Framed memo board

I used this tutorial (only her frame is way more awesome and definitely not from IKEA). Fabric is more Heather Bailey leftovers from the ironing board project.


  1. I could say “You Suck”, but that would be mean and what I really mean is “You never cease to amaze me and I’m incredibly jealous of how talented you are!”

  2. this is so pretty! i love the red frame for sure.

  3. Do you live at IKEA?


    Truth is, I would if I could. LOL!

  4. cute.

  5. I admit we go to IKEA often. We can leave the 2 biggest fighters in Smaland and have a conversation whilst we wander around aimlessly for an hour. Plus, the meatballs.


  6. Looks great! I am so glad you liked the tutorial! Meg

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