Don’t do it

I cannot, in good conscience, recommend the use of red spray paint to anyone. I’ve spent the morning sweeping and vacuuming my garage and stuff’s still covered in red dust. Heck, there’s even red dust on the fan blades INSIDE MY HOUSE! Also? Took 8 cans for 2 stools and one chair. Seriously. Don’t do it.

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Random phone pics

The circus trip – fairly uneventful except for the fact that now Campbell’s goal in life is to become a ringmaster. “I want be that guy! Wear boots! Talk loud!”

Mmmm. Blue cotton candy and a free (with your $10 cotton candy) hat.

Sometimes after a hard day of sailing a guy just needs to take his pants off and have a nap. With a sword.

The view from my parents’ deck.

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Good news!

Jury duty is cancelled. We’re out of here for the weekend.


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The things you’ll do for love

Sheri tagged me (and frankly, I’ve got nothing else), so here it is:

2 names you go by: Char, Charlotte (Keller and Campbell have taken to calling me this lately…hilarious)

2 things you are wearing right now: A really HAWT Cleveland t-shirt and some stretchy pants.

2 things you want right now: Someone to put away the Costco explosion on the counter and a fountain Diet Coke.

2 things you did last night: Costco trip and dinner at Chick Fil A.

2 things you ate today: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory carmel/chocolate dipped apple and that’s it. Breakfast of champions, baby.

2 favorite drinks: Diet Coke and Diet Coke with vanilla from Sonic.

5 people I’m tagging: Oprah, The Pope, Newly Gay Clay Aiken, and, uh…close enough to 5, right?

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About that duct tape…

(mentioned here)

I saw this and had to make one. I bought 24 of these (I wanted the 4X6 size but they were out and I’m impatient so I went for the 5X7′s instead) and then went crazy with the duct tape.

Final result?

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We found Bennett wedged like this yesterday morning. I got a summons for jury duty yesterday afternoon and feel much the same way. Bennett’s exclusively a boob man. He’s not on solids and has only ever taken a bottle in his sleep. Breastfeeding is not grounds to be excused from jury duty in Utah. Did I mention my big kids are off track, too? Ugh.

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Tie Dyeing

We saw these in Family Fun magazine, and decided to give them a try. Macy’s isn’t actually done on account of the fact that when you’re 8, each face requires about 3 hours of thought.

And then Bennett barfed all over his.

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Told you

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Sewing machine cover

I used these directions. Fabric is a curtain panel from Ikea and leftovers from my ironing board cover. It fits both my crappy old Singer machine and my Babylock, so it’d probably fit most others as well. Now I think I need one for my serger. And I’m pretty sure I need to paint my stools and chair red. This organizing thing is getting out of control.

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Go back for the doors or not?

See? Told you my sewing room was messy. I HATE those electrical panels, but in order to get my room big enough to be useful, they had to be in the room. I tried hanging a cork board over them (there it is in the pile on the ground) but it stuck out weird. And I didn’t like it anyway.

So, I was at IKEA this weekend, looking for some frames (more on that in the next day or two, as soon as I locate the duct tape), when I saw this cabinet. Look how nicely it covers those ugly panels! Plus, the red will go great with my new ironing board cover. But I think I might go back for the doors, seen here. Thoughts?

(Note the small sick child who accidentally fell asleep on the floor whilst watching Tarzan.)

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