Roasted potatoes

Of all the things I make, this is the “recipe” I get asked for the most.
Get some potatoes and cut them into pieces. These potatoes were small, so I cut them in quarters.

Put them in a pot and bring to a boil for 10 minutes.

While they’re boiling, preheat the oven to 250 degrees, melt a stick of butter and get out these 3 ingredients:

Also get out a pan of some sort. 9 X 13′s work great. I usually use the broiler pan that came with my oven. Possibly not this oven, but some oven that I’ve owned at some point in the last 13 years.

Pour the melted butter in the pan. Drain the potatoes and dump them in, too. Then dump a bunch of Lawry’s, dill weed, and Johnny’s on top. Be sure to use more than you think you should. Like this:

Stir it all up and put in the oven. Roast for about 2 hours, stirring every 30 minutes or so.

And that’s it. Seriously delicious. We like these with steaks, salmon, grilled chicken…pretty much anything!

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  1. i'm totally making these this week. i have all the ingredients on hand. they look delicious!

  2. Kari @ Ucreate says:


  3. Thanks for sharing- the recipe sounds wonderful!

  4. These look so good – and so easy – I'll be making this for dinner this week for sure! I just linked to your blog from Ucreate for the first time.
    My kids are 6,4 and 1 – I am also a SAHM that crafts to keep the sanity. I love to make aprons and the hooded towel you have on your side bar? I used the exact same fabric to make a pillow for my couch! Great minds think alike!

    *If you want to see the pillows I made – check out my blog – I just made them a couple of weeks ago.

    Keep it up! Inspiration is the greatest motivator for me:)

  5. porter family says:

    i dont know about everyone else, but i need measurements for the spices. i am a nerd like that!

  6. Dill weed…HE HE HE

  7. You calling me a dill weed?

    (word verification: rating)

  8. The Harding Hive says:

    Yum! And I love the way you describe how to make them. You make it easy for people like me who usually give up after seeing the first unfamiliar ingredient. I like the pics. Thanks.

  9. Joni Walton says:

    You make everything look easy. I love it. And, sorry about the loss of your grandpa.

  10. Blake & Anya Young says:

    I love your potatoes! Blake just brought up how good your potatoes sounded to him last week. I am totally going to make them now.

  11. Blake & Anya Young says:

    I love your potatoes! Blake just brought up how good your potatoes sounded to him last week. I am totally going to make them now.

  12. Yummy!!! I love making these. I add fresh rosemary too!

    I'd LOVE to see a pic of that horse trough coffee table!!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE this recipe! Thank you so much! I'm making them tomorrow!!!

  14. Delicious indeed! I make this sometimes too. And then I add all kinds of vegetables, yummie.

  15. Cassidy Lach says:

    Making these as I type :)

  16. Just found your blog and this GREAT recipe. Might go to the store this morning to get some potatoes. I do have a question though, the Johnny's Garlic "spread" what is that? Is that just Garlic powder? I have never seen a jar like that but wanted to make sure I was right. Would you mind emailing me and letting me know? I would appreciate it. My email is:
    [email protected]

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. We made this tonight. My picky child loved it! I blogged about it. Thanks.

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