And the winners are….

If you didn’t win, you can take it up with my lovely assistant. Just remember, he’s MEAN. And I have no idea what that is on/under his nose. Probably a battle wound. He’s smiling like that because he’s out of bed.

PorterFamily (aka my cousin Darcy….I swear I didn’t rig this. She’s not even my favorite cousin. KIDDING, Darce!)
Small Fry & Co.

Send your mailing address to charbroiledbrat at gmail dot com! Woo!

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  1. I do not believe you…he does not look mean!!

  2. Dang I missed out!

  3. porter family says:

    hot damn! i won!!

  4. I know it wasn’t rigged, cause if it was your REAL favorite cousin (me) would have won. Even though I didn’t enter.

  5. Kristine Robinson says:

    I may have lost my faith in Campbell. I knew I would win – we are kindred spirits! Congrats to all the winners – cool contest!

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