Appliqued initial tees

Macy has a couple of birthday parties to go to this weekend. 9 is a hard age to buy a present for. Most of the toy stuff is too babyish and most of the teen stuff is too grown up. Logical solution? Make shirts! Ha ha. Macy picked the shirts and the fabric. I printed out the letters at 567 point (no reason for that number) and then enlarged them 150% on the copier. I used Wonder Under, as usual, and then sewed around the edges.
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Who knew you could get red eye through sun glasses?

Not me, that’s for sure. Macy’s wax museum thing at school was today. Here’s a gratuitous pic for you lurking family members:

Macy came home last night and announced they HAD to have props. We made a quick trip to the DI for some dark glasses and some dead guy’s cane (you know that’s why it was there). She also found that battery operated candle and had to have it. We were trying to come up with something else, when she remembered the story of Anne giving Helen a doll and signing “D-O-L-L” into her hand. So, Kit Kittredge got to dress like Helen Keller and participate in the wax museum, too. I might have skipped Enrichment to get the doll dress done, but Macy’s giddy-ness about it this morning was totally worth it.

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Dear lady at my doctor’s office,

If you’re calling to tell me how to treat constipation in my 3 year old and there’s any chance your cell phone might ring mid conversation within ear shot, please choose a ring tone other than “Push It”.

I will not be able to control my giggling.

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It’s the little things…

Here’s where I confess that I always use the “free” (but please send us money) address labels that come in the mail. You know, from the American Cancer Society or Cystic Fibrosis or whatever. Have I ever sent any of them money? Not even once. If you’ve ever gotten mail from me with a Ziggy return address label, now you know why.

Those days are about to come to an end my friends! I just bought one of these! This one, to be exact:

Makes you want do something nice for me, just so you can get a thank you note with my new stamp on it, doesn’t it?
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Helen Keller vogued?

Macy has a “thing” at school next week. She has to dress up like Helen Keller. I asked her to try on the dress for size and this is what I got. Dork.

Does she need a bonnet or is that too Little House on the Prairie?

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Valentine’s shirt

There are times when the extensive stash of plain onesies and tees I have in the basement comes in handy. Tonight was one of those times. Macy wanted something festive to wear to school tomorrow and we came up with this. I used Wonder Under to attach the red fabric and then sewed random buttons around the edge. We were going to fill the whole thing in but decided we liked this better (and it didn’t take as long). Total cost? Nothing.

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So, I peeled the banana

On the inside were two completely separate bananas, nestled side by side. And they made for a delicious smoothie.

And if you haven’t yet, check out this AWESOME Valentine idea my friend Alissa came up with. Totally filing that away for next year.

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Three years have passed since this happy photo was taken:

3 years and 4 weeks, actually. I was *only* 35 weeks pregnant then. That’s right….I got bigger and bigger and bigger until my OB took pity on me and evicted all 9lbs 13.5oz of Campbell at 39 weeks.

Random things about Campbell:

He knows how to burp on command and does so very well.

He’s freakishly strong (see here, in case you forgot).

He weighed 28lbs before he finally learned how to walk.

Every night when we ask whose turn it is for prayer he says “I said it last night.” Number of times he’s actually ever said the prayer? 2.

You know how you have those things you say “I’m so glad I’ve never had a kid who __________” about? He’s done every single one of them.

Why yes I did let him pick his own jammies….why would you ask? Sweet birthday crown he got in nursery on Sunday, ey? He’s worn it for 3 days solid now. You should have seen the mayhem that happened when he thought Macy *might* have ripped it.

Happy birthday, Moose!

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Valentines ’09

We found these in Family Fun, aka pretty much my favorite magazine ever. Here is their tutorial, including a link to print the scroll wheel and play list. Making one isn’t bad…it’s making SEVENTY FREAKING TWO that’s driving me to drink. And then boys can’t have pink! Heaven forbid! We must also make them in red and blue! And then how do you transport them without the headphones becoming a tangled mess?

We used a sticky glue roller thing to cover the boxes with paper. I printed out a few pages of the scroll wheels and playlists and got 8 to a page. I bought entire sheets of sticker paper and copied the 8 per page onto that. Then we just cut them out and stuck them directly to the boxes. I found some clear cellophane treat bags at Michael’s. We bagged them individually to deal with the tangling/transporting issue. And lastly, we tied them with a tag that said “YOU ROCK!”

While we were finishing them up tonight, Macy told me she always has the best Valentines in her entire class. Guess I’ll be “making” again next year…

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Next February

someone remind me to just buy the #$%&* Valentines instead of making them.

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