Cue the angels singing!

Finally! 15.5 months!

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Please hold

My living and family rooms look like this:

My kitchen and dining area look like this:

I’m hiding behind that piano as I type.

New floors go in on Monday.

Hopefully we’re back to normal soon.

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Random Product Review: Clover "Quick" Yo-yo Maker

(They really do put quick in quotation marks)

I bought both the large and extra large sizes, because I couldn’t make up my mind there in the aisle at Hancock’s with someone wiping snot on my pants and rambling on and on and on about punching bad guys in the face whilst simultaneously using his brother and the cart as a battering ram and then demanding I make him pajama pants out of every single fabric we passed, even the pink ones because boys can like pink too, right Mom…RIGHT????

Where was I?

Oh yeah. The yo-yo makers.

I saw this pillow and might make one or two for my new sectional. I have some linen the same color I painted my piano to use as the background. I’ve made yo-yos before, using this method, but I only needed like 3.

You snap the fabric into the yo-yo maker and then trim the excess….probably faster than tracing and cutting every single time. They were very simple to use and they did make the yo-yo making quicker. I also liked that the picture on the package was the exact size the yo-yo ended up.

So, if you’re going to make 40 or 50 yo-yos, get one. If you’re only making a few, you probably don’t need one.

Available here.

And whilst I was over on the Clover site, I saw this. And I think I need one.

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An actual dinner conversation

Me: What are those floating in your drink?

BC: I think they’re pomegranates.

I’m pretty sure they’re not, since pomegranates are *usually* about the size of apples….just sayin’…..

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Random ramblings on spray paint…

because I’ve got nothing else today.
BC’s in Cincinnati and we’re in survival mode.
Incident one was Krylon brand paint from Walmart. (I know! I know! I go there like twice a year whether I need to or not! And every single time I leave cursing!)
Incident two was Rustoleum brand paint from a home improvement store.
I decided to tackle the filing cabinet last night after the kids were in bed. I (stupidly) bought Krylon. Again. From the Walmart. BC needed deodorant and I only had time to make one stop. They have more color options than the home improvement store, too. And I wanted Apple Green. They didn’t have it (ha!), so I bought orange. I’m impatient. I used an entire can and you could not even tell that I’d painted anything!
This morning I went to the big orange home improvement store and picked up some Rustoleum. In Apple Green. Worked like a dream.
So, is it Krylon that’s crap? Is it buying paint from Walmart that’s crap? A little of both?
What’s your experience?
And because Alissa asked nicely…
I’ve added a picture. I still need to sand a few spots and do a final coat.

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Roasted potatoes

Of all the things I make, this is the “recipe” I get asked for the most.
Get some potatoes and cut them into pieces. These potatoes were small, so I cut them in quarters.

Put them in a pot and bring to a boil for 10 minutes.

While they’re boiling, preheat the oven to 250 degrees, melt a stick of butter and get out these 3 ingredients:

Also get out a pan of some sort. 9 X 13′s work great. I usually use the broiler pan that came with my oven. Possibly not this oven, but some oven that I’ve owned at some point in the last 13 years.

Pour the melted butter in the pan. Drain the potatoes and dump them in, too. Then dump a bunch of Lawry’s, dill weed, and Johnny’s on top. Be sure to use more than you think you should. Like this:

Stir it all up and put in the oven. Roast for about 2 hours, stirring every 30 minutes or so.

And that’s it. Seriously delicious. We like these with steaks, salmon, grilled chicken…pretty much anything!

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August already? Really?

I uploaded some pictures I took this morning…into my July ’09 folder.
It’s not July.

Weird, ey?
My grandpa died last Monday. The funeral was yesterday. I had to lead the singing. BC was a pallbearer. My 3 oldest kids had to sing. Fortunately, my mom and step dad were nice enough to drive 3 hours to come to her ex-FIL’s funeral and wrestle Bennett in the back. He’s in this phase where he shrieks like a pterodactyl every time he gets annoyed. Which is A LOT.

They slept over and today the men installed ceiling fans (that we bought like 2 years ago) in our upstairs bedrooms. It feels infinitely cooler already.

My mom and I kept kids out of the way. And we went thrifting. Man I love thrifting.
I found this filing cabinet on wheels for $15. There were at least $15 worth of hanging file folders inside. I’m going to use it in my sewing room to store patterns, as soon as I give it a new coat of paint.

Any suggestions on the color? Lime green? Orange? Glossy yellow?

Edited post to add a picture of my sewing room:

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