The great potato harvest

Today, we harvested.
Recruit some extra kids to help. Make sure they’re willing to REALLY get into it.
Washing the potatoes off.
Even Ben got in on the action.
Not bad for a couple of garbage cans!
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Q&A: Don’t the edges fray?

The question I get asked most often is whether or not the edges on the appliques fray.

My offical answer: Just a little.

The Wonder Under stops most of the fraying. The straight stitch will stop the rest.

You can do a tight zig zag (satin stitch) and enclose the edges completely, if you prefer.

Here are 3 examples from Bennett’s closet. They’ve all been washed repeatedly.

Click on the picture to enlarge.

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The pressure!

So, what now?
Truth be told, I feel like I’m in a slump. Not a good time to be slumping, ey? (And now I’m singing Bobby Brown with slumpin’ in place of humpin’. I’m really, REALLY good at changing the lyrics to songs. Usually it’s dirty, though.)

I’m still making crap, but none of it is really blog worthy. I’ve made a couple of baby slings, some tie onesies, covered some wipes cases, and even made a bridesmaid’s dress for a neighborhood. Not a single picture.
And the computer’s wonky, too. It takes approximately 15 mouse clicks to get anything to happen.
I do, however, want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you that have stopped by and commented and emailed and stuff.
To answer a few questions…
No, I don’t sell anything. I don’t have an Etsy shop (though I do have an Etsy shopping problem). Will that ever change? Dunno.
I added the followers gadget. It’s on the bottom of the left hand column.
I *only* have 4 kids. The 14 was a joke and/or typo. Can you imagine???
Anything else you’d like to know?
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Freaking flattered

I’m the featured blog at Today’s Creative Blog!
And tomorrow, my bathroom light makeover can be seen on Mod Podge Rocks.
Go add both of these sites to your reader NOW.
Good stuff.
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Is it? Could it be?

I think Bennett might *finally* be getting some hair!

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How to hem jeans

Ever wondered how to hem jeans?

I think most people are scared to do it because they have flashbacks to some kid in 5th grade whose mom hemmed his jeans. And they screamed “HIS MOM HEMMED HIS JEANS!”

Don’t be scared.

It’s way easy…just one straight line.

Awesome tutorial with pics here.

See? You can barely tell they’re hemmed.

This particular pair is for a customer at my sister’s store. Go see her if you want your own pair.

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Artsy Crafty Babe’s Phoebe Bag

If you’re not already reading Artsy Crafty Babe, you should be. She makes some amazing stuff. I want to lick these pillows. Plus, she’s got free patterns! There’s a pleated tote and the Phoebe Bag.
If you’re going to make this bag, be sure to get a full yard of interfacing. Half a yard is not enough, unless you know of some fancy place to get 45″ interfacing. Being very non-fancy myself, I only know of places that sell 22″.
And whilst I’m talking about fancy places, does anyone know where to get magnetic snaps for less than $4 or $5 each? I know JoAnn’s Sew Essentials line used to have a 6 pack for $2.99, but I couldn’t find them when I checked this week.
Pattern here.
If you’re my neighbor, this is our next sewing group project. My house. September 3rd. Be there.
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***So, sewing group has actually been changed to September 9th. Still at my house. Still at 7:00. Still making treats.***
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We interrupt this blog…

to gross you out!

Seriously. I have a post that I had already scheduled for tonight. But then this happened.

Some neighbors came over and guess what they were greeted with when they came up to the door

Go on, guess.


You will not believe this.

A hot dog on a paper plate…


a pair of pooped-in undies.

What in the heck???

So, if they’re yours, I’m sorry but I threw them out.

Wearing a rubber glove, of course.

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What would you do with a magazine rack?

Apparently I’d hang it next my piano to hold music.
That’ll teach BC to insist I come up with a use for something BEFORE I buy it, right?
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First day of preschool

Obviously not the best picture of him, but it is for sure my favorite.

2 kids at regular school.

1 kid at preschool

1 kid asleep.


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