inspiration. I want to be as good a blogger as you are. You make collecting, crafting, thrifting so much fun! =D

  12. I definitely have a soft spot for vintage pyrex as well, but I only have a few pieces. your collection is drool-worthy. Here’s what I’ve started collecting….

  13. Your Pyrex is darling. I don’t really collect anything. I’m like the antithesis of hoarder. I don’t keep anything for long!

    My husband, on the other hand, collects mugs. And it’s annoying.

  14. You’renot alone! Have you seen this blogger?

  15. milk glass! i have a bunch that i found for my wedding last year. i’m also starting a gradual collection of pyrex, but i have such a tiny kitchen right now that i’m trying to stay away from it for a while. my poor husband if i ever get a bigger kitchen!!

  16. Stephanie says:

    I just started taking an interest in pyrex! I scored a sweet baby blue striped one at an estate sale for 3$!!! it is perfect for jello salads!!! I love the yellow polka dotted one!!!

  17. Char! I love your collection! It looks so colorful and fun on your bookshelf all together like that! I collect milk glass, but it’s harder and harder to find these days.

  18. My main collection is milk glass, but in the last few months I’ve started up with the Pyrex too. How can you resist?

  19. I just love your collection! Very bright, colorful and cheerful to look at!

  20. Crystal I love crystal! Not like I ever use it but I have a curio cabinet full of it and yes I take it out and clean with windex and a micro fiber towel so that it is always shiny.

  21. Fiestaware!

  22. I always stare at the pyrex when I am at a thrift store but never buy any. My collection/ obsession is ribbon and I use it lots!!!!

  23. CathyC in Alberta says:

    Your collection adds colour to the room..nothing wrong with that!! Love it! I started collecting fairy figurines but the company is no longer in business…maybe one day they’ll be worth tons!! Also have a collection of cougar pictures, plates and of course the “Stash” of fabric. Cannot drive past a quilt store…it draws me in.

  24. I’m right there with you. I collect Pyrex, vintage aprons, fabric, old typewriters, and vintage kitchen utensils.

  25. Oh, what a lovely collection! It looks so happy on the white shelving. My collections tend to get out of hand. There’s the Snow Village — lighted house and all those accessories. They come out at Christmas time if I have enough time & energy! I’ve pared the teapots down and have them displayed in a small hutch in the kitchen. Then there’s the fabric, which seems to have all the earmarks of being a collection. I do make things with it, though…

  26. I collect vintage china and Pyrex. They make me oh so happy to see them on the table. I love to think of how many family meals they’ve seen.

  27. I have a whole shelf of the blue flower Corningware in my dish garage. It is some of mine, my grandmother’s, my aunt’s and my mom’s. I wouldn’t part with one piece of it. I also have a lot of Pyrex as well, but my mother got rid of all of those small colored refrigerator dishes with the glass lids. I didn’t see a red bowl in your colored mixing bowls. I don’t have one of those either. I still use all of it. Love it but don’t have anything on display except for the colored mixing bowls.

  28. stormyyskyy says:

    I have a frog collection. Most of them I have bought myself, but there is one from my mother made out of granite & one from my son (& hubby) that I got for mother’s day last year. I do limit it, though. Any frog that I collect has to be able to be wiped down with a clorox wipe or it doesn’t stay in my house. Previously, I had them displayed above my kitchen cabinets (I had about 2-2 1/2 feet between the tops & the ceiling) but we moved and now there are soffets (that annoying empty wall above cabinets that usually hides ugly duct work & sometimes nothing at all) so I can’t display them at all. Right now they are in my craft room, but are majorly displaced because of our puppies. I only have room right now for half of my 20 frogs but hopefully by next week I can get them all out again.

  29. I collect dust…

  30. Love your Pyrex! I don’t collect Pyrex for myself but I buy it every chance I get for a friend who does. Having said that if I ever come across a turquoise set of bowls I am keeping them for myself!

    I collect Fireking Jadeite. I have about 160 pieces and it’s not easy to find and it’s not a cheap hobby. For cheap I collect Milkglass which I love and display in my craft room.

  31. I think it’s a sight to behold – and I mean that in a good way. Those bowls and baking dishes just make me happy! I can see why you have so many of them!

  32. You know I love this. Your collection is sweet!! And I love the whole display. We had a pyrex tragedy this summer – my husband dropped my favorite yellow bowl – the big mixing bowl – and shattered it on our friends’ driveway. I am still in mourning. That’s what I get for letting it outside the house.

  33. Like many crafters I “collect” fabric and other supplies. I always have some purpose in mind when I purchase it, but it usually just ends up unused in my stash. I would love a Pyrex collection–my Goodwill never seems to have any though.

  34. I thought about you yesterday when I was at the thrift store and saw an adorable 8-piece pyrex set (little turquoise roosters and other designs on the side) for $20. I don’t think there are many pyrex collectors around here, because I frequently see it.

  35. Love this post, I collect vintage pyrex too! Growing up my family had the turquoise butterprint mixing bowls and so I had to find my own. I have lots of other pieces but the butteprint pattern will always be my favorite. I also collect old sterling and silverplate- it’s nice to use when I’m feeling fancy but not fancy enough to bring out Grandma’s silver.

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