The Plague

Stay away. We have it.

Macy hasn’t been to school yet this week. Campbell barfed all over BC’s truck. Bennett’s going through diapers like they’re going out of style.

Only Keller has escaped unscathed.

We’re driving each other nuts.

On the bright side, we did come up with a new family rule….”TAPE IS NOT A TOY”.

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Shameless Plug

My step mom and sister are opening a women’s clothing boutique in Sandy, Utah. The grand opening for their complex is this weekend. Go check them out!

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And the winners are….

If you didn’t win, you can take it up with my lovely assistant. Just remember, he’s MEAN. And I have no idea what that is on/under his nose. Probably a battle wound. He’s smiling like that because he’s out of bed.

PorterFamily (aka my cousin Darcy….I swear I didn’t rig this. She’s not even my favorite cousin. KIDDING, Darce!)
Small Fry & Co.

Send your mailing address to charbroiledbrat at gmail dot com! Woo!

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Heather Bailey’s Daily Spice Halter Apron

After reading Alissa’s post about family dinners, I knew exactly what she needed for a housewarming gift.
The pattern is available in Heather’s shop. I purchased it locally at my favorite store ever because I’m impatient. Plus, any excuse to look at fabric kid-free is a good one. The fabric is also Heather Bailey.
I sewed a size small. The pattern calls for one fabric for the outside and another for the lining. I decided to switch things up a bit. The 1/2 yard of the lining fabric will give you enough to make contrasting pockets if you cut very carefully. I also used the lining waistband piece for the outside and the outside piece for the lining.
It was a quick, easy sew and I think it turned out WAY cute (if I do say so myself). I didn’t especially like how the halter ties attached. There’s probably a trick to making that easier, but I didn’t figure it out on my first sew through. The directions were clear and easy to follow and I’ll definitely be making this one again.
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Potatoes in a garbage can?

We had a great garden going at our old house…more tomatoes than anyone could possibly eat, cantaloupe (totally had to look that up), watermelon, peppers, herbs, pumpkins….deliciousness. We spent hours tilling and composting and getting the soil just right. Then we moved. We’ve been here for 5.5 years now and have never been able to replicate that success. Last year we tried to build our own upside down tomato planters. The result? A failure of epic proportions.

This year’s crazy hare brained scheme? Growing potatoes in a garbage can.

I’m trying it so you don’t have to. :o)

***Don’t forget to enter! Less than 24 hours to go!***

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Why didn’t I think of this before now?

No cake stand? No problem! Plate + upside down bowl = close enough. And yes, that frosting really is that color. “Neon” on the food coloring box does indeed mean neon.

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Easy Skillet Bread

Recipe from here. I added chopped green onions, cheese, and bacon bits (real bacon, not the ones you sold for your elementary school fundraiser that caused people to break teeth). A teenaged neighbor helped me whip this up. We might have eaten all of it before BC even got home. Don’t judge. It was delicious.

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Happy birthday, Bennett…even if your mom does dress you funny.

Hat tutorial to come soon!
And don’t forget to enter by Friday!
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My baby turns one tomorrow

and I’m giving YOU a present. Well, some of you anyway. Remember how I big pink puffy heart Family Fun magazine? I’m giving away FOUR one year subscriptions. How do you enter? Leave a comment. Want another entry? Link to this post and then leave me a comment with your link telling me that you did.

Contest closes Friday, April 24th at 8pm MST. I’ll pick 4 random entries then. If you win, I will need your address. So if you have issues with emailing me your address, keep that in mind.

Ready? Set? Go!

***US addresses only, sorry to those of you in Canada!***

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Ever have one of those days…

where you go hide in the living room on the floor in the corner to eat your dinner because you know no one will be whining or fighting in there?

And BC’s laptop charger broke, so no posting pics from there either. Blah.

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