Bennett’s a rolling < insert my last name here for the joke >

See that smirk?

It’s all fun and games ’til somebody in cowboy boots shows up with a light saber and announces he pooped.

Sometimes I wonder…

if I’m ordering shoes from Piper Lime because we actually need them or if it’s really because the inside of the box makes me so dang happy.

Sailing……takes me away!

So what if I went to a Christopher Cross concert once? It was $5. And, I liked it. So there.

Slipcover for IKEA chair

My mom and I ripped apart a plain white slipcover and used it as a pattern for this one. It took us most of 2 days on account of serious OCD tendencies and a need to have the checks lined up perfectly. Would I do it again? Maybe. And don’t look too closely….it still needs to be hemmed.

Scripture bag…and I *almost* got it done before the baptism

Pattern made up by me, fabric picked by Macy. I’d change a few things next time (and at the rate Macy changes her mind, I’m certain there will be a next time).

So I only made the 2 little ones…

but I think they’re some of my best work.

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