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Crap You’ve Made is a Flickr group where you can share things you’ve made inspired by or using tutorials from Crap I’ve Made.
Every Friday, I feature things from the Flickr group. If you want your blog mentioned, be sure to include a link in your photo description.


  1. Thank you so much for these tutorials! You are so creative and talented! I love the onsies and have started making them. It is incredibly fun!

  2. I really enjoyed looking at the projects created with the Cameo. It seems to be a very innovative machine. It looks so sleek and would fit quite nicely in my space (ha,ha). Thanks for the opportunity to win one. Go, Cameo!

  3. I like Silhoutte on Facebook

  4. I follow Silhoutte on Pinterest

  5. I think I got ya beat on the Tulip fabric paint industry support (see web site for crap I make). Am having a hard time finding it in bulk- any ideas on who sells this stuff by the case? (wish I I could buy it by the gallon). Am afraid to switch to anything else due to color consistency, availability, wearability (this fabric paint holds up well) and shear fear. Thanks. Huff

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