Tie Dyeing

We saw these in Family Fun magazine, and decided to give them a try. Macy’s isn’t actually done on account of the fact that when you’re 8, each face requires about 3 hours of thought.

And then Bennett barfed all over his.

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  1. LOVE them!! I’m so excited to try it out with my kids (I’m not sure if my activity day girls will get to do them or not)

  2. Adorable! What are the faces drawn with? I really need to renew my subscription to Family Fun!

  3. What a great idea!!

  4. That’s an awesome idea! Awesome enough that I might actually give that a try with Kyle and Kelly.
    And that picture of Bennett is absolutely the cutest thing EVER.

  5. i’m coming to utah to steal bennett. thats all.

  6. G, the directions said to use a permanent marker and/or fabric paint. I used fabric markers.

  7. Your kids are cute. So are those shirts. Nice work.

  8. Oh my! Those are so, so cute! (the shirts and the kids, lol)

  9. Love it!
    And your kids have never looked so cute. If Alissa is stealing Bennett then I am going to have to take that Cute Campbell.

  10. Oh my gosh those are too cute!!! I bet they had a blast making them too. How fun!

  11. Char, Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a good one!

  12. Umm somehow I don’t think I knew Bennett’s name. LOVE IT! And love the idea.. I am going to do that. And your kids are the cutest!

  13. PORTER FAMILY says:

    HOW CUTE!! we will be doing those in the near future FOR SURE!

  14. SO CUTE! My wheels are spinning… would it be crazy to prepare tees like this for a bday party and let the kids draw the faces as an activity?

  15. i know this is an older post but i am new to the scene of blogging and came across this post!

    i love the family fun magazines and when this one came out i did it with 16 pre-k students i had at the time! it was fun and they loved it! i may be doing this again this year since my son is three now and would enjoy it!!


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