Dear Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory,

I’m addicted to your apples (thanks Tam). I don’t even balk at paying $5 a piece for them. Mostly. I have started making my own version of the apple pie apple. Don’t judge. Casey does it too. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah…PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, DO NOT SELL ANY MORE OF THAT DISGUSTING KEY LIME APPLE!

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  1. that’s it. I’m going to make some caramel apples. soon. my mouth is watering. but key lime? really? blech.

  2. I want to write Rocky Mountain and tell them thanks for introducing me to the apples and the 10 lbs I am going to gain from them !!!!!!!

  3. by the way Char, when I called you in a panic yesterday I think my apples were still too hot!!! I am an idiot!

  4. you suck. only because they’re $7+ each here. and still i buy them.

    but not tonight. i’m so making some. i have everything on hand!

  5. is the apple pie apple the one with white chocolate, dipped in cinnamon & sugar? LOVE those! Unfortunately (maybe fortunately too), we don't have one close, so I rarely get one. They are yummy though!

  6. Sorry. I hope you know I had the best of intentions!

    Bennett however frowns on me spendig $5 a pop so I bought the stuff yesterday and will be attempting to make them this weekend! The last time I did this was when I was in college so wish me luck!

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