Giveaway: Silhouette Portrait


Have you heard the news? Silhouette (you know ‘em, you love ‘em) has a new addition to their electronic personal cutter line, the Portrait. The Portrait does all the same stuff as the CAMEO, just on smaller scale (3.5 lbs…perfect to take with you) and at a lower price point.  Nice, right?  I’ve had a […]

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Fall Wreath


When I was at Lowe’s last week, I spotted this cute little green linen wreath in their Christmas decorations. I liked it, but I thought I might like it even more with some fall color. I cut out a bunch of small leaves out of decorative papers with my Silhouette CAMEO.  They’re about 1.5”.  You […]

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Too Small Linen Closet Solution + $100 Lowe’s Giveaway


This month’s Lowes Creative Ideas Blog team member challenge was blogger’s choice.  The pressure!  This basically meant that Lowes Creative Ideas was giving us free reign.  My house has been a disaster zone for the last several weeks (insert long story about carpet and closet doors and broken beds and sleeping on the floor here) […]

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Giveaway: Silhouette CAMEO™ + vinyl bundle!


I teased this giveaway last night on Facebook…and then I fell asleep.  Oops! So, to get your Sunday started off right, I’ve got a CAMEO plus the vinyl bundle (1 roll black premium vinyl (9 inches x 10 feet), 1 roll orange premium vinyl (9 inches x 10 feet), 1 roll transfer paper, 1 Silhouette […]

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Giveaway: $75 of awesome from Pick Your Plum


You’re all familiar with Pick Your Plum, right? If you’re not, here’s the short version:  Every (weekday) morning at 7:00 Mountain time, they have something awesome up for grabs at a phenomenal price with flat rate shipping.  Sometimes it’s crafty, sometimes it’s home décor-y, sometimes it’s fashion-y, sometimes it’s food-y.  Like today, for example… shirts […]

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Silhouette Promotions (a plethora of them)


In case you don’t follow along on Facebook, I’m currently in carpet installation hell.  My family room looks like this: The install was finished yesterday, but that was just the beginning of the crap.  2 beds (ours and Keller’s) were ruined.  2 sets of closet doors were broken as well (including one that hit me […]

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Arrow of Light award + Silhouette cut file


BC is one of the Webelos leaders in our pack.  Troop?  Herd of scouts?  Whatever…you get what I mean, right? This means that the responsibility for making some sort of plaque for the boys receiving this award has become mine.  The pack/troop/herd gives the boys an arrow along with this award.  It was previously tied […]

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Giveaway: Downtown Tape!


Are you on the washi wagon yet?  Have you wanted to try the tape?  Already have some but think there’s no such thing as “too much”? Today’s giveaway is for you! Let me introduce you to Downtown Tape. Embarrassing confession:  I have ordered from Downtown Tape before.  And, I may have purchased 17 rolls.  SEVENTEEN […]

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Stuff I’m Loving


Oh hey there!  I’m not dead!  And, if you follow along on Facebook or Instagram, you might have seen that I even made some stuff last week.  I KNOW, RIGHT? So, while I work on some project posts (and a delightful giveaway tomorrow!), I thought I’d share with you some of the stuff I’m loving […]

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That one time when I thought I’d have lots of free time


Depending on what day of the week it is, I have to drop kids off for school starting at: 7:50 8:30 9:30 9:50 I have to pick kids up from school at: 11:30 1:25 2:50 3:05 I have to get kids to practices at: 5:30-7:00 5:30-7:30 (though it’s usually 8:00) 5:00-6:30 I have to get […]

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