The Jenny Bag and the winners

I made this bag for a friend. She picked the fabrics. I think they’re Alexander Henry, but I bought them a very long time ago for a dress for Macy so I’m not quite sure.

The inside:

Tutorial and pattern here. It’s a little small (keep in mind I pack around a diaper bag called “MotherShip” for day to day use and take my opinion on that with a grain of salt). I also didn’t like how the straps were attached last. It’s a little sloppy for my liking. If I made it again, I’d attach them when I sewed the lining to the outer fabric.

Just for fun, a picture of Macy in the dress. 2 years is a long time in kid years.

The winners are….

Ambrosia (totally typed your actual name the first time), who guessed correctly when she said “Did you find it tangled around the rotating brush rod on your vacuum cleaner after it stopped sucking stuff up/rotating while you vacuumed your latest craft mess?” Indeed I did.


Jane, who said “BC’s belly button?”. However, I’m not flying to Phoenix to make her dinner. Sorry, Janer.

Pretty sure you both already have my email, so let me know what you want for your prizes!

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  1. Wow–I am good. Now to think about what I want… What do you feel like making? ;) You can’t sew me a hot pair of jeans can you?

  2. What a cute bag and dress! Cute Cute fabric! Congratulations to those who won!!!

  3. I remember that dress! So cute. (you know where to send it if you need to get it off off your hands right?) lol

    You are so talented.

  4. Congrats, winners!
    And that bag is ADORABLE!!! I so need something that doesn’t scream “34-yr old mom”.

  5. Okay you so have to make me that purse instead of a scripture bag!!
    It is so adorable. If you make me one I want it black with light blue polka dots. Do not forget!!
    By the way the Im asking you to make it cauz your the craftiest person I know and my mom could NEVER make something like that.[dont tell her I said that.]
    Oh and I dont know why my thing says Ben but this is JADE!!

  6. Woo Hoo I won!!
    You don’t have to fly, you could drive.
    Love that fabric, love that dress ;) I have a great picture of it too.

    The purse is so cute!! When are you going to start taking orders?

    Sigh, all of your projects just make me wish I was in Utah and not Arizona.

  7. I WAAAAAAANT a bag!!! I love it. I love how original the things you make look!! I also want a “pencil” holder if you know what I mean!

    You need to have another guessing game, that was fun!

  8. That was my actual first thought but I second guessed myself. I hate everyone.

  9. You are so crafty! I love the ironing board cover. I just might have to take you up on the offer to come over and show me how. Maybe I’ll take a trip to the fabric store to pick out something super cute! Love the bag and the dress. I definitely want a bag and a “pencil” holder. How much?

  10. I always (secretly, from a distance) thought you were so talented. I hope you don’t mind me looking around your blog. Your projects are awesome.

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