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I’m working on a few things today, including my new address book system (thanks to suggestions from some of you), which I will share soon.  I wanted to pop in for a second and mention that my Valentine’s Day mantel is featured over on and it pretty much made my life.  The entire Valentine’s Day mantel slideshow is here.

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Get Your Crap Together: Papers

It’s 2012.

I need to get my crap together…and I need to be accountable.

(This is where you come in.)


As a semi-regular series here on Crap I’ve Made, I’ll be blogging my challenge for the day.  I’d love for you to join me in tackling the same project and report back in the comments or with a post of your own.  Or, if you’re already totally on top of things, I’d love for you to harass me.

Today’s challenge?

photo (23)


I had some people over last night.  And, in an attempt to not lose my mind, I dumped all of my miscellaneous papers/mail/crap into a basket to deal with later.

photo (24)

Later = today.  I’m not letting this sit.

Do you have a pile of papers that needs your attention?  Let’s do something about it today and get our crap together.

Thing I could use help with:

How do you store addresses of friends and family?  Some of the mess in that basket is Christmas card envelopes I saved to update addresses.  I have an address book, but crossing stuff out makes it messy and annoying.  Saving them on my computer or phone scares me, because of the “losing everything potential”.  What works for you?

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Cupid Pillow

Is it too early to decorate for Valentine’s Day?

Too bad, because I did.

My Valentine’s Day bunting and LOVE canvas from last year are back…


along with some festive Pyrex.


(So what if my Valentine’s palette is a little non-traditional?)

And then I decided I needed a pillow.

I could have sewed one, I suppose, BUT I discovered that Dollar Tree has 17” zippered pillow covers (HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?) and so I used one of those instead.  I also cut out a cupid shape using my Silhouette and some Silhouette stencil vinyl.  You could easily do this with an Exacto knife as well.


I applied my stencil to the pillow cover and stuck something inside to prevent bleeding.

Then, I busted out my collection of Silhouette fabric ink


and mixed the pink and magenta to get the perfect shade.

Hint:  Mix way more than you think you’ll need.  The brush sucks up a ton and you DO NOT want to run out mid-project.  The chances of you recreating that shade exactly are slim.  Trust me.

I applied the fabric ink with a foam brush and then I peeled off the stencil vinyl and hung it outside to dry.


I stuffed it with an 18” pillow form, for maximum plumpness and voila!


Don’t worry…I bought SIX pillow covers at Dollar Tree.  You’ll be seeing plenty more of them ‘round these parts.

All Silhouette fabric ink supplies are 20% off through tomorrow (January 5th) using code “CRAP”.  If you don’t have a machine, you can purchase the machine and the fabric ink starter kit for $299 with that same code.

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And the Cameo winner is…


If your name is Karen, check your email.  You have 48 hours to respond or we’ll pick a new winner!

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It’s that time of year…


Second thing second:  This month’s Silhouette promo (Cameo + fabric ink starter kit and/or 20% off all fabric ink supplies) runs through Wednesday the 5th.  Use code “CRAP” to take advantage of the deals.

Third thing third:  PartyLite party tomorrow night at my place.  If you’re in the West Jordan, UT area and would like to come, shoot me an email.  There will be a chocolate fountain.

If you follow along on Facebook, you know that I spent the day yesterday doing a major purge.  Am I the only one that gets this way every January?

I’d found the floor in my master bedroom closet before 10 am.

photo (22)-1

Macy might have said…”Wow…your closet is big!”  (It’s not that big, it was just *really* full of crap.)

photo (23)-1

And then I braved the playroom and found the floor there, too.

photo (23)

(My name is Char Coester and I love green walls.)

When I say “braved”, I mean BRAVED.  Check out the donation pile just from the playroom:

photo (22)

(Yes, I buy boxes from Lowe’s when I’m purging.  They’re just over $1 a piece and the sturdy-ness and stack-ability make them worth 10 times that to me.)

Next up?  The garage.  I need to move the fridge and freezer and relocate some shelving to make room for my Christmas present.

Do you get the urge to purge this time of year?  What organizing project needs tackling at your place?

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