The downside to dressing your kids alike

I love to dress my kids all matchy matchy. It’s mean, I know, but I can’t stop doing it (already ordered my Holiday Hannas).

(I swear Keller’s shirt was the right size…it’s the pouting that makes it look too small.)

I even match the jammies:

So what’s the problem (other than the need for therapy later in life)? BC’s been “helping” with the kid laundry lately. He often puts things in the wrong person’s closet. Macy’s missing capris? In Keller’s closet in the pants section. One time Keller wore girl shorts for a whole day before anyone noticed. So, when packing hastily for Bear Lake last week, I thought I packed this for Campbell for church:

Wrong. I packed this:

That’s right. I packed a 9 month sized romper for my freakishly large 2 year old. At least I didn’t pack the 3 month size? (Yes, I own that outfit in 2 sizes…don’t judge. Campbell was so ginormous that the 3 month one only fit him for like a week so I had to get another one for maximum matching nerdiness.) So, what’s a mom to do? Go shopping. In Montpelier, Idaho. Population smaller than my high school. We checked every store in town. Both of them. Apparently there are no toddlers in the greater Montpelier metropolitan area, because there were exactly zero items of clothing in any style in 2T, 3T, or 4T. Want to see what we ended up with?

You didn’t know I forgot his pants, too? I didn’t. It’s a set. At least it was only $10.97?
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  1. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    Did you buy one for everyone, pants and all?


  2. I love the matchy matchies.
    we get pants mixed up at our house too.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Well as you already know…..I, too, like to dress my boys alike!! I just think it is cute. I love all the matchie outfits you have and I think the Christmas outfits are going to be so stinkin’ cute, I can’t stand it!!!! But that does suck that things got mixed up. However, I’m jealous that you get help at all with the laundry!!!
    P.S. I like your new background!

  4. Very cute! I love dressing my girl’s alike, so I’m all for the look-a-like outfits. I think it’s awesome how you can get stuff for Macy to match your boys!!

  5. PORTER FAMILY says:

    i LOVE to dress my girls alike (even though david teases me mercilessly for it) but got a lot harder when zoey left lucy behind and moved on to the bigger girls clothing. but since i am not as handy as you (at sewing and/or finding fabulously cute things online) i have had to let go of it a little bit.

  6. I love all the old pics of them so cute and matched up! See, I am paranoid about the matchy matchies. I love it, I even used to get outfits for Adriana and I that matched. But when we moved here (this is long – I apologize in advance) I noticed one of my Mom’s old friends in our new ward and within minutes of catching up she mused about how well we always matched when we (my siblings and I) were younger. She said she always wondered how long my mother had obsessed about our clothing Sat. nights! And I don’t know, it got me paranoid that it wasn’t normal (because really as you know we WEREN’T normal! lol!). So I guess I try to keep it simple, not obvious – I match the boys up occasionally but that’s about it. (Besides Adriana is a pre-teen-drama-queen now and won’t wear the same color as anyone. Ever.) You may have reinstilled my faith in the practice though. At least for my youngest 3.

    PS – Love Hanna!

  7. i loved Kermit’s comment. lol.

    If you’re needing that Polo print in a long sleeve, you know who to come to, right?

    Also, totally already have Easter ’09′s clothing tucked away–all matchy matchy.

  8. Ashley is now ‘too old’ to dress like her sisters. Makes me sad. We still convince the youngest three to be ‘triplets’ on Sundays quite often.

  9. I totally dig the matchiness. But my kids won’t do it.. it would mean Ains in Blue or Dal in Pink. They would both freak. Why do they have both have such strong personalities!!!

  10. The Bott Family says:

    Hi. I hope you don’t mind I just have to laugh out loud. That is too funny. You have a beautiful fam.

    I’m in the same boat. I found a really cute octopus costume for my 4 month old (its a 12-18 mo) and now I have to make my 3 year old (size 7-8) a mermaid costume to match the whole ocean thing! I’m making it because they have nothing but ugly skimpy ones (for freezing weather) available. This is on top of a million and one things to do plus plan for Super Saturday!

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