Friggin’ Halloween

I really should start in June. Or buy a costume for at least one of the 4.
And Heidi made some fabulous twirl skirts. Check ‘em out. If anybody else tries them, let me know and I’ll link you.
Also, why Blogger won’t separate those 2 paragraphs is a mystery. Friggin’ Blogger, too.
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  1. So cute! I can’t wait to see them all together.

  2. eh, soon Macy will be too old and you’ll be back to only making three. unless you keep having more kids…

  3. PORTER FAMILY says:

    where do you come up with this stuff? my kids costumes come straight to us from our friendly neighborhood walmart.

  4. You have so much fun with the costumes! I love to see them!

  5. Haven’t started Halloween yet. I need to. UGH!!!

    Thanks for the linky to my blog! That was so nice of you! Maybe it’ll get some traffic now! LOL


  6. i freaking love it.

  7. I just spent 4 hours after school and karate last night searching for jango or boba fett (I can’t remember which)! Everyone is low on the good costumes. By the way, your son has a giant mushroom cap on his head.

  8. Paris-family says:

    Seriously, Char…COULD YOU BE MORE TALENTED??? I THINK NOT! This is Jen Paris…I link to your blog from Wendy’s and you motivate me to be more crafty. I AM going to make some of those adorable skirts. Send me an email if you want an invite to my blog (sorry, it’s private…I know people hate that, but for now…still private). [email protected]
    Your blog is great!!!! Oh, and although I have made costumes in the past, both of my kids costumes this year are Store Bought (can we still be friends?) :)

  9. Are you guys going as the whole Mario family? You are way too ambitious with your sewing. (Meaning there is now way I could ever do what you do). I am very jealous of your talents, but very impressed!

  10. The Weight Family says:

    I Love him even more now!!!! That is great, What a freaggin dolly!!!

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