When I posted the pencil case I made for my sister, Lindsey commented that I should make some sort of sanitary item holder. So, I got a little bored yesterday afternoon and decided to whip one up. Here’s the part where you imagine me laying 4 tampons on my cutting mat and trying to decide what size case to make. Then, you imagine Keller walking in and saying “What the crap are you doing?” So anyway…the finished case measures about 8″ X 4″. I think it might be a little long, though. It holds 4 tampons comfortably (ha!). And I think it needs a name. Suggestions?

Fabric: Amy Butler’s Nigella. I might have licked some of it once. Alissa dared me.

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  1. How much? I want to buy one. I’ll pay top dollar.

    A bag this pretty needs a good name. Let me think on it a minute.

    I love the Amy Butler fabric. How’d it taste?

  2. You need a little hole on one side so you can slide the tampons out like a single cigarette out of the box. You know, like a easy access opening. As for names, here’s a few:

    Tampons A-go-go
    Tempura Tampon Treats

  3. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    Pretty fabric! Does it hold pads for us old-fashioned chickies?

    I’d call it “The Secret Keeper.”

  4. Rag-time bag
    Aunt Flow’s pouch
    Pads and ‘pons
    Seeing red
    All things period

    I’m terrible at this.

    Got a price yet?

  5. Suh-weet!
    My tampons are always complaining about the uncomfortable living arrangements in my purse.

  6. I like the Pads and ‘Pons suggestion.

    are you going to make a Diva Cup version?

  7. ooh…i like Tampouch. it makes me giggle. so does thinking about you licking fabric.

  8. Flo-n-Go

    Very cute, and I want one too.

  9. The Constant Gardener says:

    Freaking fabulous. You are blogging again! Oh, the My Friend Flo is awesome too….

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