Paybacks are a Sith

So, I might have caused my BFF Sheri to get a ticket a few weeks back. You can read the full story here and judge for yourself. Today there was a package wedged into my mailbox for Keller from Sheri. What was in it? This little beauty:

He’s currently sleeping in it.

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  1. Umm.. Char.. I thought you were like gone. You know to mars or something. I haven’t heard nor seen you in ages. Let me know what size you want. lol.
    Cute blog.. glad to know you are alive. And congrats on another baby! Who knew? lol. That is awesome!

  2. now THAT’s cruel and unusual punishment… will you burn it?

  3. Kermit~the~Frog says:


    Ok, seriously now. If the next picture is Keller in a pair of Transformers Light-Up Sneakers (the ones Scooter picked for school this year) I am ramping up my emergency storage.

  4. I cannot get enough of your sense of humor!!

  5. ROFL!! At you and Sheri. That is Awesome!!

    And I heart that Keller, can you tell him Jane says Hi?

    Miss you.

  6. I’ve won the heart of at least 1 of your kids. Now I’ve got 3 more to go.
    And you CAN’T burn that jacket! Kyle lived in that thing the past 2 years. I almost considered keeping it for his own posperity.

    But then I thought about how much you’d abhor the thing and how much Keller would love it. And really, the ticket ended up being $89. You owed me somehow.

  7. Oh, and you’re lucky I couldn’t find the matching pants.

  8. Uh, posterity.
    Dang, I’m tired.

  9. Fortunately, Keller’s sneakers of choice this school year are black high top Chuck Taylor’s. Phew.

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