Perhaps we should have FHE more regularly?

Campbell was looking at a book this morning and suddenly exclaimed “THAT JESUS RIGHT THERE!” This is what he was looking at:

Apparently Jesus wore Nikes and ran in some sort of Olympic race with the dinosaurs?
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  1. And he was number 26. This must be the part in the Bible where we don’t know much about what he was doing. Obviously, getting in shape.

  2. hey. jesus’s gotta maintain his girlish figure too!

  3. all things denote…

    too funny

  4. dude, if anyone could pull that off, it would be Jesus

  5. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    Don’t feel too bad; every man in any picture is either a Daddy or Jesus to Gonzo.

  6. I literally laughed out loud–

  7. just stop it!!!! you are making my sides hurt from laughing.

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