Valentine’s shirt

There are times when the extensive stash of plain onesies and tees I have in the basement comes in handy. Tonight was one of those times. Macy wanted something festive to wear to school tomorrow and we came up with this. I used Wonder Under to attach the red fabric and then sewed random buttons around the edge. We were going to fill the whole thing in but decided we liked this better (and it didn’t take as long). Total cost? Nothing.

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  1. totally cute.

    abbie is jealous.

  2. Totally cute! And why didn’t you tell me about this idea earlier? I could’ve totally done this one. And then have been crafty TWICE in ONE WEEK. Course, that might’ve meant the end of the world, so it’s probably better you didn’t.

  3. I have a crush on buttons.

  4. Great idea! I bet Macy looked really cute in it!!

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