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Third thing third:  PartyLite party tomorrow night at my place.  If you’re in the West Jordan, UT area and would like to come, shoot me an email.  There will be a chocolate fountain.

If you follow along on Facebook, you know that I spent the day yesterday doing a major purge.  Am I the only one that gets this way every January?

I’d found the floor in my master bedroom closet before 10 am.

photo (22)-1

Macy might have said…”Wow…your closet is big!”  (It’s not that big, it was just *really* full of crap.)

photo (23)-1

And then I braved the playroom and found the floor there, too.

photo (23)

(My name is Char Coester and I love green walls.)

When I say “braved”, I mean BRAVED.  Check out the donation pile just from the playroom:

photo (22)

(Yes, I buy boxes from Lowe’s when I’m purging.  They’re just over $1 a piece and the sturdy-ness and stack-ability make them worth 10 times that to me.)

Next up?  The garage.  I need to move the fridge and freezer and relocate some shelving to make room for my Christmas present.

Do you get the urge to purge this time of year?  What organizing project needs tackling at your place?

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  1. In September/October I went through a giant decluttering of our home from top to bottom. Took me a good three weeks, but the $700 made at the garage sale (and $500 later on eBay) made it totally worth it! Of course the house doesn’t look too much different, but behind cupboard and closet doors, it does! Love a good purging, though I don’t want to do it again for quite a while.

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      I may have offered Macy 10% off of anything she makes listing my crap on KSL. She set up a command center in her room last night. First up? 10 bar stools. I have a problem.

  2. I have had the Urge to Purge too! I have had to combine three households within the last year–got re-married and my husband’s mother passed away. So I have a tonage of stuff. Some I am keeping for sentimental reasons, some went straight to the garbage! And lots of clothes, etc. fill my trunk ready to be donated. Thank you for more inspiration to keep purging on!

  3. Amelia P. says:

    We moved in October and having To pack all our crap put me in a huge de-clutter mode when we moved into the new place. Since I have a 15 month at home I don’t get to do all my de-cluttering at once because I get a lot of “help” from the little one, so I am definitely still in the mode. We are moving again in October (ugh! Temporary work assignments kind of suck!) and there is NO WAY I’m moving all that junk again.

    What did you get for Christmas? :)

  4. Liz Hurst says:

    My husband took the week between christman and new years of and we spent the time cleaning out the basement. This included the office (we shredded papers as old as 2004 yikes!) the food strage area, my craft area and holiday/”other” storage. 2 trips to DI, an uminaignable amount recycled and having to use our neighbors garbage cause ours was too full is how our week ended up. It feels great. I also sorted through ALL my childrens clothes and I have 4 large totes to get rid of. (Then I called both grandmas and begged them not to give my children clothes for their birthdays that are in feb…)

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      Liz, we have a January bday and a February one. I feel your pain there! I’m headed to DI now (they were closed yesterday).

  5. Making room for your Christmas present?!? Did you get one of those Lexuses with the big red bow on top? (Seriously, does anyone give someone a CAR for Christmas? And if so, wonder if I could give them my name for next year?)

    I am right there with you in clearing out and making room. All those January magazines and their sparkling organizing ideas have seduced me…

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      Lexus? No. Car? Yes. BC surprised me BIG TIME. I’ll let him know you’re interested in swapping names next year. ;)

      • WOW! Very, very awesome. Hope you are enjoying it! :) Did it come with a bow? It would be SO COOL to get a present large enough to require a bow the size of a six-year-old. Although, practically speaking, that would be just one more thing to haul out of the house in the January Purge.

  6. Haha totally, my sil and I were just talking about how january means new boxes and hangers and rubbermaid bins. And if it makes you feel better, my name is Laura and I love blue walls. To be precise, Jamaican Aqua, which currently graces no less than three rooms in our 1,000 sq ft home. But in my defense, one of those room is to be repainted.

  7. I am an organizing nut right now. Just two days ago I collected 3 large bags of stuff to donate. As I go through the house it amazed me at how much stuff we collect over a years time.

  8. Just sent the 2 older kids off to school today (though I started some organizing and decluttering already over the break) After I get back from exercise this morning, I’m going to see how much of the kitchen pantry I can go through with my 3 year old around! :)

    Great idea on the $1 boxes from Lowes too!

  9. I totally get this urge every year. Putting away Christmas decorations really gets me in the mood! This year I sent my boys off to a play date with their dad, and spend 3 hours cleaning out their bedroom and putting away all their new Christmas and birthday gifts. It was heaven! :)

  10. Already had one yard sale before Christmas ($300 in sales) and planning on another in 2 weeks. 2 year old toddler in the house and a crafty Mommy that has no time to do all the millions of “Intentions”. I use my shoe organizers in my pantry for paper towel BTW. :)

  11. I just finished redecorating my 6 yr, old daughters room yesterday, and I’m all, “YES! I am finished here!”. Then my Dear Husband says, “What about the closet?” Sigh, I’ll be purging here again. Two days ago I cleared out nearly 25 cookbooks to donate. It appears I am a collector/hoarder of cookbooks since I still have twice that many that I hung onto!! It would probably be easier if I made it a continuous journey instead of just a “January event”. :-)

  12. OMG, I’m about to post a plea for help for someone to come bail me out!!!!! My husband the paper-hoarder has been left unattended for too long….. gotta move his crap, which means moving my crap first. crap crap sht crap.
    PS do you have to sneak junk to the goodwill like I do? sheesh.

  13. I need to clean house on a few rooms as well! We currently have a guest bedroom/workout/sewing/random storage room. Needless to say it could use some help. I will be fully prepared come Spring for my garage sale this year!

  14. My name is Anne and I love green walls too :) Except our three green walled rooms are all different shades :)

  15. Sounds like me….I always gravitate to all shades of green…
    I have tackled the all my christmas bins, garage, studio, long-arm quilting studio (in the garage), kitchen linen cabinet, dining room cabinet, and storage for the baby in the family room.

    Now onto dvd organization, boys closets/dressers, pantry/kitchen, and the toy/game room! I REALLY didn’t want ring in the new year again this way, but I just can’t stand it one more minute!!! But it was fun to throw out two huge bags of old, ugly fabric. It was complete fabric murder, but oh-so-satisfactory!!!

  16. What is PartyLite? I’m in WJ! :)

    I’m on a major purging here, too. It’s not going as fast as my mind would like, unfortunately. (healing from auto accident)

    Bestofthebunch (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. I just got through purging over 700 emails. Talk about work…phew, I now I need a nap;o)

  18. We recently moved into our new house, so I tried to purge before we left…not too bad…but now we’re trying to paint, get furniture to suit this house better…I’d love to see your toyroom. That looks like an awesome storage piece on the side…can I see more of it?? (I hope that doesn’t sound too creepy)

  19. We recently moved as well and I’m trying to figure out a plan for our playroom organization. I love your shelving- mind sharing where it is from? I’d love to see more of it too!!

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      It is from Pottery Barn Kids. BC gets a lot of AmEx points on his business card and we have too many kids to travel anywhere good, so we get PB gift cards instead. ;)

  20. I had an hour and a half of no kids today, so I did a very small purge. Went through the dress up station and trimmed the costumes down by probably 1/2 :) At least with kids you HAVE to purge after Christmas to fit their new stuff in.

  21. Oh yeah! It’s almost like Spring cleaning time. Gotta get the Christmas decor put away and once you do everything else needs dusted, then emptied out… Off to search for a better picture of that shelf with all the aluminum buckets! That looks too neat!!

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